Update 1: Ford's 6.7-liter 'Scorpion' Power Stroke V-8 Mascot

Ford's 6.7-liter 'Scorpion' Power Stroke V-8 Mascot
Photo Courtesy of Ford

Update #1 Sept-09-2009 18:12 PDT:
We've replaced the lapel pin close-up with an official Scorpion picture from Ford.


Nope, this isn't Scorponok, the mechanized scorpion from the first "Transformers" movie. The robotic arachnid you see pictured here is Ford's (not-so) secret mascot for the all-new 6.7-liter Power Stroke V-8 turbocharged diesel engine that was developed under the codename "Scorpion."  This particular example is a snapshot of the lapel pin worn by engineers and program management. What's interesting is that all of its parts and limbs are rendered from accurate digital diagrams of the engine's hardware, such as the connecting rods that form the pinchers, legs created from the eight fuel injectors and eyes from the EGR throttle body.


Where are the turbos?

Wouldn't be surprised if they have this as a badge on the side of the truck somewhere.

@Frank: You can see the turbo at the back of the engine block "body."

Pretty cool.

They need to put a scorpion somewhere on the truck like they do the cobra.

As long as Ford keeps the badge classy, im okay with a scorpion on the body somewhere I suppose.

Must have been a slow news day.

Probably going to be a hood ornament

Woulda been cooler had they gone with more of the Abarth look methinks...

Hopefully this is the last time I see connecting rods hanging out of the block of a Ford diesel.

i love fords, but this is straight ugly man.

Nice! Very excited to see this 6.7L PSD in production. OBTW...very wicked pic!

What a great way to use your graphics designers and ensure they are always doing something productive ...

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