Sources Say Ford Ranger Could Be Produced Through 2012

Sources Say Ford Ranger Could Be Produced Through 2012

The Ford Ranger isn't dead yet.

Production of the Ranger, expected to end in the 2011 calendar year, could be continued through 2012, sources told today.

Credit the compact pickup's recent sales resurgence: Ranger sales were up 57.4 percent in August over the same month in 2008, though year-to-date sales are off by 17.8 percent from a year earlier. So far in 2009, the Ranger has sold 41,864 units.

Ford recently added overtime at the Ranger's factory to meet increased demand, and the automaker gave the Ranger a safety boost for the 2010 model year by adding side airbags and roll stability control.

A Ford spokesperson contacted this evening said there have been no changes to existing plans to end Ranger production at its Twin Cities plant in 2011.

Ford hasn't said what, if anything, will replace the Ranger when it ends production, though there's been speculation that it could be replaced with a variant of Ford's next-generation global Ranger platform, codenamed "T6."


Ford probably could keep the current Ranger in production for awhile longer. TBH, I was concerned about the new T6 because of reports that it would be larger than the current Australian Ranger, which is a beast about the size of a midsize Nissan Frontier.

If keeping the size down means keeping the same chassis, go ahead. But Ford should do a major overhaul of the basic underpinnings if it chooses to go that route. It should modernize the frame and interior. Not the styling, I like the styling the way it is. But interior, frame, and engines should be changed.

They should also bring back the 4cyl Sport version of 2009. That was a nice looking truck for not a lot of cash.

If Ford plays its cards right it could kick the Toyota Tacoma off the sales lead , and Ford please dont porkify the next generation Ranger , like Toyota did to the Tacoma .

They should keep selling the Ranger (or Ranger-sized vehicle) forever. But please PLEASE introduce a mid-sized vehicle the size of the current Tacoma. The Ranger is just too small and the F-150 is way too big.

There is nothing really wrong with the current Ranger. It just needs a little refresh in interior and possibly some new engine options.

In my opinion, keep the Ranger as long as possible, but also bring out that mid-size F100 that was brought up a while back. There is definately room in Ford's lineup for a truck inbetween the compact Ranger and the stout F150 and HD trucks.

Unfortunately, I doubt Ford would do that, as a midsize option would probably detract from F150 sales. Then again, if they call it an F100 they could consider it part of the F-series lineup and it would still add into their sales numbers.

It could be a great (looking) truck - - please FoMoCo, build this one!!!

I too would love to see an F-100. And, I think the painful thing with the current Ranger platform is they don't offer a crew cab. I also never understood why the Ranger didn't undergo some of the same body revisions as the Explorer and SportTrak.

An I-4 EcoBoost in the Ranger would be awesome.

I don't know that Ford needs four separate truck platforms Ranger, F-100, F-150 and SuperDuty... unless the Ranger goes micro in size, the F-100 is between the current Ranger and F-150. Well, maybe then I could see it...

I'm starting to see updating (and adding a 4 door option) to the Ranger AND doing the F-100 from the mules we've seen. That would give Ford what none of the rest have. It would give the customer all the options they could want. Since they are killing off the pointless Sport Trac - that would totally kick b*tt in the business. The Ranger is just a rock. If they make the F-100 as tough - what a line-up they would have.

I drove a ranger for 9 years, I liked it a lot but could not see buying a nother one that was exactly the same. I now have the larger Tacoma, a good truck, however. When I need to buy again I want to see some competition. Lets have that F100. Do not want the gigantic hunk of bricks driving around like the F150 and above or the Silverado. Many people I talk to have the same view.

HELLO Mahindra, good bye Ford.

Why cant we get a 4 cylinder diesel in the Ranger???? Diesel=More power and efficiency for the size of the engine and amount of fuel compared to a gas burner....or as I think of them, wastes of metal. The stupid, very uneccesary new emissions standards for diesels doesnt help things at all. I have a monster Super Duty diesel as my daily driver, but like the idea of having a small diesel engined, manual trans, pick-up also. An nice offroad package would help things to.

I think upcoming mahindra truck is already having impact on the market. I'm positive that would have played on mind when ford decided to extend a lifeline to ranger

Ford needs to pull their heads out of their ass with the Ranger. The F-series is the best, but the Ranger needs to be remade. The bulk of its sales have to be fleet, when a truck like the Frontier destroys it in every category but still sells less.

I would like to see the Ranger continue, the Tacoma needs some competition, it's getting boring being on top all of the time...

Ranger needs a major overhaul:

Torsion bars are a safety hazard for off-roading and lower rear shock mounts hang down too low, other than that it is one dimensional, so keep em on the pavement unless you are willing to spend lots of cash to fix one up to meet what the Tacoma can do from the factory off-road!

Driven Rangers since they were introduced and Couriers before that. Love those Rangers. Even had a 4 cyl Diesel. Sadly did not get into a 4cyl turbo Diesel during it's short run.

I was Parts Manager at a local Ford Dealership for 31 years is how I was exposed to all those Rangers.

Regular cabs, Super Cabs and then wanted a Crew Cab which never came. Bought a Sports Trac which I like but miss my Ranger.Bed too short and Trac too glitzy.Love the look and options of the Ranger.

I think Ford thought they would hurt sales of Sport Trac if they made a Super Crew Ranger and they are correct. However, I think they would have sold a lot more trucks over all with a Super Crew option. I think they have lost market share to all the rest of the competition with this oversight.

Ford, there is still time, please give us this choice!

Ford - you almost invented the truck. Are you listening to all the like comments? Get off your a*s and hit the Ranger out of the ballpark. Talk to real truck people about their needs - not the guys in marketing and bean counting.

"Ford - you almost invented the truck"

When it comes to small trucks: NOPE!

You can thank Mazda for helping to create the first Ranger...

The Ranger should live on in current form until it is no longer viable to keep up production...just let the market decide.

But, it simply MUST have a regular freshening to the "easy bolt-on parts" like wheels / lights / grille / bumpers. Minimal investment is needed to maintain people's interest. Just keep it simple, keep it cheap, and keep selling them.

I also agree that Ford could use a truck that is larger than the Ranger, but not another giant like an F150. Think relatively light and agile.

Not everyone needs to tow a motor home...not everyone wants to haul 8,000 lbs of bricks.

I'm visualizing a tightly shrink-wrapped F150, with a very simple "back-to-basics" design-pricing-marketing philosophy.

Why not the F-100 with Super Crew Cab and the Ecoboost V-6 with 355 Hp 300Plus Torque... That would be AWESOME!!!Also a V-6 3.0 Diesel.. Come on Ford Build it...They will SELL!!! Mike anymore news on the Coyote 5.o for the F-150's and Mustang's??? Thanks!!!

I also wish Ford would bring back the F100. I would like to see a regular cab long bed with leather seats, electric locker and ecoboost four cylinder.

I drove a 99 ranger supercab flareside and loved it but needed more passenger room so i went to a fullsize. I would gladly go back to the ranger or f-100 if they can give me a 4-5 passanger midsize truck with a 6 FOOT bed not these 4 foot open trunks. Give it a 6ft bed option like the tacoma cuz i'd much rather drive a ford than a toyota

I drive a new '09 F150 crew-cab with the loooong 157" wheelbase. I considered a Sport Trac but there weren't any V8s within 250 miles of me, and the available anemic V6 and puny 4' bed more or less shot down that idea for my needs. I love my '09 F-150 though -- it really rips with the 5.4L/6-spd and 3.73 gears, and pulls a 20' boat no sweat.

If I were in charge of Ford, here's the lineup I'd put into production:

Small pickup: original Courier size, maybe base it on the Transit van platform, or just import something small from Mazda or Kia, like they did with the original Courier. Must have super-economical diesel option. Can call the std. cab a Courier, and the super and crew-cab versions Ranger?

Medium pickup: built on common full frame platform shared with Explorer replacement. Give it IRS, but do not do a Sport-Trac rehash, the bed MUST be larger than current 4-footer, even if it pushes back seat knees into front seatbacks. Call it an F-1 or F-100, and maybe even build a BRONCO version! Powered by Ecotec 4 or Ecotec 6, no V8 needed (possible exception being future SVt version).

Large pickup: just keep doing what you are doing with F-150, exception being to add the ecoboost motors, &/or baby powerstroke ASAP, and bring down the size and weight slightly.

Comparing my crew-cab '09 F-150 to bro's crew-cab Titan, I sometimes think Ford might have gone slightly too big and too heavy-duty with the current F-150s. I mean, if people want to tow more than 8,000 Lb. Ford can steer those folks into the Super Duty line. My F-150 has an 11,000 tow rating which is just marketing department overkill for the average guy like me pulling a 20' boat or a similar size camper.

I love the Ford Ranger and have owned 2. The only reason I drive a Frontier now is the crew cab. (Though it is a great pickup). If Ford builds a crew cab Ranger I would be excited. If Ford builds a crew cab Ranger with a I4 or I5 Diesel mated to a 5 or 6 speed manual trans, Ranger lovers will line up around the block.

I like the way the Ranger looks now. It has a tough appearance without being gawdy. Ranger drivers appreciate the practicality of the vehicle as well as the performance and reliability. It could be a little larger. But a crew cab with a 6' bed in the same width and height demensions is still a great pickup truck.

It's odd that in other countries, a crew cab/double cab Ford Ranger has been available for a long time. I drove a new beauty in Guatemala with a diesel, manual, 4x4 in 2008. This link shows the 2008 model available in Argentina (same as in Guatemala). Even if you cannot read Spanish, you'll note that the body is essentially the same as ours here, except that there's two extra full doors.

If Ford is already building these, why aren't they selling them in North America?

cant believe what im looking!!!, north american people are going to buy a mahindra, please guys we dont like this damn fkin little semi-car in south america!!!, you are very luck people to have trucks like the rams or raptors, at an accesible please say NO to this 3rd world android!!!

Actually, the existing Ford Ranger sold in the US, does have a crew cab just isn't sold in the US. Here in Mexico, 4 door crew cab variants of the existing Ford Ranger are used by all of the police forces.

I just purchased a new truck , 2009 Ford Ranger FX4 ext cab
My kids a grown ,so I did not need extra seating . It has all the bells and whistle that my full size had and it's pleasure to drive.
Ford need to keep the Ranger in its line up ...... if the need to make it a little larger so be it ... I will be one major mistake if they kill it .... small , simple, dependable...

If ford built a crew cab ranger with a nice little 2.8 or 3.0 diesel that could get around 30 mpg I would be willing to buy a new ford again. The last new ford I bought was in 2000...

I have owned a 1988, 1992 and presently have a 2002 Ranger. The 2002 is getting close to replacement time. Ford, please don't make me buy somebody elses pickup; the F150 is just toooo big for my needs.

I currently own a 2001 Ford Ranger and would love to own an updated Ranger. Dress it up, a little more efficient engine transmission combination, full anti-lock brakes with stability control, modernized electronics, stereo with IPod connectivity, and GPS. Electric drivers seat would be nice. Price would climb a bit but value would also climb.

I like the lower bedsides, easier to reach the center of the bed. The 150 is too tall and wide to conveniently load from the ground. Overall external dimensions make it more garage friendly. Towing 5000lbs is fine.


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