Ford Drops "Fat Boy" Option For 2010 F-350 Super Duty

Fat Boy widetrack monobeam front suspension

Ford has quietly dropped the widetrack monobeam front suspension and extended axle as an option for the 2010 Ford F-350 Super Duty, though it's still the standard setup for the Ford F-450. Demand for the option was lower than Ford expected.

Called "Fat Boy" for short, the Class 4 suspension used a larger and wider axle and stabilizer bar, beefier coil springs, and stronger linkage arms and knuckles that gave the one-ton F-350 more capability than one with the stock Class 3 twin-coil narrow track front suspension. It also shrank the F-350's turning radius to 50 feet, vs. 56 feet for the standard F-350.

Fat Boy widetrack monobeam front suspension


Since the F450 is available as a pickup, and not just a chassis cab, I don't see this as much of a loss. It just means you have to step it up from an F350 to a F450 if you want the wide-track suspension, which isn't exactly a huge jump.

Unless, am I'm missing something else here?

I think this is a good thing, it means the brand separation can be more distinct. It was so blurred before. I still don't fully understand what all the differences are between an F250 and an F350 are. A dealer told me it was just an extra leaf on the rear springs... then others have said, no it's more than that... So if anyone on here knows for sure??

As long as they offer 450 shouldn't matter.

Still waiting for story on Ford quietly increasing payload on F150.

Paul, Look over the MSRP's of the two. There is substantially more to the F450 than the F350 "Fat Boy". There is a pretty good cost difference as well.

@Kurt: Thanks for the reminder about the F-150 payload story. Hang tight a bit longer, please.

There were rumors that Twin-I-Beam was going to be dropped too.

Also Mike, buried in Ford's 1.6l ecoboost anouncement today was a mention of the 3.5 EB being in the F150 in 2010 (check out the little map thing Ford provided). I'm interested in hearing how they position the 3.5 in the lineup considering they will also have the new 5.0 and 6.2 available.

@DBAG Thanks for the tip! The 3.5 should be available for the 2011 model year F-150 in the fourth quarter of 2010.

Fat Boys! Keep posting more Ford stories. We love Ford trucks.

No need for it. The F-450 fits the bill for people that need it and allows an unneeded option to be removed and production easier and slightly cheaper.

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