Poll: Truck Owners Are a Loyal Bunch


In a survey of U.S. truck drivers, PickupTrucks.com found that 40 percent buy only domestic nameplates, 37 percent have a nickname for their pickup truck and only 41 percent think sex is more important than their truck.

While the majority of truck owners — 57 percent — say they “buy the truck that best fits my needs, whether it’s an American company or a foreign company,” 40 percent say they will only buy a U.S. nameplate. Three percent of those surveyed say they only buy foreign-made pickups.

The online survey of 1,068 truck owners age 18 and older was conducted in August.

In findings that may concern the Detroit Three automakers, the survey found that truck owners ages 18-24 had the least loyalty to U.S. brands with 30 percent saying they’ll only buy American. Pickup owners ages 55-64 were the most loyal with 46 percent saying they’d only buy Detroit’s trucks.

There was a similar age gap when looking at those owners who create a nickname for their ride. Overall, 37 percent of drivers say they’ve got a moniker for their hauler, and roughly half of all owners ages 18-34 have one; two-thirds of all drivers 35 and older said they didn’t name their trucks. For those older than 65, 80 percent said they didn’t bother with a nickname.

Staying with the softer side of truck owners, 64 percent said that they think their truck is a reflection of their personality. Again, younger drivers were more likely to say that (73 percent for ages 25-34) than older drivers (only 55 percent of drivers 55-62 agreed with that statement).

Perhaps one of the ways owners show off that personality is to sleep in their truck beds. Overall, only 35 percent claim they’ve done it, but for those owners 18-24, fully 50 percent claim to have nodded off in the back. Most telling is that 45 percent of drivers in the West said they had, but in the rest of the country, no region had more than 34 percent of drivers who had slept in the back.

Finally, we know trucks are important to their drivers, but the key question is, how important. We asked, “Which of these are more important than your truck?” We let respondents choose up to three answers, but the top four stood out:
1.    Spouse: 72%
2.    House: 60%
3.    Sex: 41%
4.    Dog/pet: 39%
5.    TV: 21%
6.    Sports team: 10%
7.    Other: 22%

It’s encouraging to think that truck owners are more concerned about their hubby, wife or significant other, and that they value having someplace to call home. But really, 41 percent see sex as more important than their truck? Priorities, people. It’s heartening to see that Fido gets some respect, too.

There are some real truck diehards out there; 2 percent said nothing — nothing! — is more important than their truck.

We’re pretty sure those guys are our readers.


I don't remember any of these polls or links to these polls when they were taking place being posted here at PUTC....

You'd think pickuptrucks.com would be a fine place to host a poll on trucks.

Great article, the only thing i would see more inportant than my truck is Jesus Christ & family. how bout not having to decide between your wife and your truck, and just living single and staying with your truck. My absolutly tough Ranger i call Ironhide, any1 else call their truck by a nickname and if so what is it?

-Christ Bless

I call mine Bitch. Look at this Bitch tow, look at this bitch 4-wheel, this bitch is bad-ass....

see what i mean.

Your all nut jobs. I would rather my truck crash and burn then put it in front of nearly anything else truly important in my life.

Hi Guys

In Lebanon you can't find pickups and it was something i hate..
when i went to Qatar for work.. i drove GMC LUV i start to like Pickups and the locals here crazy in GMC Sierra Single Cab... it's really a nice ride and in the future if i want to buy a vehicle i will prefer the American Pickup......
About to be crazy in stuff more than your family wife Jesus it's not a good thing.... stuff is to like not to Love more than Family and God.....

Not everyone has a house, is married or has pets. Sports team? Please. My truck is my livelihood so my truck comes first on this list. Without it I wouldn't have anything.

I think that this whole idea is silly. GM, Ford, and Dodge make trucks in Mexico. How many truck owners would buy a "domestic" if they knew it was made in Oaxaca?

More to the point, why does this industry insist upon differentiating between "foreign" and "domestic?" The vehicles are made all over the world, and a shocking percentage of EVERY vehicle is made in China.

I commend the effort, but the poll might be more interesting if we knew the percentage of truck owners that understood our global economy.

Love the nickname Bitch, btw.

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