Reported: Mahindra Looking Again To Assemble Trucks In The U.S.


According to reports, Pravin Shah, Mahindra & Mahindra's executive vice president of international operations, told journalists in India today that the company is considering purchasing an assembly plant in the U.S. to build its Scorpio platform pickup trucks and SUVs that will be sold here starting next February. Shah said that such a move would make sense because Mahindra hopes to make the U.S. its largest export market.

We can think of another reason: The so-called "chicken tax" 25% federal import tariff levied on foreign-built pickups. It was Mahindra's original plan to assemble pickups from knockdown kits in Ohio to avoid the tax but that idea was scrapped in favor of Indian-built units to expedite the arrival of the trucks in the U.S.

Perhaps the folks at Mahindra should kick the tires at NUMMI?

[Source: The Wall Street Journal, Reuters]


GOOD LUCK... you will have to give these away

You might be surpised just how many people are anticipating these trucks...

I would rather a Yamaha Rhino. It's about the same size but it goes faster and is more fun.

I'm hoping they will bring the Xylo over here, too. Kind of tall, but looks good enough to market here.

I hope they stay as far away from the Kalifornia Tax Machine as humanly possible. That entire stinking state is one large, very well documented business killer.

I agree Don, using Nummi's plant would make no sense.
Many manufacturers are fleeing states like kalifornia and other states with big union presence.
Hell, Mercury is probably leaving this this tax/union hellhole and heading for Oklahoma.

The GM plant in Moraine, OH is already set up for small truck production.

I have a hunch that Mahindra is looking for something a lot smaller than NUMMI. There is a viedo on youtube named Mahindra - Institucional that shows the major assebly plant for South America.
It's in Portuguese but the assembly plant it shows looks tiny to me compared to the Ford plants I saw when I was on vacation.

looks like the Yugo or Fuego of pickup trucks.

what a POS, perhaps they should realize that and stop building theses POS, Foreign trucks are garbage, they will never come close to Dodge or Chevy, or the leader Ford. Tundra is a joke, this trucks a joke, all we need if Ford Trucks not this other POS, not work truck.

Yeah, that's why 2 of the big 3 needed bailing out. I don't know if I'll buy one of the Taj Mahaulers but it won't be in the 5 seat configuration, waiting to see the 6 seat version in 2011. It amazes me that all things Japanese are supposedly top notch but Indian-made can't even drive out of a wet paper bag. Just like anything else, give it time and watch if they don't pan out.

P.S.: Mahindra, try the southeast for an assembly plant!

2 of the 3 needed a bailout because they are stupid with money. I would take their trucks any day over this Indian fail. Levine even said in the article the quality was poor.

I really don't understand all this hype over Mahindra, beside diesel engine: what's the big deal of the "Scorpio platform", when the TR-pickup is only a redesigned Jeep Commanche but with lower quality? Hm!?

If 2 out of the big 3 are stupid with money, what makes me think they are smart at building trucks? We'll never know how much markup is in their products (unless you work for them), but something is wrong if they are not wise with money.

As far as what's the big deal, they seem to be making a smaller truck (compared to full-size) that is big on performance. Big payload, good towing capacity, heavy-gauge sheetmetal, loaded with features as standard. I have never owned a diesel, but I am familiar with Bosch diesel technology (rail industry) and they (Bosch) know what they're doing.

As far as quality, what Mike Levine looked at is not the vehicle we'll see here. They can put as much or as little into quality as they choose to, just as any manufacturer can. As far as a redesigned Comanche, I agree they look very similar, even down to the windshield slope angle. But much of what was in the Comanche was "Hecho en Mexico", not to mention the Japanese Aisin transmission (there were other manufacturers too if I remember right). I have had good service with my '89 Jeep Sportruck at 235k miles. Not perfect but good.

I'm convinced Mahindra is big enough and conscientious enough to make a good truck. Time will tell.

How do you know? How do you know anything? Get real. We told you the truck was crap quality before Levin revewied it and now that he has reviewed he has confirmed that is indeed crap.

How do you know that it's crap? Have you seen one? That's not what Mike Levine said. None of us will know for sure until they are on the market (American spec'd version) and can be looked at from bumper to bumper.

I trust my father's opinion. He is an old farm boy. He has seen Mahindra tractors (assembled in Tomball, TX and Calhoun, GA - ) and he wouldn't be afraid of one. That means something to me irrespective of anyone else's opinion. He bought a new Datsun King Cab when they were on the market. He saw that it was not up to the quality of American made trucks. How Mahindra compares to those Datsun pickups remains to be seen.

How do I know anything? Just like anybody else. Experience and time. Something proves itself or it doesn't. I don't even know if I'll like the Mahindras, haven't seen one yet in person.

The question for any product is when is good "good enough" and for what. Are you happy with where it is built (parts made) or assembled? My dad bought a Silverado and after the sale realized it had been built in Canada. Was he happy? Not really, but the cheaper labor made the price lower. Auto manufacturers have badge engineered and sourced out parts to overseas and out of country manufacturers for years.

My bad. Mahindra Tractors has a third assembly and distribution plant in Red Bluff, CA since 2005.

I think many people may be surprised by the toughness of vehicles that come out of India. I spent the entire summer of 2008 in rural India and those people beat and abuse their vehicles so they can stay alive. It was common to see a small truck carrying tons of concrete or re-bar from work site to work site. If the quality and dependability of these trucks is competitive, they may have a real winner. At the very least, it may force GM and Ford to respond with a small diesel truck for this market which mean we all win.

Upcoming mahindra SUV in 2010

I am interested in knowing more about the Minharnda trucks and cars.
can you e mail me with all the info.
I will wait to see what you will have available because I
will be in the market for a new vehicle.

I have seen and ridden in a Mahindra truck in Namibia. Several safari operators have purchased them. They appear to be well built and are attractively priced. In fact, new Mahindras were cheaper than 10 year old Toyotas. I am seriously considering one of these for my next vehicle. I was a diehard GM owner, but will never buy another as long as the government is involved with GM.

1.3 ton payload is better than most f150s.

I'm very interested in this truck. If they are able to get a factory here would help in the cost of vehicle. Would not worry about tax issue on imports. I would really like to see the truck in person. Being from state of Texas. The number 1 truck market. Be nice to see it at State Fair Of Texas. To get more information on it and to feel how the seating arrangment is. It hard for me chose a vehicle cause of my hight. Being a tall person is hard in chosing vehicles. They have not announced yet. Who in Texas that will be dealer for them. Release the information soon so I can check it out.

DFW Mahindra
2925 E. Division Street
Arlington Texas 76011

The only list of dealers is on
They have only found about 6 dealers so far. I think the other 300+ are waiting for the roll out of the truck in Feb.

I've been following this truck since it was revealed and I can say that it is the best idea I've seen in the auto market in twenty years. I actually off road my 4x4s and haul loads and leather, carpet, and not being able to get a basic quad cab without all the add on package crap is BS. Jeep is the closest anyone can get to an off road vehicle and even they have become a shadow of their former off road and work vehicle glory and they refuse to even consider a truck now. This thing can haul the load of a full size, can seat 5 adults (in quad cab), can tow as much as a full size, can get a reported 30 mpg, has a reputation in every country they sell in for quality and longevity, can off road with the best of them and NO U.S. Auto maker has the drive or balls to give us a true utility truck in a diesel format. All of this for $22,000 starting price and I've sent emails to every auto maker to look at the demand and support for this little truck and the few that responded said that by their consumer polls Americans want bigger and more loaded vehicles and that they don't recognize a market for this type of truck. Bull; all anyone has to do is look out here on the internet and see that people are screaming for a small, basic, offroadable, work ready truck in a diesel format.

I'll be looking at one of these when they are released if the rest of the auto industry doesn't wise up soon......

I have had my 3525 Mahindra Diesel Tractor for over three years now. I purchased it new in Liberty Hills, Texas, after thoroughly comparing various brands of tractors (I really, really wanted to buy that beautiful green John Deere model - but there really was no comparison!). The Mahindra was substantially better built than its competitors. So, after three years of use, I have no complaints as to the quality, capabilities, and performance of this Mahindra product. Note it is very "plain" compared to the other brands, but it does what I purchased it for.

If their truck line is similar to their tractor line, their trucks will be plain, but dependable and rock solid. Suitable for their specific task. We shall see.

This should wake up the US and other mfg's. Give the people what they want. Why do you think that VW is now the largest in the world? They sell diesels!!!
It is sure easy to tell the posts that are made by the UAW's.

I would like to have a redesigned Ford Ranger compact truck with diesel and 6 speed Manual all made in America. But guess what? They will not do it. My last Ranger was my last. I disliked both the 4 and 6 cyl. versions with the lack of fuel efficiency,brakes,etc.etc. I am buying the Mahindra ASAP, even though I want manual with a diesel. Our USA companies want us to buy very large trucks that suck fuel. This is no longer acceptable, not even for most contractors who have to spend hundreds of dollars monthly for gas when smaller versions of the trucks with 4 cyl. diesels would do the job.

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