2010 Dodge Ram Power Wagon Breaks Cover

2010 Dodge Power Wagon
Photos courtesy of Petersen's 4Wheel & Off-Road

Our friends at Petersen's 4Wheel & Off-Road Magazine have just parked a brand new 2010 Dodge Ram Power Wagon Heavy Duty pickup in their driveway. These are the first pictures we've seen of the production truck since our spies caught pre-production versions a few weeks back.

Like the rest of the new 2010 Ram HD lineup, the Power Wagon features new sheetmetal and an interior upgrade that shares styling and components with the light-duty Dodge Ram 1500. One significant appearance change that we're getting used to: last year's chrome Power Wagon badges are gone, replaced with big vinyl graphics on the tailgate and hood.

The eight-cylinder Hemi-propelled Power Wagon is the only 2010 Ram Heavy Duty model with a 4.56 rear axle, locking front and rear differentials, and electric sway bar disconnect for maximum articulation off-road. It also features BF Goodrich All-Terrain 33-inch tires and 17-inch wheels.

For more pictures and news about which trucks the 2010 Ram Power Wagon will be competing against in 4Wheel & Off-Road's '4x4 of the Year' competition, check out their first look!


[Source: Petersen's 4Wheel & Off-Road]


don't care for the graphics one bit. Looks like something a high school kid would put on... the the truck equivalent of purple pinstripes.

Its 1978 and the "Adult Toys from Dodge" all over again.

Now where are the "Free Wheeling" models from Ford?

I just hope there will be a delete option for those graphics - they aren't so bad, but not for everybody's taste! I prefer the look of the previous Ram PW - only subtle badges but tough look!

The Macho Spotters Guide: http://www.machopowerwagon.com/jmnruf/macho_index.html

The graphics are easy enough to remove...however, I'd like to see a Cummins under the hood

thank you mike, for the link! Saves me from typing alot. I love the old touch on modern trucks!

THE FRONT END LOOKS SO AWFUL. Dodge never had a good looking truck.

I think i'll wait for the Raptor crewcab (expedition?) as this new look does nothing for me, like skippydog said, looks like the work of a school kid.

Dodge always had the best looking trucks....
Looks Great!!!

dodge always had the best looking trucks...that is the funniest thing ive heard in along time. the new dodge is a good looking truck but none before that were even in the top 10 best looking trucks.

I acutally like the decals it reminds me of the power wagons of the 70's. Now that it is a true crew its near perfection. You will never see a cummins offered due to the weight of that motor.

I'm personally a huge ford fan. I think the front and rear locking differential are a huge plus. As for the graphics I think those are very ugly and I'm not a big fan of the all chrome rear and front bumpers.

Those graphics are tacky... Should have stuck with the big "POWER WAGON" chrome logo.

Sorry Dodge and PW fans, but I do not like the new look with the graphics. I remember seeing those trucks back in the day...and didn't like it then either. I prefer the clean look with badges. The restyled truck is nice...and with the off-road ability...will make a really good truck. Ok...ok...I am a FORD guy, but like the function of the PW. lol

Not so sure about the look, but with solid axles, real lockers and a winch you have to respect it. Just use it and treat it like a real truck and take it off road a few times and the trees and rocks will scrape those ugly stickers off anyway.

there go the angry ford guys again

I like it, but man, if they threw a Cummins in it, they'd probably DOUBLE their sales. I think Dodge said the reasoning for no diesel (in the previous Power Wagon) was because the winch could not fit in front of the intercooler. Might be the same reasoning with the new model. Too bad they couldn't implement something to allow a properly-fitted winch and a diesel engine. Ton of potential market share being wasted. Come on Chrysler!!

I like the graphics. It's a cool lookin truck. Too bad I can't afford it. The HEMI would be my choise anyway. Dieselengines are far too expensive for me.

I own a 2008 and Love it..it was a very stiff at first, but now rides great. I do agree with some of you, the new look is very ugly. Don't judge a book by its cover !!........but the 2010 is very ugly......sorry I said it again !!

I hate the decals, but the rest of the truck looks ok. Needs a Cummins, as has been said. I hate the fake mud decals available on the Raptor too. If I got a Raptor it would have no graphics. The graphics on the Dodge do make it look remarkably like a toy car. Perhaps it's radio controlled?

I'm an all around fan of dodge, and don't mind the stickers too much, its not that hard to pull them off. the one on the bumper is too high though. they would probably look better on a white or black truck, or a non-met finish. the winch not fitting with an intercooler is right for the diesel. but look out for a v6 or v8 cummins in the 1500 models in the next couple of years (www.dieselpowermag.com).

solid axles
4.56 gears
front and rear locks
sway bar disconnect

All from the factory? Awesome!

Only available on a huge Quad cab gasser truck? Terrible!

Those things should be factory options on all Rams.

I'd take a regular cab/6ft bed version for off-roading.

I like the new power wagon but would like to see it with the new 6.7L Cummins option.

Love it! Decals and all. All we need now is a standard cab SWB and LWB options and a manual trans.

I think that lettering is optional, at least it better be. I don't want to have to pay for a paint job. Plus the other spy shots i've seen have the original look. Please Dodge don't do this to me.

All the press releases say "retuned" suspension. What, exactly, does that mean? Will the aftermarket need to develop new lift kits for it, or will the kits for '09 work?

My 300 6 would drag that piece ugly around.

i wish it had a cummins as we all do...if the 6.7 is too big maybe they should put the upcoming(maybe) v8 cummins in it?


Ignorance is bliss,Like I said Dodge always had the best looking trucks !!!
...The 94-01 Dodge trucks were very, very good looking ,the 2002-2008 Dodge's were very ,very,very good looking the 2009 & up are very ,very,very,very good looking....before that the LilRed was better looking than any truck of its era..the 60's Dodge had the first muscle truck,a Dodge CSS ,426 Wedge,bucket seats,hood stripes ect a good looking truck and before that the Power Wagon a tough good looking truck...so get your eyes open,GM Ford are not the only ones that made a few good looking trucks....I owned them all and Dodge's stand out and get more complements than any Ford or Chevy truck i've had,and I am not biased as some people are,I even own a Toyota as well 5 other trucks and my Dodge's receive the most complements...

No Diesel, No Deal. When are they going to figure out that the Cummins is thier trump card? How many of you have heard somebody say, " I wish I could get a Ford with a Cummis in it"? Maybe you were looking in a mirror at the time?
Excluding the cummins diesel from the powerwagon makes it a sure fire sales flop.

The graphics are the only thing that I don't like about this, but the Graphics ARE just an option, and still 100x better then anything you can find on a ford. (Ford=UGLY)

Who ever said that Dodge can not make a good looking truck needs to take his meds and step back into reality. Dodge has been making the best looking trucks since 94 PERIOD. Dodge Created that Big Rig look and everbody copied them afterward.

Who ever said this was a sales flop, please, if you havent noticed they have been selling PW since 05 will very little decline in sales, they are proven.

I also wish it had a Cummins, but the 6.7 is too heavy for a serious offroader, the HEMI is more then adequate and this can still pull more then any other V8 gasser out there.

BTW watch this outsell the Raptor, espacally when it gets to year 2 and 3.

Dodge has set the standard for all pickup design for at least a decade. Look at the 90's Fords and Chevy's.. aero front ends.. Look at them now.. big bold trucker front ends.. who was the first to make their trucks look like trucks?? DODGE .. the F-150 is a great light truck that rides like a sedan... the Dodge has always ridden like a truck! dont like the way a truck rides?? dont buy a dodge... I have a 2005 2500 with the 5.9 Cummins.. tow extras and snowplow extras.. I still get 20+ mpg on the highway and can haul anything that will fit into the bed without that motor even noticing.. with only 80K on the odometer, this truck will be in my driveway for a long time to come.. Buy yourself a Dodge truck and enjoy the benefits of what a truck is supposed to be!!!

Again, awsome looking truck. If you dont like the decals just take them off! The Cummins would be great but it would bring the price of the truck way up, thats why its not done. But when I get mine I will be pulling out stuck Raptors!

@ Chili4x4

HA dodge rides like a "real truck" hey news flash for ya..dodge traded in the standard leaf springs which is common for a TRUCK for coil springs which is common for a SEDAN. dont know where you get your logic there.

Don't like the pinstripes, etc.............but I love the "POWER WAGON" theme!

I've been waiting for Dodge to revive it for a long time.

The only original one that's better? Dodge Ram "Iron Horse." Oh yeah, oh yeah.....

@ Zach

Coil springs are on the 1500, it rides better and has the same tow rating. Leafs are on the 2500,3500,4500,5500.

the reason the power wagon has no cummins has nothing to do with the winch its because of the "smart bar" aka the disconnecting sway bar is in the way of the air to air inter cooler. just for you fellas that dont know.

It would be nice to have the tires a little wider and with the white letters out. Add some 2 or 3 inch fender flares. Just to make it look a little more MEAN'R.

Big Dodge fan but new PW graphics not for me, better than the puke splash on the Raptor though. Just needs some better fender flares and a leveling kit and im there!

I would'nt want one with a diesel. My 06 cummins is fun to take off road, but I think a hemi better fits the bill. I actually wish they would make a 1500 Power Wagon.....but only if they used a Dana 44 like the 94-01's.

U guys should check out the 2010 ford f 150 raptor. So much better!!

Just bought it and love it! Tons of power and the options WOW! I had 5 Diesel Fords before it. When I bought my first diesel, diesel was $.60, now $3.00+, no way, I'm tired of the oil companies gouging my eye's out, besides without sight I wouldn't be able to see those pretty graphics.



tony morse,you couldn't afford a power wagon.that's why you're driving that old rust bucket ford.I will assure you I would drag your ass anytime

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