Dodge Ram Is Mopar's Most Accessorized Vehicle

Dodge Ram Is Mopar's Most Accessorized Vehicle

Chrysler’s in-house parts brand Mopar says the Dodge Ram full-size pickup is the most accessorized vehicle in the Pentastar fleet, with Ram owners spending an average of $389 per truck.

Here are the Top 10 Mopar Accessories for the Ram, according to Chrysler:

  1. Tubular Side Steps ($307-$614): Provide skid-resistant stepping surfaces for easy vehicle entry and exit; available in black or chrome and constructed of light-weight anodized aluminum or powder-coated steel.
  2. Bed Liner ($325): Features ribbed design for drainage. The skid-resistant, under-the-rail liner is tailored and has integrated vertical and horizontal storage dividers.
  3. Trailer-Hitch Receiver ($126): Designed as a one-piece welded assembly and built to match Dodge Ram's impressive towing capacity, the hitch receiver is covered with a two-layer, E-coat paint finish that resists rust.
  4. Trailer-Tow Mirrors ($436): 8.75" x 7.75" mirrors offers improved visibility while towing with convex spotter (3.5" x 4.25") glass for superior blind-spot visibility. Mopar trailer-tow mirrors manually telescopes out 4.5" and folds in. Heated, power control and defrost functions remain active.
  5. Front-Air Deflector ($89-$109): Constructed of shatter-resistant polymers and custom molded to complement Dodge Ram's bold front-end styling, the front-air deflector creates an air stream that directs insects and road spray up and away from the hood and windshield.
  6. Deluxe Molded Splash Guards ($43.45/pair): Designed to be rigid yet forgiving, splash guards are paintable and provide lower-body protection.
  7. Sports Performance Hood ($976): Features an integrated scoop for an aggressive look and the sheet metal replacement hood is manufactured with original equipment materials.
  8. Fiberglass Tonneau Cover ($1250-$1290): Custom-designed for a perfect match with any Dodge Ram exterior color, the durable, easy-opening cover includes inner and outer liners to prevent cracks and features a built-in tailgate lock for added security.
  9. Soft Tonneau Cover ($391-$470): Made of shrink-resistant fabric that features a snapless design, the durable Mopar tonneau cover resists mildew, water and ultraviolet rays.
  10. Fog Lights ($175): Designed for the Ram, Mopar fog lights undercut inclement weather and minimize glare.

By the way, according to SEMA, pickup truck owners on average spend $1,831 on accessories.

[Source: Chrysler]


Still no spray in liner option and $1,000 for a "Sports Performance Hood"? OMG!

"built to match Dodge Ram's impressive towing capacity"


@ ramman; The 2010 model year max towing capacity has been increased from 2009 to about 10,425lbs. That is less than a 1,000lbs difference than Ford. They completely underrated the 2009 model year.

Anyway, I kinda find it funny that this comes as a shock. The RAM is the best selling Chrysler/Dodge so why wouldn't it be the most accessorized? Just a thought. :)

That green pictured is, umm.. yeah

Nice - with this forester-green paint plus some MoPar goodies looks very rare - I love this 'frog'!:)

Hey will they make a tonneau cover with that Ram Box on side of bed?? Cool lookin Truck!!!

Well no kidding,plain vanilla pickups have long been the target of a buyers personal touch when it comes to decking it out with steps,rails,guards,bumpers,driving lights,wheels, RAM is Chrysler's top selling model,and it lends itself to personalization far more than a Sebring,or even a Caravan(never seen a bedliner or grille guard sold for an Avenger yet),its only a natural that it will get the lions share of "bling" purchases.

Your 10400 figure is only for the 2wd, long bed with a 5.7 and 17" wheels.

and it's a regular cab.

Full disclosure, I work for Chrysler's blogs. But I did want to clarify one issue out there on towing. For 2010, the Dodge Ram 1500’s towing capability has increased to 15,500. That figure is a result of combing the 5.7-liter HEMI V-8 and the multi-link coil spring rear suspension, gross combined Weight Rating (GCWR), which together increased to 15,000 lbs., from 14,000 lbs., with the 140.5-inch wheelbase, 5.7-litre engine and 3.92 rear axle. Thanks.

@ Scott, I have yet to see towing ratings that high. I am not calling you out, I am just curious where I can find such information.

@ Dave, I am well aware of how the tow ratings are based on cab size, rear end gears, bed lenght, and drive train.

I was just stating the ratings have been increased as they were under rated for the 2009 model year. Nothing less, nothing more. :)

Waving the BS flag on Scott. Unless it is a typo. 15,000 GCWR I'll buy off on but there is no way a 1500 Ram is rated to tow 15,000lbs. That would be trumping Ford by almost 4,000lbs. All with a suspension that Dodge admitted was not changed from when it was rated at around 8,000lbs. The payload rating alone would not allow you to tow 15,000lbs.


think he meant 10.5k tow rating and 15k gcwr

The new Ram ratings can be found here:

Says new rating is 10,450 not to bad.....

The Dodge Ram 1500 tow ratings story is here: with comments direct from Chrysler.

who really cares how much it tows. i bet 9 out of 10 use it as a grocery getter

Anyone that wants to tow over 10,000 lbs needs a heavy duty truck. We buy 1500's for the ride and occasional tow. so big lb's in a half ton truck are usless.

A fiberglass tonneau looks great and are very useful but not exactly right for everyone. If you are hauling taller type cargo once in a while you may want to look at other types of truck bed covers, such as a folding, roll up or retractable. The fiberglass ones are as real pain if you need to haul that taller cargo.

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