2010 Dodge Ram Two-Mode Hemi Hybrid Still On Track

2010 Dodge Ram Two-Mode Hemi Hybrid Still On Track
Pictures: Brian Williams for Brenda Priddy & Company

Even though there's been little official information from Chrysler recently about the Dodge Ram 1500 Two-Mode Hemi Hybrid, Michael Berube, director of pickup truck product planning, says it's still coming next year.

"The hybrid Ram is still on track for 2010," Berube told PickupTrucks.com Monday evening. "It's still part of our plans."

Questions about the fate of the fuel-efficient gas-electric version of the half-ton Ram were raised in June, when General Motors filed a motion against Chrysler in bankruptcy court seeking payment for development and production costs related to the Two-Mode Hybrid powertrain that Chrysler co-developed with GM and other partners. GM is Chrysler’s Two-Mode transmission supplier for the Dodge Ram 1500 Hybrid. According to court records, GM has withdrawn that complaint.

In October 2008, Chrysler stopped producing Two-Mode Hybrid versions of the Dodge Durango and Chrysler Aspen SUVs. 

Dodge Ram 1500 Hemi Two-Mode Hybrid Engine Compartment Picture
Dodge Ram 1500 Two-Mode Hybrid engine compartment

The Ram Two-Mode Hybrid's electrically variable gearbox houses two electric motors that can power the truck on their own up to about 25 mph, depending on driving conditions. As the multi-displacement 5.7-liter pushrod Hemi V-8 gas engine kicks in, the electric motors will seamlessly support it, individually or in tandem, at low and high speeds, helping the engine enter fuel-saving four-cylinder mode sooner and stay in it longer to achieve maximum gas mileage. Regenerative braking is used to capture energy that would normally be lost during braking or deceleration. The energy is stored in batteries for later use.

The 2010 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 and GMC Sierra 1500 Two-Mode Hybrid pickups -- the only full-size gas-electric trucks currently available -- are rated at 21/22 mpg city/highway for both two-wheel and four-wheel drive versions.

Berube didn't comment on the Two-Mode Ram's expected fuel economy figures.


"Hey,has it got a HEMI in it?"

"Yea,plus 2 electric motors...."

Thank goodness someone is making a full-sized hybrid truck. All the talk about alternative fuels and hybrids has focused on little cars. Some people may give up their big vehicles for small ones, but many people just need to have a work truck.

I hope it fails! Send a purchase order to Cummins for the V8 5.0 L diesel and be done with it.

I agree, a smaller diesel will get better fuel economy and be more useful in the real world. If they are going to do electric (which they should), do it properly. Use a small internal combustion engine just to charge the batteries, and use big electric motors to do all the work. Like the Fisker Karma. A series hybrid is the way to go, not a parallel hybrid with a friggen Hemi V8.

I agree, full size gas/electric hybrids are a complete waste and only pandering to the mainstream media and uninformed consumer.

The 5.0L Cummins is a way better concept, it's too bad the ignorant media is hybrid happy or we'd have the fuel efficient and powerful truck we deserve.

I like Dodge trucks, but this is a huge mistake.

electric trucks are not a bad idea if they get stronger electric motors they use them on trains for a reason. the audi Electric concept engine can put out of 3000 yes 3000 ft/lb of torque at almost all rpms, electric is the future probably for trucks i do prefer the feel and sound of gas.

The "right Prius" - actually a car, that quite nobody needs (diesel gets a better MPG), but I'm happy, that not any hybrid car has to be so awful like Prius...

First off I am not a fan of Dodge. But dang there is some negative people here! At least I give Dodge and GM credit for trying different alternatives than just a plain old gas engine. Sure it is not for everyone but if you don’t like it don’t buy it, most of the people hating on this technology don’t even buy it. Most people who really need a truck to tow big payloads and pull heavy trailers do buy diesels. This is a good option for people who use their trucks as a commuter vehicle or urban cowboys

Hey at least they are trying. I am not sure about hybrids but as with the sales of hybrid cars there must be a market for them. I would love a baby cummins in a 1500 but seriously if you want a diesel just go get a 2500. If it was really that simple all the manufacturers would be doing it. Here are the factors that has kept a ld diesel as a mere pipe dream: cost of fuel, cost of routine maintenance, added weight to an ifs suspension, different transmission, and the obvious if someone wants a diesel they can get a 2500.

However a dakota with a diesel would be a better match because they could use the powertrain from the g cherokee diesel or sprinter to power it.

67-f, I am not criticizing them for "trying," - I don't think anyone else was either. Please read what I am saying before offering a rebuttal.
I think the criticism is the cost of the technology, and how little it does for that extra cost. I am a huge fan of electric power. Ultimately, I hope that is where we are heading. So, if I am going to invest in it, I want real electric power. Not some big gas V8, with tiny electric motors that gets 2mpg better than the big gas V8 on its own. I think exactly the same way with the Tahoe and Silverado Hybrids - I don't care what brand it is. But, there is a series hybrid F150 that has been shown on the internet somewhere (not developed by Ford), and it is said to get 100mpg. I think it was on this site at one stage. There is an electric mini that gets something like 150mpg and has 600HP and 3000Nm of torque... (makes the Scorpion diesel look gutless). That's what electric should be doing for us. It should be helping us use 1/4 of the amount of fuel that we use now. Not save us 10% with a $10,000 + premium. It should make our vehicles MORE capable, not less capable. That is what people are criticizing. People know what electric can do, and are disappointed when something dismal comes out, and manufacturers act surprised when it doesn't sell. Then they use it as anecdotal evidence to support their claim that customers don't want electric powered vehicles. (So it has the potential to hurt perceptions about electric vehicles). The progress towards electric is happening way too slowly. It's going to go from parallel hybrid to 2-mode, to 4-mode etc as slow as it can before getting a proper series hybrid.

Jeff, I don't see Mercedes diesels as a future in Chrysler products anymore. I wonder where Fiat will take it.

Dual-Mode Hybrids work great for increasing city mileage of unloaded/lightly loaded trucks. Therefore, for someone that uses their truck as a daily driver just to get around town, it makes plenty of sense. Especially someone that lives where it's warm most of the year (as hybrids have problems with mileage decreases in cold weather).

With that said, not all of us use our full size trucks and SUVs for that purpose. There are plenty of us who spend the majority of our miles on the highway or towing/hauling heavy things. That's where a diesel is preferred, as it tends to get better highway mileage, better mileage under load, and it moves that load better thanks to a high level of torque. It really makes a difference with bigger vehicles, which is why you don't often see gas engine class 8 trucks any more.

I know gas hybrids and diesels each have their own pros and cons, but I really wish someone would offer a small diesel in their full size trucks and SUVs. At this point, I really don't care if it's Ford, Dodge, or GM as long as the engine is good. How do they truly know we won't buy it if they won't even offer it to us?

It's too bad, I really like the looks of the new Ram 1500 but they don't make a extended cab with the long bed...


@ Alex, I am not excusing them for not being better or giving better fuel economy with the electric engine my point was that at least they are trying and it’s a step into bettering this technology. I know there are some cars out there like the F-150 and other cars that get really good mileage. But these cars are not mainstream vehicles and I bet they are not cheap either.

Just give me a 6.4 Hemi V-8 with at least 500 h.p in a Dodge Ram,I dont want a hybrid or a diesel...The 390 h.p is a good start we need the 6.4 !!!!

Who knows there might be a demand for this..

Yes,offer a Hybrid,offer a Diesel and offer 500+h.p Hemi !!(I miss the SRT-10 Dodge Ram's)

Diesel engines are a real gamble with changing emissions standards ,it seems monthly!!

They have to make sure the rules wont change for several years before they comit to a small Diesel for 1500. But most Dodge 1500 buyers want performance from their trucks,not diesels..Yes diesels can perform after thousands of dollars and a complete VOID of warranty.

Heck,the Smart car was a Diesel that sold around the world even Canada,but the diesel engine couldnt pass the U.S emissions,so now its a small 3 cyl gas engine.

Diesels don't make sense in a half ton, they cost about 4K more then a gas motor, Diesel cost more per gallon, and they gas mileage improvement isn't near enough to pay for the added costs, it would take about 20 years to pay for itself. So unless your doing a ton of towing, and then you should probably look at a 3/4 ton anyway, it isn't worth it. Thats why auto manufacturers have yet to produce one.

I see they still call it a Dodge Ram,not ram ram as some people thought...


Diesel vehicles also typically have a higher resale value, which means a chunk of what was initially spent for the diesel option can be regained when the vehicle is resold.

Also, the smaller diesel wouldn't just be for half-tons, it would also be great for larger trucks. There are people who want diesel engines, but don't need the $9,000 400hp/750ft-lbs tq version offered in the larger trucks, especially if they aren't typically pulling over 10,000lbs. A less powerful and less costly alternative would be a welcome addition to the line. Kind of like how GM used to do engines back in the 90's; the big block gas engine actually had the highest towing rating at the time, while the 6.5L diesel could tow more than the small block, but got better mileage than both engines.

Finally, when it comes down to it, there are people who just like diesels and simply want them. For example, I run a fleet of construction vehicles. We have our own pumps in our yard to keep our trucks and equipment fueled. Years ago we converted our entire fleet to diesel. This allowed me to get rid of the gas pumps; thereby saving a significant amount of money on inspections/certifications, gas delivery, and insurance every year. It's worked out great with one exception....difficulty in finding diesel vehicles other than 3/4 ton or greater pickups/chassis cabs. With that in mind, I would love to at least see some more options in smaller vehicles. I mean, right now it seems like I might end up buying a bunch of Mahindra trucks if they're the only ones that offer a good small diesel "non-luxury" vehicle.

It will be called a "Ram Hybrid." Their just not use to just saying Ram. Ram 1500, Ram 3500, or Ram PowerWagon. No more Dodge before the Ram. (Which is something i will probably continue to say. Lol)

@Emilio: It's hard to break the 'Dodge' habit. Even the execs speaking to us were visibly trying not to use Dodge before Ram.

From what I have been reading it is: "Dodge Ram" and "Dodge Car" brands. So it would be "Dodge Ram" 1500 and such. The SUV would be "Dodge Ram" Durango. A car would be "Dodge Car" Charger, that sounds dumb, but I'm sure we will all get use to it.

As for the HEMI Hybrid, I think it is dumb, but it does have a market place for those who what something that says Hybrid on it.

I prefer a Cummins Diesel my self, but my 3rd Gen HEMI is damn good too.

I wonder if they will start designing the cars without the Dodge like grill. I can't wait until i see there 5 year plan or the next generation Charger. I hear the Charger is going to be sweet. The latest drawing on Allpar.com have me craving the results. And Mike, their won't be a Dodge name with the Ram brand. Just Ram. That's it. Dodge will remain the same with the cars. Like the Dodge Charger or Dodge Challenger. The Ram Durango or the Ram Dakota. (Which i hope they make a lot smaller.)

Hey Guys,
We don't need another parallel hybrid. Waste of time. Give me the baby cummins (5.0) or the series plugin hybrid in a half-ton.
There is the EMC "Flash" truck that just debuted last month. It's a F150 chasis, with in wheel motors from "Hi-Pa Drive".
They are supposed to have over 150 hp/wheel not to mention the torque @ over 500 ft-lb/wheel... it'll travel so many miles on battery along (variable depending on battery configuration), it'll have an internal combustion gas engine as a range extender.
I say either give us a small efficient diesel (so that we can run algae bio-diesel) or give us a plug in series-hybrid.
This 2 mode, 4 mode isn't the right way to spend the bail-out money...
Small diesels or series plugin-hybrids... what's wrong with the auto-makers that they haven't jumped all over this???

DODGE Ram, DODGE Ram, DODGE Ram, It's a DODGE - I'll never used to saying that - screw that damn' brand-marketing, grab life by the horns! :D

Does the regular Ram have an 8 speed automatic yet?

So Chrysler/Fiat thinks people like the Ram name ?

So why then, do Dodge truck owners take the Ram 1500 badge's off?

Bad idea if they call it a Ram..very bad...obviously they did not do any research on this...Way to go !!!Totally tick your loyal fans off,that 402 hp GMC looks better every day....I am a Dodge boy not a Ram boy...Love my Dodge truck but if they take Dodge away from ram the hell with them...I belong to a Mopar club and we have been on the edge for years with dailmer,now this disaster...5 out of 6 guys in the club who are going to buy a truck in the next 6 months say the hell with Ram we want a Dodge!!Will not buy a Ram only a Dodge Ram..Not kidding either!!! Fiat/Chrysler do not know what they are doing by not having a Dodge truck !!!Loss of loyal owners for them..bye,bye!!

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