Recall Alert: Toyota Tacoma and Tundra Floor Mat Safety Issue

Recall Alert: Toyota Tacoma and Tundra Floor Mat Safety Issue
By Patrick Olsen

The National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration issued a wide-ranging recall late today for 3.8 million Toyota and Lexus vehicles. The recall stems from faulty floor mats that can become stuck under the accelerator pedal causing unexpected acceleration. The defect is suspected to be the cause of one recent fatal accident.

The recall includes both the Tundra and Tacoma from the following years:

2005-2010 Tacoma
2007-2010 Tundra

NHTSA suggests all owners remove the driver-side floor mat from these cars immediately and not replace them with anything.

Toyota has released a warning for owners including steps to take in case of an accelerator issue. We've posted the notice below.

Toyota Notice

Should the vehicle continue to accelerate rapidly after releasing the accelerator pedal, this could be an indication of floor mat interference. If this occurs, Toyota recommends the driver take the following actions:

First, if it is possible and safe to do so, pull back the floor mat and dislodge it from the accelerator pedal; then pull over and stop the vehicle.

If the floor mat cannot be dislodged, then firmly and steadily step on the brake pedal with both feet. Do NOT pump the brake pedal repeatedly as this will increase the effort required to slow the vehicle.

Shift the transmission gear selector to the Neutral (N) position and use the brakes to make a controlled stop at the side of the road and turn off the engine.

If unable to put the vehicle in Neutral, turn the engine OFF, or to ACC. This will not cause loss of steering or braking control, but the power assist to these systems will be lost.

-If the vehicle is equipped with an Engine Start/Stop button, firmly and steadily push the button for at least three seconds to turn off the engine. Do NOT tap the Engine Start/Stop button.

-If the vehicle is equipped with a conventional key-ignition, turn the ignition key to the ACC position to turn off the engine. Do NOT remove the key from the ignition as this will lock the steering wheel.

In the event owners choose not to remove their floor mat, Toyota strongly recommends that they ensure that the correct floor mat is being used, that it is properly installed and secured, that it is not flipped over with bottom-side up, and that one floor mat is not stacked over another. Information on proper floor mat installation can be found on and

Owners with questions or concerns, are asked to please contact the Toyota Customer Experience Center (1 800 331-4331) or Lexus Customer Assistance Center (1 800 255¬3987), or consult the information posted at and

[Source: KickingTires Blog]


OH i can see it now all you American made guys are gonna jump on this. You guys will grab at anything just make yourselfs feel better about the junk you drive. At least its not a motor and transmission like an american made truck. I can handle removing the floor mat. Easy Japaneasy

Toyota is junk.

"Faulty Floor Mats" that is funny, nothing else needs to be said.

i read the news article about this... they called 911 and asked them what to do... the operator told them to turn the car off... neither them or the operator knew to shift to N to still maintain brake boost and power steering... things like this make me wonder if they should issue a driver recall.....

Has it really come down to this guys? We depend on the government to let us know that floor mats are causing some problems? What next? It almost seems surreal doesn't it?

Well its always nice to get a nice fresh set of floor mats for free.

Why hate Japanese? Most American cars are made in Mexico or someplace like that. At least the Japanese cars try to help our economy.

It's not a recall. Every major news organization is reporting that it is, except Consumer Reports. Way to get your fact completely wrong, guys. If you have your mat installed properly, there's no problem but apparently it's not idiot proof enough. So, Toyota is working on a way to restrain the mats even more.

So they cannot even get floor mats right LOL! nice! Just get rid of these foreign trucks. obvious they are still far inferior. best news all day, love it!

Free mats everyone. Thanks God.

WOW How the mighty have fallen. I have always said what a piece of crap these vehicles are!!!!! Boy toyota can't even get a floor mat right? How pathetic is that?????? They are JUNK!!! Made out of plastic and other cheap parts typical of *jap* cars!!! And yes "BOOTS" it is a recall. Buy AMERICAN!!

Shifting it to N would not have worked. You can read to the Tundra website to find out why.

At least Toyota takes the time make any problems right. I can't say that about some of the dometics I've had.

Yeah, they really make things right unlike the domestics. Gen1 brakes, nope. Seq. Gen1 A/C issues, nope. Gen2 tailgate, nope. And on and on. How many REAL issues do these trucks have? Hell, even their TSB's aren't proactively applied, they wait til you complain and just hope you are out of warranty so you can foot the bill. But floor mats, now there is a good, cheap way to get cars into the dealership so we can sell them some service they didn't know they needed.


Am I missing something Danny? How would shifting into neutral not work? I did check the Tundra website and went to "About the Company" then "Our News" and then clicked on the headline story. Eighth paragraph down states, "Shift the transmission gear selector to the Neutral (N) position and use the brakes to make a controlled stop at the side of the road and turn off the engine."

It was on the forums, not the official site.

"DBD- Go to Club Lexus and go to the Chat forum. There are many pages about. You have to wade through a lot of ignorant posts, but at least you'll have a better idea of what happened by the time your through. I heard the tape of the 911 call on the news and it was for real. It seems the ES350, which is what it was (a loaner) has the "start,stop" button and though he pushed the button repeatedly, it wouldn't shut off because you have to push it for three seconds when you're driving to prevent accidental shut-off and he didn't know that. He was a veteran Ca. Highway Patrolman, so he shouldn't have panicked easily. There is also indication that because the transmission is electrically controlled (no linkage between shifter and trans, only wires through a computer), that it is programmed not to respond to a shift change (even to neutral) at that speed (120) to prevent engine damage if there was accidental lever change. This family died needlessly because of this totally electronic crap! The brakes no longer worked because of heat. You will find others on that site that report uncommanded acceleration, WITHOUT any chance of mat interference. My 1st response was to blame the driver, but after I read those posts, I could see easily how it could happen, under the circumstances, at that point they were along for the ride,with absolutely nothing they could do. I am not convinced at all that it was the mat.

By the way, I spent many years in body work and have personally seen twice, a similar thing happen (1 Mercedes, 1 Audi) in cases that positively did NOT involve a mat or hitting the gas instead of the brake. Faulty electronics."

Toyota trucks are a joke, stop making them.

This truck rivalry thing is nonsense; Ford has a problem (its Ford Sucks!) Chevrolet/GMC has a problem (is Chevrolet/GMC sucks!) Toyota has a problem (its Toyota sucks!) and so on down the line of every pickup truck manufacturer. They all build good trucks, but they also all have problems whether they are big or small, because they are all "man made". Anything man made will fail sooner or later.

we have a 2009 avalon it happen two times last week and we don't have mats we are using weather tech floor protector
i stepped gas petal quick and it released called our dealer

Wow, how pathetic.

I have a 1994 IS that in the recall.

So im guessing some of you guys don't drive a toyota i take it, their about the only company that didn't almost go bankrupt this past year. And for ford, look up all the recalls ford had within the past few years, looks to me they spend more time in the garage than on the road haha. Japanese made, the only way to go. Take chevy for example, we all own them for crying out loud, their begging us to buy them, pretty much giving them away. If floor mats are the only issue, i will own a toyota for a lifetime.

The so-called "recall" is because one person's floor mat is SUSPECTED....SUSPECTED of causing acceleration. What a laugh. Reminds me of those "sudden acceleration" problems of a few years ago which proved to be nothing more than inexperienced youthful or senior citizens stepping on the accelerator when they meant to step on the brake.

Once again...the nanny state rises to the bait. the NTSB nonsense an effort to discredit a foreign car maker?

On the other hand, I drive a 2008 Tundra. It was designed and assembled in the good ole USA. More than 80% of its parts were manufactured in the USA. Is it really...a foreign vehicle?

Well, better to be safe than sorry again. I think they other issue at hand that might have caused the accident was that the people in the car didn't know how to shut the engine. Listen to the 911 call... Those people din know how to shut the engine.

This is the incident that started this recall.

Keep waving your flags boys!!! North American auto companies are in this trouble for a reason, AEROGANCE. Resisistance to change started 30 years ago when the Japanese looked to the future and slowly built to what they are today. Successful!! No sympathy from me. Just imagine the junk we would all be driving today if it weren't for the Japanese wake up call. WAKE UP EVERYONE!!

The Dodge Ram will be sold. It is only a matter of time. The name change is the first step.

Please Toyota fans - if you are going to accuse someone of Arrogance, please spell it right (Aerogance?).

I am a flag waver, and very proud to work for an American car company.
I am for fair competitions, but the real truth is Japanese transplants & companies (Honda, Toyota, Nissan, all) only benefit the US consumer as a (usually) quality choice, not the US economy. The profits go straight to Japan or home countries, only a few dollars get thrown in the US cup. Find the country of their headquarters and you find the profit center.

What about all the US employees and their jobs you say? They could all work for a US car company as people do need cars. As you see the entire US economy crumbling, you will begin to understand patriotism can be practiced by buying products which most benefit the country that gave YOU the FREEDOM to choose in the first place.

FordJustRules...I have a question for you....first of all I don't agree with the whole Ford Sucks, Toyota Sucks, etc. Its all preference and they all have to pass certain safety criteria and what not. But, my question for you is this....MY country didn't give ME freedom....I got the freedom to choose from those that defend this country, not from the government or the car companies that make cars for me. I serve in the military, so I am a part of the "You" that gives me the chance to choose...and I chose Toyota, not because I am not patriotic, but because just like in any area of consumer products, I look at my options and buy the best choice for me...I believe you probably have computers, furniture, electronics, etc that are foreign-made...why did you buy them? Because you looked for the best deal with the quality that suited you, not because you turned it over and it said "Made in the USA." And because patriotism has nothing to do with what consumers don't try and make it seem like car-buying is any different.

FORD, even the name says it, fix or repair daily!!

Ok, I drive an '05 tacoma, and the floor mat thing has happened to me before. I really don't think it's a huge deal. If you're aware of this issue, which I'm sure a lot of people are by now, and this happens to you...just pull the mat back. Toyota cars aren't horrible just because of a floormat issue, and toyota trucks aren't necessarily junk just because they're japanese and not a chevy or a ford. I'm saying this for the people who are bashing toyota over a very minor flaw in the vehicle. I mean there's even a hook for you to put the thing on, atleast in tacomas there is. In my opinion this thing is getting blown so out of proportion, and it's another thing chevy and ford worshipers will degrade toyota for.


I love my 07 Toyota Tacoma - but the pedal has had a mind of its own 4 times now on the freeway- scared the $#!+ out of me. I finally put it into neutral the 1st time & went to the shoulder - after sitting there for about 10 minutes I was able to drive away. I know what to do now - but it still scares me , I might not be lucky next time, I could run into you or someone, I don't want that! My dealer said my truck was not on the recall list- after telling him 5-6 times what happened he said I should bring it in so they could look at it. LOOK at it - I want it fixed!!!

So I bought a 2010 Tacoma stick shift and made it the way I wanted it. I enjoy the hell out of the thing when I drive it. The only individuals concerned about the recall was my boyfriends arrogant father, anything to prove his point. Although I was slightly disheartened when I heard of the chaotic mess but really the mats for the Tacoma? Trucks get dirty what is the actual point for a mat besides looks? Other inquires will take some time to get back in good graces, unfortunately

You know whats gonna happen when you shift into N with the accelerator stuck don't you?

I do not remember any recalls when the Toyota was built strictly in Japan. Recalls seem to have started when Toyota opened U.S. and Canada plants to build their automobiles. I don't believe that any of the recent recalls were made in Japan's plants.

I have owned Toyotas since 1975, I'm on my fifth Toyota and have never had a problem or recall until now.

Yes clearly its the fault of the US and Canadian auto workers.

WRONG- Toyota crap is built to their specs. Just like the gas pedal issue which is built by CTS. CTS makes gas pedals for all the major manufactures but you don't see anyone else having to recall their vehicles do you? No because it was built the way Toyota wanted it built and to their specs. There has been a mounting load of Toyota problems over the last 10 years now. Sludge in motors, frames that rust away, floor mats, gas pedals, Corolla steering problems, Prius that have brake problems, and the Government is still not convinced that the stuck gas pedals is the main problem. There have been documented evidence that the cars are going full throttle without the gas pedal being pressed. For someone to blame Americans for a Japanese company problems is ridiculous. This is what happens when you got arrogant management and Japanese culture that is not compatible with current business practices no matter which side of the ocean you are on. I'm so glad that American companies like Ford are taking over in reliability and safety. Sadly I know this will never be good enough for the tried and true Toyota consumers who are blinded by the facts. But the truth is Toyota, although not finished as a company will never be the same. Go America!

Oh and one more thing. Some of the cars that have been having problems are also built in Japan. CTS never started building accelerator pedals for Toyota until 2005 but Toyota has been investigated as far back as 2002 by NHSTA when they started using their version of an electronic throttle on their gas pedals. Just wanted to share this information with you so you know where to place the blame!

Im sry but floor mats?? pls this is a simple case of ppl doing wrong and NOT taking responsability for their ignorant actions and found a way out via recall. I have had my Toyota Tacoma (the works) for over 3 yrs now and the only prob I have had is the compass has gone dead, yes my floor mat clip broke within a few monthes of ownership and occationally got bunched up under the peddle but never caused it to do other than wut the truck was suposed to do, um if u know ur floor mat is funkie then straighten it out before u drive DUH. Lazy and ignorant ppl used the recall to get out of being stupid plain and simple. Toyota makes a great truck enough said.

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