2011 GM Heavy Duty Pickups To Feature New Chassis

2011 Chevrolet Silverado 3500 mule
2011 Chevrolet Silverado 3500 mule by Chris Doane for Brenda Priddy & Co.

While the new 2010 Dodge Ram Heavy Duty and 2011 Ford F-Series Super Duty pickup trucks trucks feature significant sheetmetal changes, alterations to their frame and running gear are minimal. Not so, apparently, for the 2011 Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra HD pickups, according to Brent Dewar, vice president of the Chevrolet global brand.

"We are coming with a next generation Silverado and Sierra HD next year,” Dewar said Tuesday afternoon in a web chat hosted on GM's FastLane Blog. “It will have a completely new chassis and a new Duramax diesel with 2010 emissions."

In August, we presented a first look at GM's new 6.6-liter 'LML' Duramax V-8 clean diesel engine but this is the first official word from GM that we've heard about an all new chassis for the 2011 HD pickups.

Brian Goebel, Chevrolet truck spokesman, confirmed the coming update.

"We will have very significant enhancements, including the chassis, on top of the powertrain changes next year," Goebel said.

The current 2007-10 GM Heavy Duty pickups carried over the earlier three-piece heavy-duty frame.

[Source: GM FastLane Blog via GM Inside News]


The 2011 Silverado's HD front end (bumper) looks "lighter" - better!

This sounds interesting, but lets no dismiss that 2011 F series has a brand new Ford built/designed engine and tranny. And the Dodge also has some emissions related changes to their Diesel.

Yawn I'll believe it when I see it , unless there is a solid front axle option GM has no hope of ever topping Ford in HD truck sales .

Maybe GM can get tires big enough to fill those wheel wells. That to me always makes the truck look awful.

I'm driving a 2500SD now, but GM will not be on my list in a few years unless they get rid of the independent front suspension. IFS is for 1/2 ton trucks...

What's the point if it still has IFS.

2fastdre, Dodge is making no changes to the Cummins in the 2010 Ram HD pickups... the engine met 2010 standards back in 2007. The cab/chassis version will get urea injection next spring only because it's a different vehicle class.

With Chevy/GMC being without the Duramax for several months next year while the factory retools, they better plan a solid front 4x4 axle to be competitive with Ford and Dodge.

Is that what the finished product is going to look like? They can make all the changes to the frame they want but what about the rest of it? The exterior does not look too good.

My guess is we will see a heavy duty independent coil-over front suspension. You would think that a straight axle was somehow equivalent to a 2" extension of your Wang listening to some of your rants. My friends 05 Super Duty with 37's has the famous straight axle death-wobble. He has replaced over a grand in parts and the problem still exists. When it comes time to make a long trip we always end up taking my 08 Dmax running the same 37X13.50's since its the only one that will get us to our destination without drama. I won't even get into all the motor issues he's had with the 6.0.

Can't wait to see the new chassis.

Matt, What's this about your friend's wang? 37" tires and wobbles sounds like an aftermarket installation problem not a OEM problem. The Chevy needs to upgrade its chassis to compete with the big dog. Good luck in the shoot out.

don't worry for gm,they have the best engine and tranny ,,,combo,,the last shoot out y thing gm did good,,to staid first they need to up grade..

lol, Ford the best and always will be. there trucks are better from any year.

What does Ford call THEIR(note the spelling please) solid-axle suspension........ FS FS? Flintstone Front Suspension? Maybe their next bit of engineering genius will be to put holes in the floor so Ford lovers can help get their trucks going with their feet!

No, they call it durable and capable. What does GM call the solid rear axle on the Tahoe? It's great to have fully independent suspension on an Expedition, but on an F350, there's nothing wrong with solid axles and leaf springs. GM needs to learn to put soft cushy suspension on SUVs, and build trucks like trucks.

I hope they also get bigger tires because it does look empty on the wheel wells. may be they can lift that front end does not look even with rear end unlike dodge or ford.

GM should build the 3500 series with a solid front axle in their 4x4 versions, this should bring old customers back to the company, and maybe help it finantially...A solid front axle would make a HUGE difference in these trucks

I can only hope they don't go backwards to straight axle junk, those trucks handle so badly they're dangerous!

looks like another bumber to get ripped off chevy/gmc are not built for off road use / dealers in the northern alberta will not warrty there front ends after 20000mkms kind of tells the truth about there front ends // solid axles would change that

ill stick with dodge...and whoever said gm has best engine/tranny combo...are you on crack?...ford is better than chevy...so is dodge...between ford and dodge its hard to say..id take dodge for my reasons

Still not better than a dodge

I have had three Ford 4 x 4 PSD, two F350's and one F550. They all performed well, but the 2001 Lariat F350 had a film of oil all over the engine compartment when I sold it last year for $14,000 and I don't know what that was about. I now drive a Chevy 2500HD Allison/Duramax, '09 vintage. I can tell you that it's the fastest and most comfortable of all the trucks I have had over the years. As far as solid front axle, my '97 F350 went through tires quickly, and at the end would occasionally exhibit the "death wobble".

GM needs to Improve there front end. I own a 08 2500HD with the Allison/Duramax. Great truck for pulling but you can not put a 8 1/2 foot plow on it. If I had known that at purchase time, I would have bought a Ford.

I heard the steering was going to rack and pinion from all the arms that continually wear out. I have an '03 2500HD and have had the steering repaired more times than I care to count and it still is loose after 2weeks of driving in the City/Highway. I'll welcome the 2011 changes...love the Duramax/Allison combo. The new DM should be nice.

I get so tired of hearing people bicker back and forth......first off I am a Chevy owner, I have had a few, my 04 DM has 185,000 miles and is still running strong, have had no problems, (well I had to replace a wheel bearing about 10,000 miles ago). I work for a guy that is Ford all the way, have friends that swear by Ford, I drove a dodge once, this is what I have gathered from it all....Ford seems to tow more, also rides rough, has turbo and electronic issues, my bosses 06 has been in the shop for some kinda stupid problems about every 6 months or so.... but its a strong truck, hauls alot of weight. the Dodge I drove was massive, I liked it, just felt under powered, and the brakes were squishy. We went to Jawbone last year, me with my 08 Chevy 2500HD 4x4 and cargo trailer, my buddy with his Ford F250 4x4 and his toyhauler, almost to the top of the mountian his belt tenchiner froze and broke his belt and we had to call a tow truck. I was talking to the tow truck driver and he said that in his 20 years of towing up there he has never towed a Dodge.......so? I like the way Chevy looks, I wouldnt mind a straight axle option thou, I like the way Chevy rides, guess thats why I bought one. I like the way Ford tows/hauls, if I needed to tow or haul more I would probably buy a Ford, I just hope that my bosses truck is a one off cause I dont think I could afford to have it in the shop as much as his is. Dodge.....I'm not sure, I really dont like the way they look, I do like the hight thou, but if they dont break I would consiter this over Ford. I guess I just like trucks, I bought my first Chevy and it took really good care of me and it kinda stuck, if it would have been a Ford or a Dodge well? I think what matters most is how good the company stands behind thier product. All the trucks have thier uses and faults, I'm just glad that we have the three to choose from.

Pickup trucks are the backbone of automotive industry. It is very nice to see that gm is launching new pickup trucks i am sure gm will be succeeded in this .


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