Report: GM Nixes Unibody Pickup Plan

Report: GM Nixes Unibody Pickup

Automotive News reports that Tom Stephens, General Motors' vice chairman of global product development, says the company has halted plans to produce a midsize unibody pickup for the U.S. market. The truck would have competed directly against the Honda Ridgeline.

In 2008 at the Chicago Auto Show, GM showed off the GMC Denali XT concept, a unibody architecture pickup with aggressive looks and lower body mass vs. traditional body-on-frame construction that could help save fuel by cutting weight.

Stephens says GM's research showed that fuel economy gains weren't going to be as high as expected and that customers would expect to pay less for a truck with fewer capabilities, but that target price was too low for the truck to be profitable.

[Source: Automotive News]


Makes sense I guess.

Yea, plus the truck in picture looks like a Chrysler 300 with a bed, doesn't look very tough looking.

LMAO You have the Howie Long commercial with them busting on the Ridgeline and using the lawnmower thing at the end, yet GM was exploring building a Ridgeline competitor. Go figure.

The "reasons" sound like a spin doctor at full volume. The lack of Ridgeline sales of late is closer to the true. Jeep has been building off-road unibodies for a few years now, so it is still a matter of the right product for the market.

Why is it that when somebody has 'reasons' for doing something, it's labeled as 'spin doctoring' or 'excuses'?
Making a mid-size unibody was a bad business case from the start. I don't see how they ever thought it would have the volume needed.
They need to focus on the Colorado/Canyon replacement, and consider it for unibody. Most people are going to go with a fullsize over a Colorado/Canyon. The price is almost the same for a truck with only a slight mileage increase and a lot more capability. It would be easy to design a light duty unibody pickup on the cheap, which is what the Colorado/Canyon are supposed to be anyway. That is where the mileage benefit would be easier to attain; since it doesn't have to haul much, and is considerably smaller than a fullsize. I think this is where 'the lab' was supposed to be going, unless that got killed too, haven't checked in a while.

Of course, when the Mahindra pickup hits the streets, all the manufacturers may have to "rethink" their pickup plans and build a "true" compact pickup.

Don't forget the next-gen Dakota!

GM - build it immediately! Perhaps Ford would follow up and "rethink" his F-100...

no matter what gm put on the market always people cry about gm,,,product and wy gm or ford compare himself to other compagnie they have nothing better to offered....they only thing the other compagnie can do is watching you and try to catch you....

Why couldn't Mahindra design something like this. It looks a heckuva lot better then the truck they have now.

Look, we can complain all we want but GM probably made the right decision here. It's not like GM doesn't know the pick up truck market or how to build trucks. The silverado is a great truck whether you believe it is the best (as I do) or one of the best. The old GM would have forged ahead with this truck, never made money on it and eventually killed it just when a few of us might have bought into it. I like the way the new GM is thinking....make something that will work for the market and in which they can build their marketshare. That's what they should have been doing all along. It's a bit unfair to criticize them for finally thinking these decisions through like they should....

Could not agree with Johnson more. Although it would of been cool and perhaps a little innovative to build it would barely sold and been worth nothing to GM but a collectors car 10-15 years down the road just because of it differences from a normal vehicle. I wanna know more about the next Dakotas though we hear news about the next gen Ranger and GM "compact" but never the dodge version.

GM made the right decision. If people won't buy this concept as a Honda, it will never buy it as a Chevy. Subaru tried it twice as a small truck(Brat & Baja) and it failed. People who would buy this truck would b e moving from GM SUVs so it would not increase total sales..

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