Sources: Brooks & Dunn Toyota Tundra Headed to SEMA

Sources: Brooks & Dunn Tundra Headed to SEMA

They say you can't have a good country music song without either a breakup or a pickup inspiring the lyrics, but what if a country music breakup inspired the pickup? OK, it's not quite so dramatic but sources tell that Toyota is bringing a custom Brooks & Dunn Tundra project truck to this year's SEMA show in Las Vegas. Earlier this year, the popular country music duo of Kix Brooks and Ronnie Dunn announced they would go their separate ways after 20 years. Toyota sponsored the 2006-08 Brooks & Dunn concert tour.

Toyota typically creates several special project trucks for SEMA each year. It's the show where we first saw the massive Toyota Tundra dually in 2007 and the slick Tundra/Ducati Transporter last year. The Brooks & Dunn Tundra is one of three project trucks that the company is expected to debut at the aftermarket trade show. This doesn't sound quite as exciting as the Tundras of years past, but perhaps a fight between Brooks & Dunn to see who gets to keep it will kick things up a notch. We'll be live at SEMA if and when one does.


i will not buy another brooks an dunn recording ever!!! they don't need our $$$$

Ummmm the Tundra is built in Texas not Japan....

when is the SEMA show?

@daniel: It's the first week in November.

Sandman...why wont you ever buy another brooks and dunn record? Hopefully it has nothing to do with Toyota sponsoring the brooks & Dunn tour??

Are you saying you will never buy another one of there recordings because Toyota is there sponsor?

I hope thats not what you mean, because if it is, then you should be sitting in the handicap seats at the movie theater, because you have a mental retardation.

It takes a "Hard Workin' Man" to appreciate a truck that's made "Only In America." I'm so excited to see this truck I think I'll do the "Boot Scootin' Boogey."

Sandman is afflicted with Low IQ sindrome.

Don't tell me a customized crew cab short bed blah blah blah blah , like we haven't seen that crap before .

The Tundra is a hunk of junk.

Ummm.....guys, Brooks and Dunn announced their split last month, so don't expect another record. Next year is their last tour.

Are they gonna keep the truck bed from flipping all over the convention floor? Don't start it up the crank shaft might shatter and put down plenty of tarps to catch all the rust falling off it.

I don't realy care where the truck is made, with the state of our country and economy, i can't see sending all that $ over seas!!! my Avalanche is made in mexico, but the $ stays here in our country, not to mention the Chevy is a great truck! I have never had any prob. with my Dodge or Chevy prod. I am an American, I drive and ride American, it does't take a rocket scientist, or english major, to figure that out. One more thing, I"ve seen someone load a new Harley into a tundra, same ramp, same model, that I loaded, well it wasn't my tailgate that bent in the middle! and the head board in the front of my bed has no bow in it!

redwolfkf4, how could you equate phys imparement with someone with a mental imparement?? handycap is offensive to fellow brothers an sisters CLASS LESS AND jon you say i have a low IQ what??????

Sandman - The argument that the money stays in this country is completely ridiculous. Toyota, Ford and (until recently) GM are publicly held companies which means that the money goes to the shareholders. I own shares of Toyota and used to own shares of GM and there isn't anything to stop foreigners from owning shares of Ford (which is a global company, BTW). It's nice that you're supporting the average guy in Mexico by buying your avalanche but I think it's more important to provide jobs to people here in the US. The money that gets paid to workers in MX stays in MX and the money that gets paid to workers here tends to stay here. That doesn't even take into account the money that was spent to build the factory in MX. Also, the people that stick with the buy american argument are the same folks that are buying all that Chinese made crap at walmart.

It is now a new world economy so its international, if you don't like the toyata trucks in America then don't bother with it at all, be reasonable. The only way to stop discrimination/stareotypeing you have have to fence around the united states. Or you can just take off your clothes since none of it is made in this country either. Also all the things you have, your food, your tvs, almost everything in your house isn't made in this country.

Sandman .it is dummies like you that give Americans such a bad reputation around the world,do us all a favor and dont BS about things that you obviously dont know about.It is a world economey and their is no getting around it.IF you want to have a protectionist attitude you should read more about it.

Don't knock it until you see it. This special project truck was built in America, by The Big American Dream Co (BAD) for Toyota and it is beautiful

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