2010 Dodge Ram Power Wagon In The Wild

2010 Dodge Ram Power Wagon In The Wild

Earlier this month, we showed you the first pictures of the 2010 Dodge Ram Power Wagon parked in the driveway of our friends at Petersen's 4Wheel & Off-Road Magazine, complete with all new 'Power Wagon' graphics on the tailgate and hood. Now, here are our first pictures of the truck off-road.

We can't tell you how it handles in the dirt just yet but browse through the photos and you'll get a feel for how it looks where the pavement ends.






Looks better in these pictures and a lot better than the Tundra.

Looks just great, very functional truck - even with these 'groovy' decals on a red paint, but I'd still like to have the standard PW-badges like in the previous model... Black on black could be my choice!

Too much chrome.

Dodge didn't get it right here. Bolted on some shocks tiny wheels and some decals. What off-road enthusiast wants chrome?

Dodge.......Look at the Raptor for inspiration

Magnificent! It looks great. I want one *drool*

Real truckies dont need those sissy backup sensors. We have been driving pick ups and bigger trucks for years. We know how to back up. Get rid of them and any other soccer mom junk you put on there. My wife does not drive my truck! I miss hardcore strong real men trucks.

@Gary: This Power Wagon also has a rear backup camera mounted next to the tailgate handle.

Though I'm not a fan of the change from badges to vinyls - this is still one of the most capable work trucks out there.

Yes the Raptor has uprated high speed suspension, but you're comparing apples to oranges. The power wagon is meant for low speed work - it has front and rear lockers, sway-bar disconnect, and factory winch.

But since it's a Chrysler product everyone is going to bash on it anyway.

Too bad they postponed the Duramax 4500

For what this truck does - it will do it very well. Just remove those decals. I wouldn't mind a little less chrome too.

@Nitro: I think you may have missed the part about the Power Wagon's solid front axle, front and rear locking diffs and sway bar disconnect.

I like it! It's good to see the P.W. romping in it's natural environment.

Unlike some here, I like the chrome. It looks nice. Those that don't like it can always paint over it.

I also like the graphics, too. Every time I see them I hear the theme song for :Simon & Simon".


I do think they should have the Ram box as an option.

Nice Dodge !!!
Nice Chrome !!!
Nice Decals !!!

And you can still get the Chrome lettering as well !!!
Dodge is making different option packages for the Power Wagon !!!

I was there! These pics were taken in Boerne, TX on property that I lived on. They also did a shoot with the 2010 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor.

(For the pickuptrucks.com guys - I was the one in the dark green F-150 that showed up)

@Michael: Shh... ;-)

Will the Cummins Diesel be Available, Or the new Hemi 6.4 Gas engine? Looks Cool...

I think the idea behind this truck is great but the looks are just a miss..The chrome bumbers need to go and the cheap logos too. Black on black truck would look alot better with no logos except for a large Power Wagon stamped on the back.

when are the new HD's even coming out? i had heard they were supposed to have been out at the end of September

I love it. This truck is true to what dodge trucks have always been. You either love it or hate it. For the money you get a lot more truck with a PW than any other truck in its pricepoint. This truck is the swiss army knife or leatherman multitool of pickups. I like the chrome and decals because chrome is not a fad and is durable as for the decals they are true to to its heritage. I miss my 81 PW.

To bad GM doesn't make a truck like the Power Wagon or the Raptor , the crickets chirping at GM must be deafening .

hmmmmmmmmm....... due to the comments posted.... I smell an offroad comparo coming our way......


It wouldnt even be close.. the raptor is made so off the lot you can go enter a baja race..where the dodge would fall apart slowly after every whoop de whoop lol

@hmmm and zach....you cant compare em...pw is made for more of climbing and work..while the raptor is made for off road racing...thats comparing a fighter jet to a commercial airliner

The PowerWagon is miles ahead of the Raptor. This truck will do a h_ll of a lot more then the Raptor. I have an 06 and it's taken me on journeys the Raptor couldn't. For example. I went up a trail that had trees laying in the way of the path. There were more then 10 trees. Pulled out the wench and moved them out the way no problem. It seemed like that path hadn't seen a vehicle in decades. Thanks to the PowerWagon others can enjoy the path also.

The Raptor is not made to do everything. The PW is. Tows more and is more roomier. But come to think of it, it is not in the same category then the Raptor. Like the Raptor, nothing is. I like the Raptor but i'm more of outdoors man kind of guy. Meaning, their isn't anywhere the PW can't go with the ability to bring more things along.

Oh, and i put the old Ram head on the hood of my PW like the old days. I will do the same with the 2010 that i'm going to purchase.

So, as we read there is going to be a comparison : Power Wagon vs Raptor... Great, it'll be very exciting! But wait, there's a Raptor Double Cab coming out soon...

(As European guy and big US cars enthusiast) I've a question for all you pickup-trucks guys: OK, so there's in USA an demand for off-road trucks but what with the muscle trucks? I mean for example the Silverado SS, F150 SVT Lightning or maybe Ram SRT8/10 - is there any kind of possibility, that they would be continued or they're still only "guz guzzlers" and ecologist(ic)s favorites?

I'm not a Dodge lover but I think that truck looks great. I think the chrome works. The choices that are out there for trucks right now are pretty amazing.

I really hope the manufacturers step up to the late with the light duty deisels. I'm not sure they understand the desire in the marketplace for it.


I love it too! Gasoline powered, decals and all. The only things I would request from Chrysler would be a standard cab variant, ST base model trim option and a manual transmission option. For those complaining about the lack of a diesel engine, the reality is the Cummins added to the PW package content would do two things. First, push the truck over the curb weight sweet spot where the GVWR and GCWR could be compromised (not to mention the rear E-lock’d 10.5 axle is not rated for Cummins torque). Second, drive up the cost of the entire truck to the point it would be unreachable for most potential target customers. The 2010 Cummins is already forecasted to fetch a $7000 - $8000 premium over the same gasoline powered Ram thanks to the new diesel emissions regulations. One can buy a lot of gas for $7000!

I'd like to see a coil sprung suspension in the back (a beefed up version of the 1500 Ram's). Unimogs trucks and the Defenders pickups have them and it helps the ride, the articulation and still have a decent payload rating.

Hey Mike - wasn't PT first, who tested the F150 Raptor? Edmunds-Insideline suppose to have the "World's First Test" of this truck?!

@pecas...agreed...they should have option for leaf and coil

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