Spied! Ford F-150 SVT Raptor SuperCrew Crew Cab

Spied! Ford F-150 SVT Raptor SuperCrew Crew Cab
Photos: Chris Doane for Brenda Priddy & Company

In June, we told you that Ford was receiving requests for a crew-cab version of the 2010 F-150 SVT Raptor high-performance, off-road pickup (which we recently drove in the Anza-Borrego Desert).

Mark Grueber, Ford's marketing manager, said "We've had requests for a crew cab. We haven't made any decisions but there's some demand for it. Not everyone is going to use [the Raptor] for aggressive off-roading. It could be something similar to the four-door Wrangler."

Well, it looks like that decision has been made and it's a go for production, judging from this spy shot of a Raptor test truck with four full-size doors. Despite it's camo and the fake rear roof, you can't miss the Raptor's big 35-inch wheels and tires, massive lower front control arms and the unique mesh grille with "FORD" emblazoned across it. There's even an orange hash mark on the steering wheel to indicate top center.

Ford F-150 SVT Raptor SuperCrew Crew Cab
Note the high ground clearance because the side steps/rock guards have been removed from this mule.

Hardcore off-road enthusiasts may have reservations about a 145-in. long-wheelbase Raptor that's certain to compromise desert-running and rock-crawling performance for extra interior space, but those with large families or the need to transfer crews of four or five adults into the wilderness are likely to appreciate it.

We think it will bow at the 2010 Chicago Auto Show for the 2011 model year with only the new 6.2-liter V-8 engine.

Ford F-150 SVT Raptor SuperCrew Crew Cab


This is going to make the day for a lot of folks!

Need uncamo pics!

@theshyguy: Where's the fun in that?

Looking at this picture makes me want a Raptor version of the Expedition.

That will $50,000 Sir...

Whats the camo for, its going to look exactly like the extended cab version, only will be the crew cab model.

Good for Ford in listening to customers!! I wonder if it'll get an EcoBoost, and I still want a tan interior color option. Black sucks.

I wonder if Ford would have the guts to apply that Raptor
treatment to the new crew cab Ranger platform. Badge it the F-100 Sportsman, slap the V6 EcoBoost at 340hp and 22ish mpg. But be sure to let me get it with a tan interior color option.

Nice looking ride. I wonder if Ford will have the guts to add the heavy duty payload to all cab configurations, I wonder if Ford will have the guts to come out with nice 7 lug wheels, I wonder if Ford will have the guts to make a 7.5' bed or the guts to make the 8' bed crew cab, or the 8' bed available on anything above the XLT. I wonder if Ford will have the guts.

I so want one. I'll be ordering mine in blue, with tan leather interior. Maybe even drop in the King Ranch Interior.

I think that it's for the Border Patrol. Weren't they evaluating the 2-door just a few days ago? It's a great tool for them.

The F-150 Raptor is a awesome truck and all, but, ahem, where is the dedicated off road Ford Expedition? It seems as though Ford is forgetting it’s beloved beast.
If Ford would build it, I would buy it! Sure it would be a niche vehicle, but so is the Raptor.

Is front, center and rear locking differentials too much to ask for while I’m at it?
Oh and increase it's towing capacity again, I’m sick of Toyota Sequoia owners bragging there ‘Ute has more towing capacity. :D

you did it again ford, I'm in!

Way to go Ford - You're listening to the people, customers... Maybe I don't like the present front-end design of the whole F-series, but except that that's the best marketing - listening what's on people's mind! It just couldn't be wrong...

WOW!! I can't wait to see THAT with out the camo. I was soooooo hoping that they were gonna make the Raptor with a CC!!

This truck will be out about the same time the lease runs out on my Tundra. This will be perfect, this will definitely be my next truck (I like my Tundra but Ford is building the best trucks by far right now except for power and the 6.2l should take care of that). Ford is doing a great job on their new vehicles, like ARON said you can't go wrong listening to the customers!! I wouldn't mind seeing a center and front e-lock along with the rear differential on these trucks as well.

Are we looking at a cc or is it an expy? Look where the license plate is and why cover the bed up to the cab?

@Jeff - it's just for fake. Look at the front, suspension and maybe also wheels...

@jeff the expedition has independent rear suspension (irs) I think it would cost to much to retro fit a solid rear axle on an suv that is set up for irs. it would make the final package to expensive to make it financially feasible.

Wow way to go Ford! They actually listened. Really shows you who the best guys in the truck market are. GM must be walking in circles with no clue what to do right now.

SWEEEET! Yah BABY - count me in, just what I 've been waiting for!! BAD ASS TRUCK

Thanks for sharing this post. Ford F-150 engineers are designed like this that could move he earth while having the comfort to everyone. There engine is mounted in front but is a rear-wheel-drive or a four-wheel-drive.Ford have tried provide all their customer to own unique F150. Seven different trim packagesthree types of grilles, three cab configurations and three bed boxes. Largest payload capability at 3030 pounds and highest towing capacity of 11,300 pounds.Ford is also planning on a 2010 F150 model called the F150 Raptor. For more details refer http://www.macktruck.org/review-of-2009-ford-f-150.html

I wonder if I could simply have the Raptor grill installed in a XLT? That would be sweet. I've been driving a '97 F-150 4x4 Lariat since '03. I love it, but I need a new one. I want it simple and to the point with that grill!

If it comes with 4x4 i ll order one!

Realistically. when do you think the supercrew will be on the market?


Only guys with small members from the 909 would want a SuperCrew Raptor. Hell, I can't understand why they went for the extended cab on the Raptor. If I could get a single cab version with the short box, I'd be all over that. The extended cab is alright, but we're talking a niche truck designed for those of us that actually go off road.

Ever wonder why the demise of the Bronco was such a big deal? It was a vehicle with a short wheelbase and four wheel drive.

How much? And when will crew cab exactly come out for purchase?

Is this SuperCrew Raptor Fact or Fiction? It wasn't in any 2010 AutoShows...

@Rick: Its still coming, in 2011. 6.2-liter V-8 only.

not an expy, as stated look at wheels (only currently offered on f-150 raptor), front bumper, fenders, grille, and dual exhaust.

raptor xt (full cromoly cage, functioning bead-lock wheels, 4 link rear suspension and no VIN) FTW!!!!

I have followed the Raptor project since it's inception. I looked at the 2010 Raptor, had check/cash in hand ready to buy, but the extended just didn't work for me. I decided to go with the Power Wagon, which is now only available in the Crew Cab configuration, for the fall of 2010, then add a KORE or Carli Suspension, 35" BFG's, etc. right away. The one variable was if the Raptor was going come out in a crew cab.

Now the decision is made, I am friends with the owner of the local Ford Dealer, who is a high volume dealer, I called him yesterday gave him my specs. I will be dropping the check off to him on Monday to place the order as soon as he can.

Unfortunately we have no deserts in PA, although NJ has the Pine Barrens which is like a dessert with pine trees, but we have some god awful roads, construction zones that amaze me they let vehicles drive through at speed, some great mountain trails and fire roads the Raptor will be right at home fir my needs. I have a built locked F&R Jeep TJ for the rocks.

Ford has listened to the consumers. Ford had the fore thought to prepare for the economy and not need the government bail out like the other two. I am proud to give my business to Ford as they are making a perfect truck for my needs at a reasonable price all things considered. Now I will not have to void the factory warranty in the first month I own the vehicle if I bought the Power Wagon.

I agree that Ford should consider making the Raptor available in all three cab configurations, but I suspect that crew cabs are the number one seller, followed by extended cabs, then regular cabs. That is just the need of the market and that is the need they are responding too.

Way to go Ford!



I am just waiting for them to take orders for this truck. I talked to dealers Hell they don't even know the product they are selling. They are impressed in what I know about their own product. Typical salesman.I told them Club cab will be out soon.

Saw this truck yesterday in Silver. Exceptional look, room and POWER.
Now I need to trade in my 2010 Lariat Super Crew. That Raptor is the nuts.

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