Spied! U.S.-Spec Mahindra TR40 Diesel Pickup

Spied! U.S.-Spec Mahindra TR40 Crew Cab
Photos: Brian Williams for Brenda Priddy & Company

We've waited almost two years to catch a glimpse of the U.S.-spec Mahindra TR40 crew cab pickup you see in these pictures. The Indian-built diesel pickup has several refinements that set it apart from the rest of the Mahindra's Scorpio-platform trucks sold overseas (including the version we drove last month). The U.S. truck adds a front bumper guard -- that's similar to an aftermarket guard -- as standard equipment and a stamped-steel rear bumper. Both enhancements are needed to pass low-speed crash tests, which call for the front and rear bumpers to survive 2.5 mph direct and 1.5 mph corner impacts without damage. The trucks have standard stability control and four-wheel disc brakes.

Spied! U.S.-Spec Mahindra TR40 Crew Cab Interior

Inside the TR40, you can see the 6-speed automatic transmission shifter that manages the 2.2-liter four-cylinder mHawk diesel engine, and that it comes with a manual gear select setting. The interior trim is very similar to the Australian version of the Mahindra. The center console between the seats includes three cupholders, power window controls and the four-wheel drive switchgear.

The Mahindra TR40 and two-door TR20 pickups are scheduled to go on sale in the U.S. in February. Global Vehicles U.S.A., Mahindra's U.S. distributor, says it has signed up 345 dealers nationwide. The starting price is expected to be from $20,000 to $25,000.

Spied! U.S.-Spec Mahindra TR40 Crew Cab


Wow! That is ugly. Only thing I like about it is the diesel engine.

Only question is could they make it uglier?! WOW I just ate lunch!

It's the first retro look that looks old, and IS old. Yeesh.

If they bring that thing to the US market looking like that it will fail miserably. If it does sell with any degree of success, the Big 3 and the Japanese compacts will debut competing diesels and bury it shortly thereafter. It doesn't look much bigger or refined than some of the little Clubman Tiger trucks I see running about some places as on facility trucks.

It could be worse...could be orange.
Myself, like so many are looking for a decent looking small to mid-size pickup with a strong motor, probably diesel and need to be a real 30+ hwy mpg vehicle ...this isnt it. Its really ugly and an untested brand ...one out of two would kill it for me...two out of two makes it laughable.

Oh, I don't know about the ugly part. I think it's ugly enough it's a little distinctive, maybe even interesting. If it's rugged and doesn't rust out in a hurry, break down, or otherwise die, I think it could find a following. Who's out there to compete with it? The Ford Ranger? Nicer looking truck, but nowhere near the mileage. Have to see what happens when it gets into the wild.

Is it a car? Yes! Is it a (pickup) truck? Yes! Is it a Jeep (Comanche)? No! It's Mahindra! No, thanks...

Ok it's not the most attractive pick up around. I agree.
But since it doesn't have 8,000 horsepower and gets more than 8 mpg, I expect US truck buyers to shun it.

The official excuse will be it wont' tow their boats.
I guess they tow the Queen Mary!

Well, it ought to be Drive Across America time.

That is laugh out loud ugly.

Beer-Goggles Ugly.

That thing is UGLY!!! I love the small diesel engine in a small truck and hope someday Ford, Dodge, or Chevy will come out with one but until then I will have to wait. I would never buy this vehicle. It's a joke on wheels. That thing needs to go to england it would fit in well there.

This would be great as a farm truck. I see lots of people with tiny little Kubota diesel 4x4 utes. Those can cost more than $15k. It doesn't matter if it's ugly on a farm. It just matters that it's reliable and it gets the job done.

That's about the ugliest truck I ever did see.

I think it looks great. I psych'd for it to get released in the US.

One thing is certain, Bullwinkle and Rocky are alive and well in
their styling studio.

I could have lived with the quirky looks - heck, almost even *liked* the quirkiness - prior to these bumper changes. But they really look like the awful afterthoughts they are.

It is nice to see they did away with the big "Mahindra" painted on the tailgate.

Given all the hurdles it has to overcome (no brand history, odd looks, auto-only, diesel in a non-traditional market, tight economy, etc.) I really believe the expected entry price is too high. Yes, even despite the inherent cost of a diesel powerplant and its excellent payload and towing capacities. It isn't a "premium" compact truck.

If the MSRP of an auto-tranny Ranger starts at just over $17,000, Mahindra shouldn't be starting at 20% more than that. Sure it is imported. Sure it is a diesel. But this is for market entry, not repeat sales built on reputation or history. Gosh, maybe their business plan would have to include projections for an initial loss or break-even just to get a foot-hold in the market, eh? If they have to sell their trucks at those prices just to break even (or take a loss), then apparently they're not doing something right - and their chance of success is slight at best, IMHO. To attract first-time customers, the entry price needs to be less than $20K - at least for the TR20 2WD, possibly even for the TR40 2WD.

Also, if they already have a manual tranny elsewhere, then why not offer it here? That alone could help them drop the entry price below $20K. Personally, I swore I wouldn't buy another truck with a slush box.

Don't get me wrong, I actually want to like this truck and be able to consider it for a next vehicle. We love our diesel VW. I don't need a big truck. This *could* be right for me, but the deal just isn't adding up yet.

Maybe they're planning to offer a bunch of rebates and incentives. I think they should be prepared to - but why bother playing that silly game? Look where that got the Big 2.5. Just offer good prices to start with.

PS. I'll take mine in orange! :)

Ford Ranger and Chevy Colorado are ancient …poor mpg, poor ride and noise control and when discussing small trucks, not in the league with Toyota. But all the new crop in this category, at nearly 4000 lbs (some 4,000 lbs+) and maybe a real world 21 mpg, there is certainly a huge hole for something. How about a lightweight (3,100 lbs) nice riding, durable 30+ mpg mini to midsized well powered diesel (or maybe new 2.0 eco-boost) truck…Mfg’s say there isn’t the sales #’s in their close to 4000 lbs, 21mpg small trucks… that cost almost the same price as full size--- Dah! Wonder why?. Ford and Chevy weren’t good when they were first introduced let alone being 10+ years old! … All mini trucks used to be sub-3,000 lbs and even with modern safety features (’04 Tacoma extra cab with anti lock and dual airbags, power everything is 3,100lbs without even trying to reduce weight!!).There is a huge hole if someone wants to fill it … this Mahindra isn’t it but they are on the right track.

Ok John W, Orange it is!...maybe with black wheels just in time for halloween

They won't sell one at $25K or $15K for that matter. This is crazy! I was almost positive the price tag would have been $5-9K at most for a junk box from India!

why would they keep the rear fog lamp for the NA version? The farmers buying it will have no idea what it is & run around w/ it on all the time. Just like the US Spec Ford Transit connects.

That is the ugliest sight I have ever seen! Poor design, should be illegal!

I wonder if I can take the engine from a crashed one and put it in a Ford Ranger........

Might sell for $5000 but not $20+ looking like that.
Looks like Communist (Lada?) technology here today....25+ years too late.

Na, wait a minute - that price is way to big! MSRP 20,000 - 25,000 BUCK$ for an reanimated late-80's Jeep (Comanche)? People, that is something wrong here - why a car that is American-market non-usual/non-typical have to cost so much money - like the famous Prius or Smart or...etc. - it isn't even worth of it! Wake up guys - that truck won't even cost here in expensive Europe so much money plus quite no brand/automaker image... Only the diesel engine rescues his position, but it isn't the end of the world - just want to say: make Your own conclusion!

Wow, it looks worse than a current generation Tundra! Didn't think that was possible.

Just two things matter to the people who will buy this vehicle.
If it's RELIABLE and at the RIGHT PRICE, sign me up.
Looks don't matter. Not trying to impress anyone. I like the 'old school' look.
If anything, it could light a fire under Ford and Chevy to bring the international (diesel) versions of the Ranger and Colorado to the US.

Actually the 3.0L I-4 Duratorq engine is gutless, just like the competition - they are all at around 110-120kw of power. A 3L diesel these days should be more like 180-200kw with around 550Nm. - Around 240HP/400lb-ft. Ford should use the 3L V6 diesel from Jag/LR - for the Ranger. GM should use the 2.9L V6 diesel that was designed for the Cadillac CTS Euro model and put it in the Colorado. Maybe Dodge could get a Fiat 3.0L V6 diesel for the Dakota with around similar HP/Torque. But those diesels would put the prices up, and I think if people are going to spend that kind of money, they want a full size.

As for "looks don't matter." LOL don't say that to a woman! The real beauty is on the inside right? haha! The Mahindra doesn't have either.... it has nothing. No external beauty. No internal beauty. No charm, no charisma. No comfort. No power. No torque. No payload. No towing ability. But the American trucks have all of that!

There will be a lot of hype associated with its debut just as the LeCar, fuego, and Yugo. Anyone on here old enough to remember what happend with those vehicles?

GAY! looks light something toyota would come up with!

I had a Honda salesman tell me when he worked at a Yugo dealership that a woman bought one -- as soon as she pulled out of the lot into the center turn lane the engine fell out!

Don't think that'll happen with the Mahindra. I put in to test drive one. Will I buy? Don't know. Certainly not a 5 seater, 6 seater maybe. Time will tell.

I agree, the looks are nothing to write home about, but I like the look of the early 90's F-150 more than the model that replaced it in 97 or so.
As far as payload goes, it'll carry more than the F-150, Silverado, and Ram 1500 (all are about 1250lbs, the Mahindra is rated at about 2250lbs)and pull just as much (excluding the full size diesels of course, the Mahindra supposed to be rated at about 8000lbs I think, check that).
It will have to cost significantly less than those vehicles to make them worth purchasing.
I like the Tacoma and Frontier, but why by them when you can get a 2-3 year old F-150, Silverado, or Ram for the same price and just about the same MPG.

It's obviously not for everybody, but I for one really like the truck. Plus the fact that it's the only compact truck we can get with a turbodiesel makes this a no-brainer.

If you want to buy something for looks, you get a Challenger. If you want to buy something for function, then this truck fits the bill perfectly. I really hope to see this soon. I'm looking forward to taking one for a test drive!

JP: And you believed that car salesman?

Replace the front bumper and guard mess with a stamped steel unit. With a flat area on top for a winch.

How big is that bed? doesn't really seem useful. And why does the middle of the wheel stick out so far?

@Clay: The cargo box is just under 5-ft (58.6-inches) long. The middle of the wheels stick out because the 4WD version of the truck uses old school auto-locking front hubs. The rear wheels stick out cosmetically so they balance out the looks of the front wheels.

that puts ugliness to new heights

What happened to the tie downs? If there is no way to tie something down, that would be a deal breaker for me. I don't want my kayak sliding out.


They should just rebadge it as a Honda, and it will sell no matter what the price is.

I've been waiting for Toyota to release a Toyota designed and Toyota powered diesel truck for a long time. I don't care what it looks like, but: This is neither and I'll have to continue to wait. HINO should build it's engine. This is a depressing offering if they actually do this.

This looks very similar to the comments about the Scion Xb when it first came out. Ugly! Who would ever buy one?

Now they can't make enough of them, and other manufacturers are making knock-offs.

That front bumper is not the most attractive feature. The bumpers have been black in previous photos; I suspect a color change would improve the appearance.

At any rate, it'd be a lot easier for the average buyer to change out grills and bumpers to improve the appearance than it would be to swap a diesel into some other small truck.

You wouldn't buy one of these for looks, its a small work truck with good mileage that you don't have to worry about getting a scratch on it.

Yeah - what Joe C said - where are the tie downs cleats on the bed sides???? That was one of the best utility and retro styled features on the truck! I'm sure they sold out to the man like every other U.S. truck manufacturer has in recent memory.

BTW- if you're interested, somebody (not me) has set up a forum to discuss these trucks at the link below:


Not much activity so far.

It does seem like they are uglying it up a little more every time I see a new picture. I like the idea of a small diesel truck becoming available but I'm feeling pretty sure they will fail if this is what they actually bring to the US. I actually want to buy one of these -- but I will not be one of the first. I don't have money to potentially flush down the automotive toilet.
I do however think that they may have a fairly successful truck if they keep the price under or at $20K for a 4wd 4 door truck.

Yes, it's an ugly truck, but it does seem to be the one to fill the gap in small trucks. Hopefully it will sell like hotcakes and make the other manufacturers rethink their options regarding diesels and small trucks.

Not bad. IMHO...I think it will attract buyers that have been forgotten in the small truck segment. Only FORD with the Ranger will compete. Having the only diesel in that segment is also a bonus! I will not be buying one...because I do not have the need. I hope it is a success in the US market.

A whole lot of us don't care about looks. But it's price is going to kill it. Also that bed is too short to be usefull.

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