Ford Offers Big Incentives on 2009 F-Series Trucks

June 2009 Top 10 Truck Sales

Ford's 2010 trucks are arriving on dealer lots, which means it's time to clear out the 2009 models. To do so Ford is putting some hefty incentives on their hoods. F-Series buyers can choose either 0% financing for 60 months or $4,500 cash back on F-150 (excluding regular cab) or $5,000 cash back on F-250, F-350, F-450 and F-550 Super Duty pickups.

You can check for truck incentives in your area using this link.

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Hmmm...a few weeks ago it was reported Ford was increasing production of the F150 to meet demand, and now Ford wants to throw money down to get people to buy the remaining 2009s.

Its not just Ford doing this, Chevy, Dodge and others!!! They are increasing Production. Good Grief!!! Still no SIGN of the Coyote 5.0... Guess have to wait another year or so...

@Ryan: Coyote is coming for 2011 model year.

Increasing demand doesn't mean 0 inventory.

@ Mike So Coyote 2011 model. This is why 2011 production starts late Nov 2010? Does the EB hit job 2 2010 or also 2011? And (if it happens) 6.2L also 2011?

@Power Kid: I think EB will be 2011 model year but it will be available in the first trucks late next year (Q410).

Great so now my 04 has to last another 14-16 months... And I'm approaching 200,000m now!

Have to consider a 2011 F250 w/6.2 as they'll be out in spring.

Question: Mike, Is it True that the Future 2012 F-150 Design by Mark Stehrenberger will be the next New Sheet Metal expecting?? Another one for you which Full size Trucks has a better aerodynamics body style now? I heard the 2009 F-150 and Dodge ram... Is the NissanTitan good too? Heard Silverado and Tundra are not... So clear this up, Please!!! Thanks....

@RLM: Mark's take is purely speculative. The next F-150 is likely to be more aerodynamic but probably not that much. Ford has said every 2 to 3 years each model of car and truck will get a significant freshening. 2012 seems like a reasonable time for a F-150 exterior refresh. As for aerodynamics - it's like trailer towing. They all claim aero numbers for a specific truck or scenario but it's not necessarily an apples to apples comparison. The hybrid Silverado is pretty slippery. My guess is the Ram is also pretty slick relative to the other trucks. Maybe we should add a wind tunnel test to the Shootout? :-)

@ Mike why take so long to put the EB in the F150? 5.4 still only 10 hp up on the 2004! (excluding e85) and its 2010!!! Ford may be "truck leader" but sure lethargic on when it comes to engines.

@Mike: Any chance we could ever see a shootout with the more base line models of each, and not the top of the line halo trucks? I understand the makers want to show off their best and it makes sexy photos and comparisons - but a more real world and true functional and spec test using maybe extended cab, base V-8, cloth interior with tow package might be an eye opener for the rest of us. If anyone should do this kind of test, should be the one. And the wind test would be cool.

i just saw a new 2010 harley f350 at the dealer here in alberta and its 77990 bucks i think this truck is comeing to a end i live in harley davidson truck capital of canada everybody has one i cant see these young oil riggers buying them anymore i make over 90000 a year and i would never blow my money on harleydavidson trucks anymore i got my 08 harley f150 for 43500 loaded with everything got 12500 off and its worth only 26000 now !!!!

@ Mike. When do you think we'd know if there was a mid-year/job 2 new engine offering on the 2010 F150.

Obviously if it isn;t happening we'll know by spring, but if it were to happen the details would leak out well in advance...

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