Ready to Roll: Dodge Ram Red Xpress Truck

Ready to Roll: Dodge Ram Red Xpress Truck

Remember the sketch of a modern-day 1978-79 Dodge Li'l Red Express Truck that we showed you back in March? It was called the Dodge Ram Red Xpress Truck and we promised we'd keep you updated on its progress. Well, Performance West Group has completed all the design, engineering and production work and the Red Xpress is ready to roll as either a turn-key pickup or in kit form, for Dodge dealers that want to upfit 2009-10 Dodge Ram 1500s on site.

Here's the first photo of a finished Red Xpress. We're going to see how many heads we can turn with it and will bring you the full story soon. For now, enjoy this sneak peak.


ill take one!...maybe 2

interesting enough concept, but basic stacks, stripes and hurst challenger knock off wheels don't do the original justice.

Hey Mike, Could I order the 6.1 in my 1/2 ton 2010 CrewCab? Or is it only for the Express Ram? Thanks Buddy...

@RLM: Just for the Xpress

Nice Truck...But agree with Jason,I think it would need a step side box and the original style exhaust stacks to make it true to the original,and be worth buying..I would rather have a Ram R/T..Do love the original lil reds 14 second 1/4 truck in the smog equipped cars of the late 70's..My Uncle owns a original 1978 model he ran 14 sec 1/4's in 1979 bone stock truck !!The 79's were not as strong as the 78's due to more smog stuff though a 15 second 1/4 truck..

Why somebody cant make a fiberglass stepside (Utiline) bed for a real Little Red Express is a mystery.The limited production Dakota lil red express (with a proper stepside bed) from the 1990s was the last try.

Very close to the design sketch. Just one word - bitchin'!

this is why dodge is in the trouble they are in, just making cars and trucks, for the simple reason, to make cars and trucks. No direction no point, just a truck that has some stacks coming out of the bed. For all you hoosiers just buy a regular cab dodge and put stacks on it, and spray paint express on it. DONE plus a toyota would smoke this thing...

Dodge has a better truck than toyota america has proven this over and over just look at sales data 2-1 speaks for itself..

It looks ugly and old fashioned.

Looks like a cool cruiser.

Toyota Lover you need to learn how to read. This is not a production vehicle. It is a special order vehicle from Performace West Group. BTW the RAM is 10 times the truck the trundra is.

toyota lover: nothing against Your car brand, but read with understanding! The high pipes/stacks are option on the Red Xpress Truck and they're offering them as a Homage to the classic 1978-79 Li'l Red Express Truck! If You don't know what's all about see first the related link-article... To the updated Red Express Truck: the PWG could lower that truck a bit more. Anybody knows something about return of the Ram SRT-muscle truck?

I think Toyota guy is just jealous that they haven't yet come out with a decent truck, let alone a performance truck. Maybe when they do come out with a performance truck they could call it Uncle Ben's Rice Burner Express. LOL

I don't think it's about being jealous. The fact is it is just ugly: smoke stacks, regular cab so it has no interior room, and stupid bed with stencling. Instead of paying homage to the 70's they should have just left this in the 70's. The one saving grace is that Dodge didn't make it, it's some kind of conversion from an outside company.

What people need to realize is that Dodge's "Lil Red Express" and "Warlock" trucks of the 70's were the first "Adult Toy/Image Focused" trucks that were successfull. (Chevrolet built the Cameo pickup in the fifties, but was ahead of its time. People either weren't looking for "personalized" trucks or GM wasn't sure how to sell the truck back then.)

The seventies era produced the Monte Carlo, Grand Prix, Cordoba, Thunderbird, Gran Torino, and other cars that were aimed at the style consious buyer. The Lil Red Express and Warlock trucks did the same and they sold. I'm sure they also helped inspire the Chevy 454SS and the Ford Lightning to some degree. (And both of those were also regular cab trucks.)

Now I too would like to see a true step-side bed and a little more lowering of the truck, but it looks good and I think it's a good homage/update to the original.

There are enough trucks out there that are practical, work oriented, or dedicated suburban haulers. It's good to see a few being marketed for pure owner enjoyment.

This is the first modern dodge ram stepside! The First built true to it's self! Something being built in a limited number! Not fully finished yet, but street sema and the other mods, it's going to be as true as can be to orrifional!!

We will be building a limited number of step side ram trucks. To really tribute the legend as it should be! Our unvail will be at the 2018sema. With our modern flair to this classic, this will be one ram shorty Step side you won't want to pass up on!

This is a tribute to 1978 midnight express, being built true to the orrigional with a step side bed! You can check us out on Instagram and Facebook @mcdormandshotmods

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