First Look: 2011 Ford F-Series Super Duty

First Look: 2011 Ford F-Series Super Duty

We're in Dallas for the live reveal of the 2011 Ford F-Series Super Duty lineup at the 2009 State Fair of Texas. Trucks don't get much bigger or important than these rigs. We've got Special Report coverage of all the new features and critical details that you need to know, starting below!

>> First Look: 2011 Ford F-Series Super Duty <<

Check back for more information and live pictures later today.


I find the rounded edges of the grille on this truck preferable to the hard lined barn door grille on the F-150.

Very nice refresh/redesign. Makes big look like something new. The details are very cool. And the new specs are awesome. Ford knows trucks. Now if they could get the other end of the spectrum (Ranger) updated in this spirit.

At first it I thought It look a little strange, but I have to admit the more pics Ive looked at the more it grows on me.

I think I like it from what ive seen.

The company behind the High-Tech CGI in the engine, Sintercasts pressrelease

Not sure about the headlights yet, but i'm loving the grill!!

So it's the ALL new F-heavy duty series? Really? Common ford people it's the highest time for a new truck and not another face lift! The front-end still stays the same? All this becomes even more jealous for me...
For now Chevy and Dodge can only LOL - laugh out loud!!!

Sorry - a wanted do write: The rear-end - not the front (still awful)...

A little underwhelmed. The headlights and the front end in general look cartoonish. Impressive improvements to the drivetrain, but why is Ford still bothering with the lukewarm 5.4 and the V-10? New dash? Still looks like this years. No front suspension improvements?


Ford is the best in the buis, there trucks handle loads much better, F-150 is really a Heavy Duty truck aswell.

GM should take notes on how to build HD pickups from Ford , there ain't no Chevy LUV suspension under that Ford , and it doesn't ride on the bump stops from the factory , good job Ford .

I wonder if the Ford emblem is big enough?

The Super Duty went down hill in the front end styling since 2007 I believe...

The Ford has nothing on the sweet sensuous look of the Dodge Ram...

I'm loving it. It doesn't get any nicer than this.

Mr.Truck, You're absolutely right - the last one good looking Ford F-Heavy duty was the 2007 model year! since them all Ford truck's front-ends look so awful, even the SVT Raptor didn't help here!

A bit better in the looks department. But overall still a FAIL. Way behind the Dodge in looks. Well behind the GMC in looks. Just behind the Chevy in looks. Puts it in 4th place overall in the looks department. I'm losing faith in the design team at ford.

At least they finally have a 6 speed auto. But will the new diesel beable to hold up? Looking at Fords failure in the past 2 engines, I'm not holding my breath.

??? is right. WHAT A FAIL. Look out for that huge fly.

Once again the ford faithfull flock to another sub-par effort by ford. Hey guys and/or gals why dont you think for your self instead of letting ford tell you what is the best everytime a new truck comes out.

It gets sickening to read that crap every time ford puts out a new news release. The ford faithfull say the same thing every time, "oooo....ahhhhh, that makes our truck so much better then anything else on the market." Please, with most of the new stuff, it just brings it closer to an already distant and well superior GM and/or Dodge offering.

I really like the 'Dual Equal VCT'! What a feature. Since they are using the same cam to operate both intake and exhaust valves, Ford is able to advance the valve timing for both exactly the same! Wow, what a bunch of geniuses! They should charge extra for that.

Just how many times is Ford going to keep updating the interior and the frontend of the truck, and still call it a "new" truck? I'm sure that there's nothing wrong with current SD body style, but it really is high time for a completely new body style, not just a re-fresh.

Is GM doing anything to their HD models for 2011 besides putting SCR on the Duramax and new grilles?

@Big Bob: Stay tuned.

How much bigger can the front end get?It looks rediculous.An over the road freightliner has a smaller grille....Its obvious that outward visability is still terrible,due to the high,wide front end.Ive driven several superdutys,and I keep looking for the lever to open the pass door,because they feel and drive like a school bus.Maybe Ford will one day make a truck that drives good and has good forward visability ,instead of just looking tough.Took Ford 11 yrs of the triton 5.4 to figure out its too small and not enough torque for a 7000lb truck,that is meant to tow and carry loads.The 6.2 should have been out long ago..I hope the 6.7 diesel is a good engine,Ford needs that badly.If the 6.7 diesel is a failure like the 6.0 and 6.4 Navistars,Ford is in big trouble....3 strikes and your out...

Yikes.....I always liked the superduty but not this one. This is fords bread and butter they could have done better. The front end looks like the leftovers out of a parts bin cobbled together. Maybe they spent all their money on the new motor and didnt have any left over to give it a true facelift. I mean really that fugly piece of plastic below the bumper is almost as large as the bumper.

Big Bob , this is GM we are talking about they are incapable of improving there HD trucks , lets see how much farther GM can sit the truck on the bumpstops and try to BS the buyer into thinking this is a good thing .
Something a Ford super duty owner doesnt ask " Is there an IFS conversion I can get for my truck"

Jeff,first off IFS parts last longer than D60 parts,Ive had both the GM stuff works fine when used as intended.I hang a 1000lb plow off mine all winter as well.
But lets entertain the thought of a SFA conversion for those hardcore wheelers who lift there trucks more than 10"and beat them.It is still way cheaper than a Cummins conversion for a superduty,since the 6.0 and 6.4 PSD's are garbage,the duramax/allison is a much stronger powertrain,funny you dont see conversions for those trucks,as they have a stout powertrain,plan on spending 15-20K to have a decent diesel under the hood of a superduty....

John D you are wrong. IFS will never last as long as SFA.

@JohnD wtf are you talking about? I ask you where did I talk about ifs suspensions in my post above?

An IFS suspension is and never will be found under a true HD pickup. A solid axle will run circles around a ifs for the simple fact of fewer parts to fail. A solid axle suspension may be old school but they are tough as hell. IFS is good for half tons because they weigh less and deliver a nice ride. They are not designed for extreme punishment that a hd would be subject to. Line up a dodge ford and chevy with identical snow plows and see which one sags the most. The chevy does because the front end is too weak to support the weight.

The headlights and grill are probably more expensive to replace than most of the sheetmetal. Yikes, these new Fords should be getting lighter considering they're using so much plastic on the nose!!

Hola a todos, esta super chida esta camioneta y siempre son y seran mejor las Ford que cualquier otra marca


Your damn right this ride is awesome and it's way better then any other brand. KUDOS AMIGO!!!

Did they buy that grill from Honda?

I am on my 3rd Super Duty. I love it and it can do most of what I ask of it. My question is why does Ford not build a great small truck? Does anyone remember the original size of the first small trucks here in the US decades ago? They were very small but might be something folks would want today. Now in current times, why are we still dealing with the ancient Ranger? Is Ford afraid to go up against the market lead of Toyota in the small truck market?

iLoveIt; <3

What a pile of emmisions on this engine. Will have nothing but problems AGAIN. Urea fluid for exhaust treatment a nightmare for fleet vehicles, not to mention it freezes at 12 gegrees and decomposes at 86 degrees. Poor GM and FORD running this crap and poor consumer who has to pay Thousands more for nothing but future headaches. Until emission systems are proven i will buy New 2010 Ram Cummins, NO UREA FLUID and a proven Engine. DODGE just moved ahead of GM and is in first place when it comes to real trucks. Best looks,best engine best value. Go Ram GO.

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