Spied! Clearest Pics Yet of the 2011 Ford Super Duty

Spied! Clearest Pics Yet of the 2011 Ford Super Duty
Photos: Brian Williams for Brenda Priddy & Company

We've shown you several rounds of spy photos of the upcoming 2011 Ford Super Duty, but this latest batch provides the clearest look yet at the major exterior and interior changes in store for Ford's best-selling heavy-duty pickup trucks.

The resculpted front end combines styling DNA from the 2009-10 Ford F-150 light-duty pickup and the 2006 Ford F-250 Super Chief concept. Tough C-clamp-influenced borders frame the sides of the grille, replacing the hallmark side nostrils of the current 2008-10 Super Duty. Prominent wheel arches give away this mule's Fat Boy wide-track monobeam front suspension. The Class 4 suspension is optional for the F-350 and standard for the F-450.

Other styling updates are said to include taillights similar to the F-150's. The Super Duty series identifier (e.g. F-250, F-350, F-450) will be moved from today's position on top of the front fender vents to a new spot just below where the A-pillar meets the hood.

2011 Ford Super Duty Interior Spied

The interior has also been reworked; instrument and climate-control styling is very similar to the controls and materials found in the Ford F-150. Note the two gauge pods mounted on the driver's side A-pillar. They're likely there for testing only.

Mechanically, we expect the 2011 Super Duty will use Ford's all-new in-house 6.7-liter Scorpion V-8 diesel engine. The gas engine is expected to be the new 6.2-liter premium V-8, which should replace the 6.8-liter V-10. Another major powertrain change is the likely end of manual transmissions.

The 2011 Ford Super Duty will compete head-to-head with the new 2010 Dodge Ram heavy-duty and updated 2011 Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra heavy-duty pickups.

2011 Ford Super Duty


at whoever said it ford out sells dodge...it doesnt really matter how they sell just as long as the products works....its just like mcdonalds...everyone buys there..but its certainly not the best

The big problem with the Super Duty since it came out is that it never came with a Cummins. Could you just imagine how many trucks Ford would sell if the Super Duty had the ISB as an option? Ford uses the Cummins exclusively in the 650 and 750, and that really says something, doesn't it?

Wicked cool! FORD leads...and the rest follow.

I would prefer the following engine choices: 6.7L Scorpion as the optional diesel engine. A 4.5L diesel as the standard diesel. Of course the 6.2L BOSS as the only gas engine offered. A 4.5L diesel would meet my needs better than the huge monster 6.7L Scorpion. However, based on the two engines that will be available...I would have to go with the 6.2L BOSS in a F250 4x4 CC.

Yikes...I'm so geeked out after see those pics!

Power Kid,
I noticed that too. My take is that it is just an estimate and not worth the paper it is written on.

Poer Kid,
I think I figured it out. It's a typo. Because it says the 2010 F-150 will start in August 2010. They meant to write August 2009. Same with the 2011....they wrote Nov 2010. This is probably some kind of a typo or something.

Truck Guy - You're right - the last good looking Ford HD truck was the 2007 F250 and higher class model (simple and fine front lights etc.!) - since them they've tried to put the stupid front end design in quite any model, especially the trucks and vans... The F150 front is awful, but the F or E-heavy duty series is a true tragedy - just look at the present Ford Econoline/E-Van, my god!

at whover said dodges dont do serious work you are an idiot by far...we tow a dump trailer that either gets completely filled with metal, rock, or a bobcat and excavator(same time)...and around my city i noticed all the trucks they used for towing and hauling were switched from ford to dodge a couple years ago...and the dodges just look wayyy better

bunch of idiots here, fords sucking lately? ford been to only oen with no bail out, and has the best trucks for pulling and carrying heavy loads like they always have. For Rules, great new looking truck, ford owns.

Other angle look: http://blogs.edmunds.com/straightline/assets_c/2009/08/superduty-950-thumb-555x379.jpg

the 2010 rams suck. Ryan your an idiot more ford on the roads here.

I am an idiot? Who is the guy driving the Dodge. Oh wait a minute I forgot you look good towing a dump trailer? Are you serious talking like that. People are not going to take you serious talking like that. As long as you look good I think the Dodge is better for you. How many miles before you replace the front end? I'm the idiot but your a moron.

Firstly, trying to convince anyone else why such and such is better is an exercise in futility. Consistently trying to do so is a sign of insanity, so carry on if you must :-).

Secondly, if the new 6.7? has half the potential hp and tq that can be gotten out of the 6.4, then sign me up.

If chevy ever figures out that 16" wheels look retarded in huge wheel wells, and get rid of the very weak front end, and Dodge ever figures out that you need a solid truck to put a decent motor into, well then I might look at something other than a Ford. But the 6 I own have never let me down, so I guess that says something.

@ Ryan: Your engine is a "Cummin?!?!?!" HAHA. Dodge should just change the name to the "Truck Frame with Cummins Under the Hood"...or the Cummins "2500/3500" Thats the only thing that makes scrap worth anything...a Cummins.

If I were to suddenly need a new truck in a few years, I would consider a 2011 Super Duty. Looks darn good.

I am still grinding my teeth over that new " redesign " . I still love the 2007 look, that to me is true Super Duty . I agree with a lot of the people that suggest it has an E-Series front end, it's just too .. umm.. strange for the SD. I also think it looks similar to GM styling... just a little bit though, still lots of Ford trademark to it , but yeah , maybe a little overboard on the headlight design. And the nostrils, WHERE DID THEY GO ?!? That was like SD identity. I just hope Ford can back themselves up with their new 6.7 ! My 6.4 chews through diesel, and I hope that changes... wish it would be as good on diesel as the 6.0L .

Wonder if it still shuts down when the EGTs get too high? Do you have to pull the cab to work on the engine like the previous ones?

Guys, chill out. This Ford, dodge, chevy rivalry thing is rediculous. I'm a Ford man, became one after previously owning a dodge and a chevy. I just prefer the look and overall package. I'm excited about the new SD look and can't wait to see it with the different trim packages on it. That will really make a difference.

OMG! I have read where Brenda Priddy has almost been run over by test-mule drivers whist snapping photos. Could you imagine taking a spy photo of this leviathan and suddenly the driver floors the accelerator and points the nose strait at you? I’d crap all over myself.

A Cummins powered Superduty would not be unheard of, thats the standard engine in the SD in Brazil

People that tow BIG stuff want a BIG truck. I like the new ford, and the new diesel has me drooling. I just can't wait to straight pipe it and get rid of the emissions.

everyone slams on the powerstroke diesel or the so called ford diesels. it is not a ford diesel and has not been a ford diesel in a ford superduty for a long time it has been an international. the 7.3L had its problems in the beginning and then when they became the great 7.3L they got discontinued due to the emissions crap. then the 6.0 came out and now the 6.4L which are all international engines. so you can't blame ford for the engine failures other than they allowed the engines to be put into the trucks. At least the superduty trucks don't fall apart like a dodge or chevrolet. I bleed ford blue and stick by them through and through. besides at least ford didn't go asking the government for a bailout. they had everything planned out ahead of time. can exactly say that for the other two competitors.

that is one bad ass truck, anyone who would want a cummins or a isuzu over a stroke would have to get there head examined, i think ford took one hell of a nice super duty and made a truck to show up the dodge and gm trucks, by the way why the hell does gm make a chevy and gmc? with the financial trouble they are in shouldnt they drop one instead of pontiac , oh also by the way who didnt stand in line for a hand out from uncle sam?....im darn sure it was the blue oval guys who had full piggy banks going into the auto problems. and damn they dont need to spend alot to make a great product better.....ford has good vehicles these days and they can only get better.....the ranger needs he ecoboost V6 :) and a face lift....they cant make it look any worse that a dakota or a joke of a canyon..like lets let a 5 year old design trucks..no wonder they went bankrupt. an ford came out shinning .....way to go ford and make mr henry ford proud. im sure they could bring back the edsel and still make chevy look bad, gee wonder why the king of nascar descided he needs to also drive a blue oval car...im sure he didnt want to worry about driving a car from a bankrupt company. there cant be aything better than richard petty in a fusion.....now if they would send toyota back to japan on the first boat that comes in we would all be better, like why would anyone want to drive a toyota in nascar.

Boy , a lot of you "want-a-be " Dodge and GM guys forget that all of us own a part of the "bail out boys"! Obama will have his ( CZAR) telling GM what to do and Fiat "Dodge" will keep downsizing the RAM until it's a EWE !!!!! Cummins will be a -goin and soon. :<)

2005 Dodge 5.7 2500hd 4wd with 2500lb helper springs I addded - towing 12K trailer w/ 2200lbs on boar/ in bed. Absolutely reliable tough truck. I should have got a diesel but in retrospect I cannot complain didn't know I'd land such an account. solid transmission also. Towing is 75 miles one way once a week for 4 years now. Runs like a champ absolute solid performer.

Wow......just wow. That "truck" is an atrocity. I didnt think they could make the front end any fuglier but wow they sure did it.......

Power Kid I dont know where you live? maybe a dream world but your an idiot if you think that "no one who does serious work buys a Dodge" Cummins is the most reliable engine out there, im sure this new Ford engine is gonna enhance this even moreso. Cummins has major overhaul intervals of 350,000 miles, thats 100,000 miles more than either Chev or Ford. Doesn't it seem wierd that Ford has changed there engine, what 4 times in the last 10-15 years? obvioulsy they haven't built one that is durable enough.

I'm not seeing much of a difference on this truck. It's still as ugly as the this year's and just as blunt. I think the designers were going for "How big can we make the grill"? It should be "Super Ugly", not "Super Duty".

i a ford man i seen the rest perform but ford hasnt made a good motor since the 7.3 maybe this 6.7 can measure up if not im lookin at a cummins

the end of manual transmissions marks the end of trucks as far as i am concerned

I don"t like the rear fenders. It looks like a cheap old dodge. I would have to change them out or buy something else.

I'd rather have a sister in a whore house than a brother in a Chev or Dodge!

i think it would be a nice truck to have.

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i take a dodge any day i have a 05 ram 3500 cummins power she'll out pull a ford any day of the month

A Ranger maybe.

If you ask me,I own a well drilling bus.,and 2 550's 04-07,i don't care what they look like,I want reliability

well the new ford trucks better be able to hold together, the 6.7 will have to be one good engine to get ford back on track in the diesel market, being the owner of a 6.0 and 6.4,i would rather drive my old gm 6.5 turbo diesel and have less headachs. if it is true that this new engine is as good as a 7.3 powerstroke ford should do all right and they better hope so, other wise you will see alot more dodges and gm on the road yet again taking lead in the diesel the market

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