Spied! U.S.-Spec Mahindra TR40 Diesel Pickup

Spied! U.S.-Spec Mahindra TR40 Crew Cab
Photos: Brian Williams for Brenda Priddy & Company

We've waited almost two years to catch a glimpse of the U.S.-spec Mahindra TR40 crew cab pickup you see in these pictures. The Indian-built diesel pickup has several refinements that set it apart from the rest of the Mahindra's Scorpio-platform trucks sold overseas (including the version we drove last month). The U.S. truck adds a front bumper guard -- that's similar to an aftermarket guard -- as standard equipment and a stamped-steel rear bumper. Both enhancements are needed to pass low-speed crash tests, which call for the front and rear bumpers to survive 2.5 mph direct and 1.5 mph corner impacts without damage. The trucks have standard stability control and four-wheel disc brakes.

Spied! U.S.-Spec Mahindra TR40 Crew Cab Interior

Inside the TR40, you can see the 6-speed automatic transmission shifter that manages the 2.2-liter four-cylinder mHawk diesel engine, and that it comes with a manual gear select setting. The interior trim is very similar to the Australian version of the Mahindra. The center console between the seats includes three cupholders, power window controls and the four-wheel drive switchgear.

The Mahindra TR40 and two-door TR20 pickups are scheduled to go on sale in the U.S. in February. Global Vehicles U.S.A., Mahindra's U.S. distributor, says it has signed up 345 dealers nationwide. The starting price is expected to be from $20,000 to $25,000.

Spied! U.S.-Spec Mahindra TR40 Crew Cab


Unique! A small diesel work truck with a crew cab, exactly what I need. I will buy one just to thumb my nose at Ford for not having the crew cab Ranger in the US with one of their European diesel engines in it. And that is after owning 3 Ranger 4WDs & 700,000 miles.

Ahh you big manly pickup fans. The Indian, and eventually Chinese vehicles are going to eat your lunch.

I'm on the fence with this truck. Zero design budget(apparently), too many extras I don't need, and sticker shock VERSUS diesel MPG, sized for my needs, and my S10 has 341K!! Wish the VW Amarok was coming to the USA, beats the Mahindra on every point. Maybe GM will produce the Bare Necessities Truck as discussed at The Lab site. Check both out and wait, hopefully not too long. I wonder what the TR40 4x4 will cost? I hope not a penny over 20K. Dream on gang.

I think this truck is a wake up call for the big 3 and Toyota and Nissan. Its has all the bells & whisles except for not having a six speed manuel transmission and a longer bed on the crewcab and some tie downs, along with better bumpers. The gas mileage is better than anything we see in our market, I think if they made these adjustments it would fit in this market very well. The truck I really liked was the late model mid sized Tundra Access Cab which was a 4 door and had a manuel transmission and the V-6 engine,with really good gas mileage, then they went to the larger Tundra truck, and the Tacoma is a smaller truck, nothing in between.

She ain't too purdy, but I don't see any other company making a small diesel Pickup. IMO, I think this thing will sell well, a compact diesel that can get 30 or so, good luck getting that in a gas truck... My neighbor still has his 1984 Toyota 4x4 diesel, I'd buy that thing off him in a minute if he wanted to sell it, I can only hope that they will bring something like that back. Most people out there don't want / need a full size truck, unless they are REALLY using it to haul or fill up... Or, unless they have something else to prove ;) Mahindra is paving the way... Watch this thing sell out in no time and then you'll see all the other companies scramble to make or bring a compact diesel, at least Mahindra has some balls to try and break into the USA with a small diesel truck...

This truck has twice the payload of a tacoma, ranger, frontier or any other truck of that range. Is 3000$ less in price compared to other trucks in its category and has 30 mpg over 20 of its competitors. I don't care how it looks. If its reliable it is a winner and I will buy it.

I think it is beautiful. you can keep the over priced fuel hogs. this truck and Mahindra products are going to sell sell sell sell!!!!!They will show us how and what we should of been doing along time ago. I think that most people now want something that will last and Mahindra will provide that to us. soo long the days when we keep our autos for three years and trade in or sell and buy new again. we(most) of us want the value and something that wont need to be gotten rid of,because it is at the end of its life. YAAAAA MAHINDRQA BRING IT ON!!!GET YOUR BIKES HERE ALSO AND THE QUADS AND YOUR OTHER PRODUTS.!!!!

UGLY? 30 MPG, Mid size Diesel.... sounds good to me. Toyota, Nissan, Mitsubishi all have good diesels and should have brought them here long ago.. Detroit may get a wake up call too. IT is About Time. Diesels are the quickest way to higher MPG. I thank Mahindra for bringing the truck to US. I have written to Dodge, toyota and nissan asking for a truck like this, with no response... maybe ill buy one of these, heck give me a tractor too. I wish Good luck to Mahindra.

I wonder how many people will still be this excited when the EPA ratings come out and it only get 19/24 MPG. Or a few months from now when you tube videos start showing up with picture of them loaded to that 2,765 lb payload capacity and their suspension is bottomed out. Or in a couple of years when they standardized tow rating take effect and we find out it really only tows about 2200 lbs.

Who cares if it is ugly probably all the metro sexuals that see a truck as an accessory. For working folks with a limited budget this might do well. Mahindra tractors have done well because they get the job done for less and taking a beating. I am willing to bet if this truck does the same Mahindra will carve out a niche and a following

It's successful in India, Australia, and Africa. Great milage, and will run forever.

Looks need refining, though makes up in reliability. Owned one in Australia... great vehicle.

this will fit the bill perfect. ugly????i think the newer trucks(american) suck. most people that drive them are on your tail and have a complex. I work in construction and most contractors trucks are to impress. The most they carry is a clip board. Now farmers is a different story, I have seen them wear out their large truck. this truck will replace the real working mans truck. goodbye toyota , the true construction mans work truck. I also think that this trucks look is great, looks like it is saying "i am from a country that can kick big truck butt. "

I think that what we need is for one manufacturer to "blink" or "fall on their sword" and start bringing a diesel compact truck to the market. If that is Mahindra and they then get "buried" by superior competition, so be it. Their action will force all other manufacturers hands and prod them into bringing diesels as well. I feel that the ends justify the means.

This truck is UGLY, and I LOVE it!!!!
Seems to produce quiet alot of tq from its motor, sign me up for a test drive.

I LOVE IT, I LOVE IT, I LOVE IT...!!! It looks like an old time Range Rover Diesel...!!! OooOoohhHhhh.. i want one...!!! w00t...!!! It the best thing on the road...!!! :-)

It wont come with this odd looking front end or possibly even the odd looking rear end bumper in the photo... THESE ARE SPY PHOTOS!!! These cars are usually in disguise during these test runs just in case they get spied and shown to the press too early so i expect its looks to be changed a bit before coming to market, refined etc... :-)

The looks always change a bit from test run spied photos to production run vehicles.

yes agree that indian makes are not compaerable to any of U.S. or any European makes.
And Mahindra may be a unheard in U.S., Indians swear by it, Mahindra vehicles have proven its name on all the terrains.
This vehicle is tough, maintanance is minimal,have been driving Scorpio SUV, for last four years, and it has never failed, been to Leh Laddakh, and Khardungla the highest motorable road in the world thrice,
Ugly may be....but dont make an opinion before checking it.

Well, look, if you want 30 mpg you can't look at ford, chevy or chrysler. They are too busy looking for big numbers. It is ugly, but you know what???? I would consider it. If it is priced correctly and runs well it will sell because people want to go further on their $40.00 fuel budget. The American Manufacturers just don't care. Come on, look at all the veichles being offered in europe or australia. But, NOT HERE. So, give minahdra some credit for at least providing a product some will want. And, that is why the American Manufacturers are failing. they give us what they want. I was kind of hoping ford would take the initiative




I think it is ugly but I want to know where I can buy one?

In america the speed limits are mostly 45 to 65, I can't understand why we create these vehicle that have to snap your neck 0-60 in 5 secs? Do in excess of 100 mph. This Mahindra seems to be on the right track. You always don't have to be like the Herd some times you have to be different and be like the Bull. After all every other car, van , truck sold look so much a like and features and performance are the same, It's refreshing to see company be bold and be just a little different to give you some real choice. Although all the big greedy ones will soon try to bully them out. How pathetic!

This truck can pick up a lot more chicks than most of its haters.

When Honda started selling the cars in America, we all said the same thing...It's ugly and won't work in America. Look at it now.....Accord is the # 1 Car for number of years and is the most sought after car. Don't write off this truck yet. It may be the next Accord.

I think it is absolutly adorable. I would love to see it in either orange or YELLOW. I like different and I would be proud to drive it. I'm looking for a new Crew cab in 2011. Perfer Yellow or Orange. Make the price right!

I tell ya what- If they want someone to give one of these to for advertizing. I'd drive it. I wouldn't care if it was purple, lime green or hot pink. I love it.

am an user of this mahindra getaway in india for 3 years ( same one ),,,,, to me its the vehicle which is a work horse,,,,, trusted one,, doesnot make huge dent in pockets,,, like some american white elephants,,,, ...,, u states requires this type of trucks,,, in mid of difficult times,,,,,...sure it have some faults ,, when it is in unladen,,,, and braking in high speeds,,,... but its worth....

I'm getting one as soon as they drop here in the U.S. I don't care what you other people think. I own a 2007 Ford F150 now & I live in the super cramped city of Richmond, VA. This truck is perfect for cramped cities.

I'm amused, if not surprised, by all the negative comments about how 'ugly' the truck is. Apparently all that matters to some people is that they ride around in something 'pretty.' I'm seriously considering buying one. Mahindra tractors have a good reputation. There are only two things I really dislike about the Mahindra trucks, one is the 30mpg rating. My 16 yr old Isuzu gasser gets that, and gasoline is currently cheaper than diesel. The old Isuzu diesels routinely get 40+. And the current Detroit Diesel behmoths that are twice as big get 20. The other thing I don't like is that it is only available with an automatic tranny. I know it can be shifted manually, but I can't help thinking that with a manual shift, that 30 mpg could be improved. A lot of the negative comments I'm seeing here were also applied to the Isuzu Pup when it was introduced here and those little trucks turned out to be amazing workhorses. If the Mahindra can perform like one of those I'd love to have one. Probably be the last truck I'd ever buy.

Take a good look at the mahandra? does a dodge ram look better?

I read somewhere that the Ford Ranger is going away because customers like the bigger trucks and the F150 doesn't get much worse fuel economy now. One less vehicle in the compact truck market to compete with if this is true.

Worth commenting on. If this truck wasn't another in a long line of what you can't get in the US (i.e. a mid-sized 4x4 diesel truck with a manual transmission for a decent price, under 20k) then maybe it's looks wouldn't matter. Fact is like every other diesel truck or car sold in the US you cant get it with a manual transmission (even though they make it that way and it gets better mileage that way) here. I was in Romania recently. Not so long ago a communist country. Even they had (basically every car and truck on the road) diesel with manual transmissions. Hmmm. Car manufacturers, E.P.A., Oil companies A big fat money making orgy. Diesel hydrocarbons are heavier than gas and stay close to the ground (like dirt). Diesel is less refined thereby cheaper to make. Yet it is somehow more expensive to buy and you can't get a diesel powered Ford Focus here but you can overseas. I'd love to have a diesel truck that gets 40 mph or a 1979 Honda civic (with a gas engine) that gets 30 m.p.g. That truck's old technology and it's pointless.

We should Spay and Neuter our countries Welfare recipients.

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