Poll: Who Would You Turn to?

Poll1 A PickupTrucks.com poll finds that truck buyers have strong feelings about which nameplate they’d turn to if their current truck maker went out of business.

In our survey we find that most owners have bought U.S. brands. Here’s how the ownership breaks down:

1.    Ford: 30%
2.    Chevy: 25%
3.    Dodge: 17%
4.    Toyota: 12%
5.    GMC: 6%
6.    Nissan: 6%
7.    Other: 4%

We asked these owners, “If the manufacturer of your truck were to suddenly go out of business,” which manufacturer would you buy your next truck from? We got some interesting — if sometimes unlikely — answers.

For Ford owners, the biggest chunk (31 percent) said they would turn to Chevy, followed closely by Toyota (27 percent). Dodge came in as a third choice at 20 percent. That’s a better outcome for Toyota then many might have guessed.

For Dodge owners, they said they’d turn most often to Ford (39 percent), followed by Chevy (26 percent) and then Toyota, rather far behind at 12 percent.

Chevy owners answered this question as if they wanted to have their cake and eat it, too. Their first choice if Chevy went away? Thirty-four percent chose GMC. Of course, since they have the same corporate parent, this seems an unlikely situation. At least they’re loyal, right? In second place for Chevy owners was Ford (25 percent), followed by Dodge (19 percent) and Toyota at 18 percent.

Toyota pickup buyers stuck with the foreign-born nameplates; 35 percent of them said they’d turn to Nissan if Toyota suddenly went away, followed by Ford (25 percent), Dodge at 12 percent and Chevy at 9 percent.

GMC owners returned the love to Chevy, with a full majority (52 percent) picking the sibling brand, followed by Ford (22 percent), Toyota (10 percent) and Dodge at 7 percent.

And finally, Nissan owners were more loyal to Toyota than those owners were to them. Fifty-five percent of Nissan owners say they’d buy a Toyota next if they had to, followed far behind by Ford (17 percent), Chevy (15 percent) and Dodge at 11 percent.

The online survey of 1,068 truck owners ages 18 and older was conducted in August.


If Ford goes out of business, by that time GM and Dodge will long since be out of business. I would buy a used truck.

Was this a survey of 150/1500 owners only, or were 250/2500 & 350/3500 owners also asked (this would kinda be unfair to Toyota & Nissan)??

The question was asked of all Ford owners who responded to the poll.

Interesting. Ford is not only #1, but the #1 second choice for those who don't drive Ford.

My choice (for now) would be between (50/50) Chevy and Dodge. Ford's are also great, but their front-end design (except Ranger) is for me just awful... I'm not a brand fanatic, but Detroit Iron yes!

Interesting how GM owners are so much more loyal than ford owners in the survey.

tj - I don't think the survey shows that Ford people are less loyal. It just shows that GMC and Chevy owners still haven't figured out that they are driving the same vehicle. Fortunately for all of us, I don't believe any of these manufacturers are going anywhere any time soon.

I think Ford does have the best built truck, but its a bit boring to drive thats why I have a Titan, Its been a great truck for the five years I've owned it, but once Ford gets a 400HP motor in it, I may go to Ford if Nissan doesn't update thier truck soon.

"I'm not a brand fanatic, but Detroit Iron yes!" - glad there are some good truck buyers left in this country

Great Study, now we can put that stupid myth to bed that GMC owners would chose a ford over a Chevy, i can't tell you how many times ford owners have tried to tell me this...

I'm not brand loyal as I've had at least one of all brands. I buy based on price and service availability. I happen to have a Ford currently. The price was the same as Chevy but the poor handling by GM of the piston slap issue turned me off. I was afraid of getting one with the problem and having GM tell me it was normal.

Stupid survey, but yeah fords are the best truck for work.

If Chevy (GM) went out of business, 34% of Chevy truck owners would then go the GMC?????
If GMC (GM) went out of business, 52% of GMC truck owners would go to Chevy????

Sounds like a good topic for TRU TV's World's Dumbest Truck owners. LMAO!!!!

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