GM Announces 60-Day Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee for New Vehicles

GM Launches 60-Day Purchase Satisfaction Guarantee for New Vehicles

General Motors has announced that it's offering a 60-day, no-questions-asked, money-back satisfaction guarantee for new Chevrolet, Cadillac, GMC and Buick purchases. Buyer's will be able to return the 2009 or 2010 car or truck to the dealer they purchased it from for a full refund of the purchase price and sales tax.

According to a GM press release, details of the new satisfaction guarantee include:

  • Offer covers 2009 and 2010 Model Year Chevys, Buicks, GMCs and Cadillacs (except medium duty trucks)
  • Customers (one per household) can return their vehicle between 31 and 60 days with less than 4,000 miles
  • Customers will be informed in writing before they buy the vehicle of the terms of the Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Customers must take delivery by November 30
  • The Satisfaction Guarantee covers the vehicle purchase price and sales tax, but not other add-ons like accessories, negative equity on a trade-in or other fees; other restrictions apply
  • Leased vehicles are not included
  • More details will be available beginning Monday, Sept. 14, online at GM's brand websites

[Source: General Motors]


Ok, does that 60 day guarantee establish that a GM car will last for at least 60 day?
My neighbor here is on his second engine in 50,000 miles.
I wonder if GM will give him a 60 day guarantee?

Interesting Idea.

Can you please e-mail me information on car sales you are having for the next three months. I want information on nissian and different trucks.
I do have a trade in and I would like to know how much I need to put down between now and 2010?

Your so stupid.
How can someone email you if they dont even have your email address.

true story 2001 avalance lose engine mount bolts 100,000kms quality not.

Nick, Quality spelling and grammar does wonders as well.

CoyoteMan, I'm on day 2910 with my GM vehicle :P Does your neighbor know that oil doesn't change itself. :P I've had 9 GM vehicles over my life and not one of them has chucked a motor. :P

Secondly, how in the world your neighbor put 50k miles on a vehicle in a 60 day span? I think you have the answer to your own question.

Please don't blame the owner of the car for GM's poor management, engineering and complete incompetence.

Consumer Reports seldom recommends GM cars because they are crap! Consumer Reports reliability records span more than 20 years.

Consumer Reports ranked GM quality as dead last in its annual auto issue this year! That's by owners surveys.

I'm sure you believe Consumer Reports is lying about GM cars!
You can't match my 46 years of experience with American & foreign cars!

YOURGMDEALER Just Received Their 4th Neg!:

Wow.. Looks like Shill Buying and 2 Negs Already!:
Wow.. Looks like Shill Buying and 2 Negs Already!

I have to chuckle at their 1st few feedbacks, eBay buyer 661HENRYGLEN bought 2 GM Cars on August 20th, Item Numbers 320412117336 And left Positive Feedback 4 Minutes Later - On this date he also bought 350241502303 And again left Positive Feedback 3 Minutes Later.

This buyer also bought a 3rd New GM Car on August 21st, Item Number 320413548483 And left Positive Feedback 3 Hours and 25 Minutes Later. I don’t even think Captain Kirk could beam those new GM Crap Heaps to the buyer that fast.. LOL!

Could GM be SHILL BUYING their first few cars to build their feedback up? Meanwhile they never left any of their alleged buyers Feedback, not even those who blasted them for errors and bait and switch!

Meanwhile 11,410 GM Vehicles are left to sell on eBay - At the rate they are selling, the 2011’s will be out!

This is the kind of seller eBay Management wants selling on EBM!

Good Job Don-A-Hoe!

Eventhorizon1984 has a good write up on this topic.

And blog has another very good article.

Anyway you look at it - it’s very embarrassing for both Ebay & GM. I'm surprised this is not all over the media.

"Secondly, how in the world your neighbor put 50k miles on a vehicle in a 60 day span? I think you have the answer to your own question."


Looks like you missed what Coyoteman meant. Or, i think you know exactly what he meant.

Hint: He was talking about GM quality!!!!

What a gimmik! Same as 4500 off or Red tag event, etc. If the GM vehicle has issues in only 60days or 4000miles...then GM is in a world of hurt!

IMO...just a way for GM to get those suckers...I mean customers in the door.


Under the "warranty of implied serviceability", the owner of the car can sue GM and recover damages.
The legal precedent it the vehicle doesn't do what it was sold to do. Provide transportation to that man and his family.

The "warranty of implied serviceability" applies to any thing you buy that is sold to perform a specific function.

Microwaves, washers, cars, toasters, etc.

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I don't trust GM based on first hand experience. I bought a brand new car (TransAm with the LS-1 engine - similar to a Corvette engine) from them and noticed this brand new car used two quarts of oil after one week (500 miles). I immediately let them know and brought the car back. I asked for a replacement car as this car was obviously seriously flawed. There were no oil leaks, I showed them oil residue on the exhaust tips - it was blowing oil past the piston rings. After several additional trips back to the dealer and writing letters to GM, the GM representative called me and said if I paid an additional $3000, they would replace my car (or I can take a "crate" engine - no thanks). I told him I would file a Lemon Law case, which I did and won. At the Lemon Law hearing the New England Regional GM representative said it was normal for a car to use a quart of oil every couple hundred miles. The Lemon Law Arbitration panel found in my favor and forced GM to replace the car.

The GM representative lied to the panel and claimed I did not give GM enough "repair attempts", however my documentation proved otherwise the panel found I fulfilled my obligations under the program.

I lived with that car for a year and 15,000 miles (totally unacceptable) - had to run platinum plugs in three cylinders to avoid fowling (I'm mechanically inclined). GM had to also pay for the oil I used. The replacement car came to the dealer with a misaligned fender (they fixed it, but not perfectly) and this replacement car had three quality problems which were: rotors warped, rear power hatch release didn’t function properly and one rear window defroster wire was malfunctioning). GM also did not honor these items under warranty – I just fixed what I could myself and never went back to GM.

I pointed out early on to GM that this oil going out the exhaust is an environmental taboo - they didn't care. The quality of their products alone has lost me as a customer and their concern for the environment is extremely disappointing.

My question is: Why would anyone trust GM to take a car back within 60 days or value a longer warranty when GM skirts honoring the warranties they offer today/in the past?

How can Chevy offer a so called Fuel Management system and not put the ability to see how many miles per gallon you are getting while driving. I understand that it is available on certain Silverado models and everyone thought it was on my new truck. Either GM will install it for me free of charge, or they will be getting this truck back. I also bumped into an owner with the same truck with the readout system on his. He informed me that there is a lifter problem on the 5.3 engine and a recall will be coming soon.

I truley hope GM rectifies this as I like the vehicle otherwise. it handles well on wet or dry ground andrides comfortably. It would be a shame to lose it, but I get aggravated everytime I drive it and cannot see how many MPG I am getting.

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