Captain Kirk To Present Keynote at 2010 Work Truck Show

Bill Shatner To Present Keynote at 2010 Work Truck Show

The National Truck Equipment Association has just announced that William Shatner, Star Trek's Captain Kirk, will be the keynote speaker at the 2010 Work Truck Show in St. Louis.

This alone makes it well worth repeating our coverage of the show. We're so there.


I have read reviews others have written about TJ Hooker....ummm...Shatner,and he is one of the most stuck up personalities there are.Refusing autographs,not noticing fans who wave or say HI....
Its like he's on his own little planet.
And to think,Adrian Zmed and Leonard Nimoy had to work with him...
At least for Nimoy that gig didnt last long,and Zmed left Hooker after a couple seasons...

Shatner is the man! Who cares how stuck up he is? He does his job and does it well. Kirk! Hooker! Crane! For Life!

I don't understand why Shatner would be speaking at a truck show. It seems to me to be a weird pairing.

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