August 2009 Top 10 Year-to-Date Pickup Truck Sales

June 2009 Top 10 Truck Sales
Top 10 Pickup Truck Sales, Year-to-Date, August 2009

August 2009 Top 10 Year-to-Date Pickup Truck Sales


Haha, way to go America - domestic trucks rules!:)

amen. I like Fords, but you could say GM is on top with sales (YTD)? I mean GMC and Chevy are the same truck...


Not for the Month of August they didn't. Sales combine didn't top the Ford. This is the second time this year this happend. Ford is behind by 20,000 units for YTD. I think they can tie it up by the end of the year. We will just have to wait and see.

Dodge gains market share for the 8th straight month.

Dodge sold less Rams in August with their double your cash for clunkers than they did a month ago without it. YTD sales for the Ram went down one more percent from -25% to -26%. Maybe in the previous months they gained some market share. But now they appear to be losing some.

I think Dodge did not sell as many due to the fact their lots are so depleted. Every Dodge dealer around me in Pittsburgh is out of Rams to sell or only has a couple. Not sure if the lack of inventory to sell is a fallout from the bankruptcy and plants halting production or what? This was the first year I have seen those dealers inventories that low, usually there are quite a few on the lots and they are trying to dump them off before the new model year hits. This year, the lots were empty as early as beginning of July in some cases. I have also noticed our Chevy dealers are low and the Ford dealers seem to have quite a few 09s hanging around yet.

Lines of credit fellas. That's why you see dealer lots low on inventory. Banks are still not giving free reign to auto dealers to stock their lots. Hopefully something happens soon before more go out of business.

Ford FTW!

"Haha, way to go America - domestic trucks rules!:)"

What the Ranger and Colorado (where is the Dakota?) that cannot even come close to the Tacoma?

Toyota has cut production of the Tundra quite a bit from it's first goal of 200,000 units a year. Those of you who have bought in the past will be rewarded with sustained high resale values. I wish now I had bought in early-mid 2008 when they were being discounted up to $10,000.

Timing is everything...

Yeah,around here as well the Dodge dealers are short or have no Ram's,or any other Chrysler car for the matter.They ran out of Caliber's in the middle of cash for clunkers,cant even find a Challenger ,Charger ect.. .The shut down they had really hurt them,part of the federal ,shut down for 2 +months then problems with suppliers,The 300/Charger/Challenger had no floor boards now no steering columns look at the dismal sales and it shows....I heard the dealers are getting shipments in of new Ram's any day !!! The Ford GM dealers are stocked with trucks here,even Toyota,Nissan have more trucks and model ranges than the 5 Chrysler dealers I drive by!!!

has ford ever outsold gm with pickup trucks?

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