Spied! U.S.-Spec Mahindra TR40 Diesel Pickup

Spied! U.S.-Spec Mahindra TR40 Crew Cab
Photos: Brian Williams for Brenda Priddy & Company

We've waited almost two years to catch a glimpse of the U.S.-spec Mahindra TR40 crew cab pickup you see in these pictures. The Indian-built diesel pickup has several refinements that set it apart from the rest of the Mahindra's Scorpio-platform trucks sold overseas (including the version we drove last month). The U.S. truck adds a front bumper guard -- that's similar to an aftermarket guard -- as standard equipment and a stamped-steel rear bumper. Both enhancements are needed to pass low-speed crash tests, which call for the front and rear bumpers to survive 2.5 mph direct and 1.5 mph corner impacts without damage. The trucks have standard stability control and four-wheel disc brakes.

Spied! U.S.-Spec Mahindra TR40 Crew Cab Interior

Inside the TR40, you can see the 6-speed automatic transmission shifter that manages the 2.2-liter four-cylinder mHawk diesel engine, and that it comes with a manual gear select setting. The interior trim is very similar to the Australian version of the Mahindra. The center console between the seats includes three cupholders, power window controls and the four-wheel drive switchgear.

The Mahindra TR40 and two-door TR20 pickups are scheduled to go on sale in the U.S. in February. Global Vehicles U.S.A., Mahindra's U.S. distributor, says it has signed up 345 dealers nationwide. The starting price is expected to be from $20,000 to $25,000.

Spied! U.S.-Spec Mahindra TR40 Crew Cab


This truck is incredibly polarizing. The proof will be in the pudding. Mahindra needs to get it here, and start selling it. Then we will see if the appeal of utility over style wins out.

I have a blog: www.MahindraPlanet.com
that covers the good, bad, and ugly of Mahindra's entry into the US pickup market. I invite anyone to check it out and comment.

You can say you don't care about looks but I'm not buying it. Looks are important. It is also the $4000 more than a Ranger, questionable quality, iffy build quality, less capability, lack of comfort, scared to be in this in a crash, and only ma rginably better fuel economy. If someone wants this to be different, great, but you're only fooling yourself with the "can't wait" to buy it with all of these issues.

You Detroiters keep saying stuff like how much more expensive it is than the Ranger. But you can't get a 2d, 4WD, LB, auto tranny in the ranger with a small engine. It's impossible. There are those of us who don't need a monster truck to haul around a couple of bags of grass seed or a 17' sea kayak.

Believe me if Ford made a truck like this with decent mileage I would be the first in line trading in my 250.

I'm looking forward to test driving one. I know they're ugly, but no one else offers a true small truck.

The production version better retain the MAHINDRA script across the tailgate and - especially - the cargo tie-downs around the bed. It'll be too bad if they insist on a stupid alphanumeric name instead of the perfect Appalachian name, but I guess in the grand scheme of things the name doesn't matter. My biggest gripe about the truck is the lack of a 6-speed manual and the lack of a solid front axle in the 4x4 versions. I guess I can live with an automatic, but there's no way I'd ever buy a 4WD truck with independent front suspension! With a pair of Dana 60s, this truck would be closer to perfect than any American truck manufacturer has ever been able to produce!

I guess this is an attempt to underpromise and over deliver. Where is the real model? This one hurts my closed eyes. $22000 are you kidding? $2200 ok I will buy one.


Do you want to win here in the US? Cut the 3rd world getto look but keep the 3rd world utility and price. Give us a small 2/4 door with manual 6 speed transmission. 35 mpg or better. Tall desert dueler type tires. Tow hooks. A real front bumper with brush guard/tow winch availability. Keep it simple and let others pay for the upgrades. Tough, Durable and cheap. A 2 door 4x4 should retail for no bs $17500. Then you would win here as well as wake up Toyota and the rest.

Okay, the looks aren't that great. I can live with that. But the two-door model looks better, and would be my choice. I don't need four doors-that's why I own a car. However, they do need to lower the price because it's too expensive-blame that on the chicken tax.

What I really want to see is Tata bring its Xenon to the States. It looks more modern than the Mahindra.

Lose not loose,
On both counts - about the Yugo and the Honda, unfortunately yes. That Honda is the worst vehicle I've ever owned.

2.2 litre diesel and a 6 speed tranny with manual mode. There isn't another truck on the market that comes close to that. If its reliable, this truck will start slow in sales and then get more popular. I think alot of people are looking for a powertrain combo like that.

Now that they ditched the MegaMahindra off the tailgate if they could just fix the front end it wouldn't be so bad.
I don't mind the straight up lines of the profile, but the front is just butt ugly, but if they just fixed the grille, heatlights and bumper, it would be fine.

I'll take mine in black, please. Seriously, it doesn't look that bad. I really hope they are semi-successful because I would like to own one. I have a feeling that if they are reliable, then they will be successful.

I've read a lot of good points from other comments about this truck, especially with looks and prices. Whoever designed this truck obviously didn't pay attention to the trucks already on sale in the US, or it wouldn't look like it does, at least I hope it wouldn't. The price is probably the biggest problem I see with it, 20k for this is WAY to much for a newcomer to US auto market, given its looks and interior quality, 10k maybe. The funny part about it all is, like the one person said about the Scion xB, all the people said it was ugly at first and now they're everywhere (just like mustangs). Maybe this truck will sell like crazy just because its different, or it'll flop.

When you say you don't care about looks, that means you care.

Do you also not care about quality, build quality, price, crashes, capability, comfort and marginally better fuel econ?

@imoore: You probably haven't seen the Tata car live - the finish quality is a true tragedy! Even the Mahindra is a way better here...

The price seems pretty close to the ball game to me. You can't get a crew cab, 4X4 from any manufacturer for less than 25k.

what are you looking for if you check their history your getting a truck with a lot of potential swollow your pride a get a deal when you see it i have no reason not to buy one you ride the truck and work with it who cares what it looks like as long as its clean not not damaged and gets good mileage

This looks like a 16th century monster !. The Indian companies are still thinking centuries old... . They need to come out with cutting edge designs and ideas to compete with US and Europe markets.

What's with that wheel base and bed and bumpers and vent thing and front end and back end and interior and the look of the whole thing. NOT me or my money.

This thing will have a 1 star rollover rating.

That's horrible....why doesn't Toyota skinny up a Taco and put a 4 cyl diesel in it?

Like someone else said, if it's cheap and reliable, I'm sold. I don't do "pretty", at least where a truck is concerned. Frankly, I'm intrigued...I'd be willing to give it a try just on general principles, since the US market is so glutted with expensive and "pretty" trucks.

Holy cow, that's UGLY! Finally, a truck that makes the Aztek seem mainstream. It doesn't look like the front bumper is even bolted on. Sorta hanging there.

This truck is not ugly! Ugly would be a step up form this.
Btw Mahrinda make damn good equipment. This truck will be
as good as any other vehicle using the bosch diesel engine.
the $20,000 to $25,000 MSRP Think KIA Pricing. Then it will
sell.I would go $for a single cab 4x4 diesel from mahindra.

Look at the bright side you wife or girl friend won't drive it,
and your buddies will not even think of borrowing This
F_Ugly Beast.

The New Theme song for Mahindra Trucks can be.
Homely on the Range! Yeah I know that was a cheap shot.
Price range for this truck should start at $15,000 for a 4x4
single cab.

I would buy this.

A 4-door 4-wheel drive truck that gets 30 mpg and costs less.

I need a light duty pickup that can take my family and tow a small boat but still get good mileage.

Wake up America, and smell the diesel.

Yeah? Where the heck did the tie downs go??? They were part of the appeal!

One run through the brush and that plastic front bumper will be torn off, broken to pieces, or both!!! Why do they put areodynamic looking crap on a truck. It won't help, it just looks that way. More plasti-crap is not what trucks need!

I love it!! Well, as long as it gets the real truck companies to put small clean diesels in their compact pickups. I have been dreaming of a diesel Frontier or Tacoma. The Nissan Navara overseas is awesome, 175 hp-300 lbs/trq. & 30mpg. I can't wait.

How about buying the truck, take the drivetrain out and put it in an american truck like the ford ranger, than well have a good looking truck with great MPG. P.S get the hint Ford.

i hope mahindra executives can afford a trip or two to the usa before they even think of launching this thing here. i have travelled to india many times on business. and i know for a fact that mahindra vehicles are truly very rugged, relliable & economical. i believe they are time-tested on the worst roads on earth by the worst drivers of this world. so i was curious to see what they would bring to us. but looking at these pics, i must say better luck next time if u survive this time.

Hey, I am a dealer in Hattiesburg Mississippi.My wife and I have seen and driven the four door and the two door truck.The tr40 is huge on the inside with all of the comforts you could want.The turbo diesel engine is so quiet you would think it is a gas engine.The truck is built like a tank and will tow 5000 pounds,haul 2700,or get 30 plus miles to the gallon.With a 4 year 60000 mile bumper to bumper warranty this truck has no competitor.A base roll up window crew cab 2wd nissan frontier,canyon,colorado,tacoma,sell for at least $24000 with automatic,ac and roll up windowsThis truck with the premium of a diesel,power windows,leather and locks tilt cruise will be much less and do a lot more.We have placed our first order and have many people that cant wait for these trucks.For ore information call me Keith Smith at 6014087615 or visit us at mississippimahindra.com

I have worked in India quite a bit. I would not buy anything made in India that is mechanical or technical. Though their engineering is usually adequate, their customer service, logistics, and other things that "make or break" a vehicle distributor are severely lacking. If they were to offer this piece of junk at less than $10k with reliable parts sources I might consider one. My hope, along with several others on this forum, is that it will prompt other manufacturers to offer diesel powered small pickups. However I am pretty sure that most of the other manufacturers see this as a "Yugo", excuse me, "Wego" as it has four doors pickup.

I've been looking for a decent diesel mini-pickup for some time. Was hopeful that VW would be the first to market one in US. Yes, the Mahindra doesn't have stunning good looks(not even close!), but IF it's reliable, gets good mpg and hauls a ton of lumber with ease, why not(I'm not buying a Maserati, right)? Of course, since it's a new brand trying to impress the "green" market, the introductory price ought to be around US$15K or less, and BTW, Mahindra should definitely offer a 2-door XtraCab model(it'll fit perfectly for the serious builder who doesn't have to haul his 3 kids to school everyday!). I'm willing to be convinced that a Third World developing nation can produce a decent proletarian vehicle for a fair price(remember how they laughed at the Datsun & Toyota micro-pickups marketed to the US in the 1960s?)

There are small deisel pickups running all over the world giving good service. US automakers have avoided bringing in small deisels here for some reason -- you worry about looks, cool, look good setting in line for gas while the ugly deisel drives on by. All that crap about cosmetics is silly, why not focus on what the product gives or does not give? Maybe soem competition in the small deisel market will get the arrogant US makers off their collective asses!

I hope Mahindra and Mahindra are serious about this intro. They need to watch the Chicken Tax issue and what the competition is cooking up in the intro of this vehicle. (This vehicle is now listed in Edmunds.)

There are a lot of good international trucks that could get commerce done here for small business owners. Domestical what I see is trucks that are generally too big, too expensive to operate (even with diesel) or can't get into rural areas efficiently.

There are +2 million of these Scorpios (TR40s) out there in the rest of the world. When someone talks about ugly, how about paying $2k for a fender repair on a new GM and paying 2 more times as a taxpayer for their bailouts and past fubars. Why not have vehicles like M&M, where replacemant parts are cheap and have stood on their own here with thier ag related business.

I think people will be happy with this truck initially, but because of some sheet metal designs from the 80s, corrosion maybe an issue later in northern areas.

i like it. if it holds true to the land rover its based on it will be the smartest truck out there.

I signed up for the test drive long ago.

Yes, it is ugly. So am I! BUT I recognize a good bargain (even at $25 k) and this truck is likely to put money in my pocket. Toyota showed a Diesel-electric chassis and canceled it: "Americans won't pay the extra $15 k" was Watanabe's excuse - he was fired not all that much later. Even so, there's no Diesel-electric Tundra on the way ... not even a Diesel Tacoma.

For those of you who claim that Mahindra is a producer of junk, prepare to be ridiculed (you will probably end up denying you ever said anything). While the US dollar still retains a teensy bit of its original value, you might want to correct your provinciality and actually visit some other land: Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, Chile ... they all use Mahindra trucks and those things last longer than dirt and rocks! The same cannot be said of Jeep: in spite of an excellent ride (yes, Jeep USED to have some good engineers), "Quality is NOT Our Middle Name!"

I don't know what it is about Mahindra's products that results in such ruggedness. Maybe they haven't had enough experience being exporters to the US and haven't succumbed to the urge to cheapen everything in order to extract every last penny (Jeep, Ford, even Toyota! Are you listening?).

If what I saw in the Andes and in the Outback is any indication, you doubters are in for a surprise.

I would rather slurp rancid tuna salad out of my own a** than buy it...

I just want a good work truck cheap price simple to work on and with it looks like a ugly work truck when do they go on sale if you can get a 4x4 cheap I will buy.

4wd , crew cab, 30mpg, I would glady pay $30K. What other vehicle can do that? Looks like a Land Cruiser PU to me, remember the old Stouts, and couriers, and Luvs? Still see those out here in West, running too, but I do see lot of crapped out old Chevys, Ford, and Toys, rusting away.
No uglier than my Ranger!

well i would buy it and i wouldnt be ashamed to go in public with it. yes its not a jessica alba(nice to look at) type of truck. but hey it does the job, i mean 30 mpg, my gmc sonoma only gets 24 mpg and its a four banger manuel. so in my book its pretty good and its suppost to tow 5,000 pounds, thats enough to haul anything i have, its not like i want to haul(like one guy put it) the queen mary. i might even trade in my 2003 nissan frontier for one of those.

To many mamby pamby urban cowboys that think a pick up is supposed to "pretty" it is supposed to be functional, kind of too bad as Tokyo and Detroit followed at the metro cowboy types and lost that simple fact of FUNCTION. I guess its the Indians riding in with a new horse that can really haul a load! Not a truck for the urban wuss to ride around in with cat back and attitude, but it looks like something that will get you from point A to point B and haul over a ton doing it. We used to be able to build something like this here, used to. Guess the Indians are doing now what made the TOYS so successful way back when.
Sure its a 3rd world truck, but I think if we look around we can see the USA land of CEO's and made in China we are a 4th world nation, one step behind the 3rd world on jobs but we have paved roads. I'd buy one, we have a lot of dirt roads out here in the west.

Guys just for the record I am a Farmer and I would not be caught dead in something like that ever! The other farmers I know would laugh their ass off if anyone around here would buy something like that. Farmers might be willing to run a Kubota over a John Deere but even we are patriotic and well... just not that stupid LMAO!

In the picture, the rear fog lamp to "SAE J1319/UNECE 38" (driver side, duh- with white-optic reverse on right), I expect will be a standard-feature for the US market, despite website Specs Pdf re the 'standard' model suggesting otherwise.

Although on the lesser spec 'standard' model, the front fog's would be optional or not available, a functioning rear fog would remain, check for switch!

If they sell a 'cab chassis' for the US market, where one fits say an aluminium tradie tray, the rear fog is a seperate lamp in that case, and experience has it here in Australia, that installers tend to steal the lamp, leaving a fully functioning rear fog switch but no lamp! So something to watch out for.

These are tough vehicles, workhorses if you like, paint not all bad either, but of course not so much pretty street:-)

US market might find they are supplied with a single warning triangle (to Euro/UN Spec), if so usually hidden/stowed under the rear seat/back area.

I want one. I drive about 55000 miles per year. All in the state of Tennessee. I think it would be perfect. I get paid .50 per mile. This truck should pay for itself pretty quick.

I think you are missing the point. It has NO competition in this country. They are going to import it as a kit in order to bypass the 25% tariff and offer it to the US for sale. Why would they do this? Because it is a viable offer. Is it an attractive truck? No, not really. Have you all lost the plot when it comes to trucks? Absolutely. There are so many urban cowboys out there who don't do anything but drive their trucks to work and back and load them down with dumb options. This has the needed options standard, all the things you need and none of the things you don't. I for one am very interested in this truck. Why? I want a diesel truck with 4 doors and 4wd but don't need nor want a fullsize. Trucks are meant to get dirty and scratched. If you worry about paint work, you shouldn't be driving a truck anyway. As for the bumpers, which are really the only bad thing on this truck, nothing a welder and some steel won't fix. You guys whine too much. As for comparions to the Jeep Comanche? You need to do your research as this is a completely different vehicle in design, drivetrain, frame and body.

They sell that truck down here in Costa Rica. It's very small, even compared to other small pickups. The build quality is very poor and the resale is horrible, even in CR where a 10 year old Toyota Hilux will still bring $20K. The trucks that have spent the last year or so on the Pacific Coast are already showing signs of rust.

I don't think Mahindra is going to have much success, especially at those prices.

Well, I agree it is ugly. And no I don't want a Auto trans. But it is only slightly less ugly than the majority of trucks built in the US. It is in league with the Toyota Tacoma crew cab and the bed is about the same as the Toyota.
It sounds like most of you are just the kind of hicks that will only buy from the shrinking 3. But the same people that shop at Wallymart. Look at the tags in your clothing, MADE IN CHINA, just like the little Chevy or Pontiac in your drive that you bought for the wife. I bet everything else you own is made in China except that Harley that you spend every weekend putting back together.
So, I might buy one of the Mahindra trucks. I just have to look and see that they have American plants here that have been building tractors by Americans for the USA market for 30 years. And if the trucks sell they will start building them here using Americans to do the work.
So get your heads out of your rear ends and see the bigger picture.

I'd buy one.

I'm tied of the mainstream automakers shunning diesel power and giving us crap gas-powered small pickups. I make my living with my truck and I'd give Mahindra a try. Personally, I don't care much for the styling but function is the important thing.

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