Chrysler: Ram HD Buyers Aren't Sheep

Chrysler: Ram Heavy Duty Buyers Aren't Sheep

Pickup truck buyers are incredibly demanding. A new truck might be used for recreation, commercial work or both. Full-size truck manufacturers are constantly challenged to develop trucks with the features, capabilities and configurations required to stay competitive and relevant.

What’s the secret to success? It’s knowing the customers and their needs – in some cases, all the way down to the clothes they wear.

In developing the new 2010 Ram Heavy Duty 2500 and 3500 pickup trucks, Chrysler invested more time than ever before learning about the customers that buy these trucks, according to Mark Heber, head of Ram brand truck marketing.

“We did a ton of research,” Heber said. “We’ve done more research on this vehicle than anything else. Our engineers went out and they got dirty with these guys: shoulder-to-shoulder, elbow-to-elbow. We did focus groups. We did one-on-ones. We’ve done more research on this truck than you can imagine.”

So, who is the typical Ram Heavy Duty buyer? Heber recites the following like a successful farmer who knows his flock:

  • Average height: 5-foot-11
  • Average weight: 203-pounds 
  • They’re big breakfast eaters. Not Starbucks, but eggs, pancakes and sausage and, particularly, bacon. They eat lots of bacon. 
  • 2/3 own dogs. Of those, 50% own two or more 
  • 50% own a trailer 
  • 80% wear jeans on a daily basis
  • They’re big radio listeners 
  • 97% of buyers who use their truck for work also use it for play

Heber calls buyers who use their trucks for both vocational and recreational activities “super users.” These Ram owners also have two trailers, one for work and another for play.

With such diverse and demanding customer needs, though, Heber is clear about one thing that Ram HD buyers don’t do.

“Ram Heavy Duty buyers don’t watch ‘Sex and the City’.”


Damn, it's a Ram 3500 MegaCab - that thing is huge!

All car companies do this when they bring a new/re-design vehicle to the market. I think Dodge is trying to get back some customers that they have been losing. Unlike the 1500, the 2500 and 3500 are used more for what they are built to do, haul.

beautiful truck

I Need a low priced $500 pick up truck ASAP

Made in Mexico!!!!!!! I got the impression that most pickup buyers hate foreign made pickups.

wow this is mean ford people work in a office,and eat bagel whit low fat cream,and tow a small trailer to home depot,if the research is right..and 95 p of buyer keep in the garage to keep the truck clean and 5p go to home depot sunday..

Where is Toyota's heavy duty made? Oh, that's right, they don't make one.

The money that goes back into the US economy in terms of domestic made parts, american design, marketing, and engineering personell, is much higher even though this domestic manufactuer may build the vehicle in Mexico. People like to tout that the accord is made in America. But most of their parts are foriegn made, their profits go back to Mother Japan.. the local economy is helped to a degree, but that's about the only benefit.. That Dodge is a darn good truck, I'm trading in my GMC, and a freind of mine is buying this one too when it's out.

What Dodge try to say ? The Ford truck is build much,much better,everyone nows that.

Just look at Ford.There is no comparison.Its really #1 Heavy Duty truck in the market.But with this new 2011 Super Duty they leave all competitors behind!Its more bigger,more reliable,more powerful truck ever build.Good job Ford,you always was first,you first now and always be first!!!

Assembled in Mexico. Engine (Hemi) made in Mexico. Aisin (Toyota Kieretsu) Transmission. Chinese Steel from Mexican (Saltillo Stamping) Stamping Plant. Good bye Chrysler, the "champ" of LCC Sourcing.

What about buy american.
If the thing is built in america then and only then I will buy american.
Christ I am canadian and I'm saying that.
Your doing it to yourselves can you not see that?

dman's states that more money stays in the USA even if it's made in Mexico than Toyota's multi-billion dollar investment in Texas for their pickups. Toyota designed the Tundra in the US and used US engineers and uses US autoworkers. How can Dodge keep money in the USA. They don't ship American workers to Mexico to build it. Do you think that thousands of unemployed American auto workers are crossing illegally into Mexico to build trucks for Dodge??? Dodge does not have a single vehicle in the top 10 list for domestic parts content. Any profits Dodge makes should go back to the tax payer to repay the government bailout they recieved. Fiat who owns a portion of Dodge isn't any more American than Toyota. I think the title was a typo - it should read - Chrysler: Ram HD Buyers Are Sheep. Try to come up with more logical and rational posts and I might change my mind..............

Hey, let's not forget ALL of the new 6.7L Powerstroke diesel engines will be made in Mexico, too. I don't think all Rams are made in Mexico, are they?

You know what is interesting?Ford is built stronger and better!The slogan "Ford Built Tough" is mean its TOUGH !!! Its not like "American Revolution" (Chevy,honestly nothing revolution) and not like "Grab Life by the Horns" (Dodge,what are they talking about?Grab life..?? Horns ..??Com on Dodge....) And whatever where is it build Mexico or USA ,its BUILD TOUGH !!! For the years Ford prove it and we know that,the best overall truck!!!

What the hell is this conversation all about? Dodge...bla bla bla, Ford...bla bla bla - are You guys kids? It's long a standard, that most cars have parts not made in their own country! It's normal in Europe, Japan etc... Even if you're going to modify or customize your truck - do You think, that all the parts are homemade? It's just a global business and there's no place for patriotic feelings, sentiments, but only for lower costs and better quality...

Please, if you think the Super Dooty is better then the Ram, YOU ARE AN IDIOT.

GET REAL FORD GUYS, FORD MAKES INFERIOR TRUCK. If you don't believe me, drive another brand once. I promice it won't make your dic any smaller. You will find out the GM and Dodge both make better trucks.

HAHAHAHA.......DODGE OR GM WOW No way FORD... is the best truck ever hands down had all three and the Ford beats them allll....

Hey,IOLEG,I was drive all three,Dodge,Chevy and Ford.From my personal experience Ford is so much better overall built truck.Good luck! P.S IOLEG,its Super Duty, but not Super Dooty like you said.

ARON - I agree with you 100%. I've been poking holes in people's arguments as to why their favorite truck is the best, or people who slag Toyota because it's Japanese even though it's more "American made" that many of the Detroit 3. Dodge is the most obvious example of being the
"least American made". That is one point I've been trying to make in relation to the "buy American only faction". Price and quality are what it's all about. If you feel your favorite truck is best provide the hard evidence. Leave the BS and chest thumping at home. If you feel you need to support US business by purchasing their products then go do so. Make sure your actually supporting the businesses that actually benefit the US economy the most. If you like your "brand" because that's all your father ever drove and that's all you'll drive so be it. Spare me the BS. I am not brand loyal. I don't like shoddy logic and emotionally irrational thought processes.

yeah dodge is alot better than ford...anyways you guys are all dum@sses for bashing dodge being made in makes alotta cars in austraillia and china and ford makes alot in china too

the thing that still draws me to a dodge is the American built Cummins that's under the hood otherwise yeah i agree that Ford builds a more solid truck

So,if the truck was made in America,it would have Mexicans building them whats the difference.. The Dodge Ram 1500 is made in the States not Mexico FYI..but I bet alot of Mexicans work there..Americans dont want to do labour jobs anymore..

I guess you guys forgot that Dodge is no longer an American company, this thing is an Italian product built in Mexico. (It will carry a half ton of spaghetti in the bed though.)

JT you are clearly not a well read person. Chrysler is only 15% owned by FIAT. The United States and the UAW own the rest.

Vadim I too drive all 3. My Dodge about 2x less problems then my GMC and 3x less then my Ford. When I buy again, it WILL be a Chrysler product. By the way, I think when he typed "Dooty" it was more of a descripter of what he though Ford was, "Dooty=CHIT"

That Truck look Awesome

Get your facts straight - here is the breakdown of Fiat's ownership of Chrysler/Dodge.

Fiat will initially hold a 20 percent ownership stake in the new Chrysler.
* Fiat's ownership stake will increase to 35 percent in three increments as it meets the following criteria: 5 percent for bringing a 40 mpg vehicle platform to Chrysler to be produced in the United States; 5 percent for providing a fuel-efficient engine family to be produced in the United States for use in Chrysler vehicles, and 5 percent for providing Chrysler with access to its global distribution network to export Chrysler vehicles. (Each of the 5 percent increments will be held in trust until Fiat is able to claim them.)
* Fiat will be granted an option to acquire an additional 16 percent shareholding that will bring its total ownership stake to 51 percent.
SYCS - you seem to be sure of your statistics - "My Dodge about 2x less problems then my GMC and 3x less then my Ford". Like I said in a previous post - If you feel your favorite truck is best provide the hard evidence!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm 224 lbs. and eat Rasin Bran. I love my RAM and it was assembled in St. Louis. Mexico is North America, get used to it. They build great vehicles south of the border.

So your overweight, you go crap on a regular basis, you drive a 1/2 ton Ram, and Mexico is in North America............. whats your point????
Oohhh .... they make great vehicles south of the border...... what's your proof? Dodge doesn't make any good ones on this side of the border so why would anyone expect anything better from Mexico....

Lou, where is your hard facts that your Ford is better then my Dodge.

You want some facts here are some.
1)I have a 3rd gen Ram 345 Hp HEMI (not the new 390 Hp one) SLT
2)My best friend has a 09 F150 5.4 XLT
3)We both have the exact same travel trailer (My family goes camping with his family about every weekend)
4)My truck out pulls his truck while loaded with the same camper (Every time we get to a hilly section I either gain ground on him, or put distance between him and I, depending on who is leading) Plus I get better fuel milage then him 90% of the time while pulling. 9.8 vs. 8.9 mpg on average.
5)My truck out performs his in acceleration (0-60, quarter mile, you name it.)
6)My truck gets better Fuel Milage (15.9 for me average 15.4 for him average.)
7)In the time I have had my truck (I bought it brand new), I have had it to the dealer 3 times to get: 1 recall done, 1 wind noise problem(fixed), 1 rattle in back window (Replaced).
8)He has had his truck less then a year he has had his truck in at least 5 times, that I know of, for:1 wind noise (fixed), 2 replace the rear window (leaked; fixed), 3 sqeek in seat passenger seat (still not fixed, "repaired" twice but still squeeks). 4 The new 6 speed tranny was acting up(TCM was reflashed, but still shifts funny from time to time). 5 The famous rear axel offset(two other guys I know have this as well), his rear axel sets out about one inch past his rear fender, and sets about one inch "in" from the other fender. Look it up on the f-150 forums, it is a true thing.
9)Last fact I can think of, his rides smoother.

So of the facts listed above, the only thing his truck does better is "ride better." Hmmm, this is a real thinker to see which truck is better.

I never said that Ford was better, some people thought I was also a Toyoto owner/fan. I have absolutely no brand loyalty. I'm actually in the market for a new truck. I currently drive a GMC van. I don't like people spewing BS without anything to back it up. I like to poke holes in shoddy arguments to try to bring out some quality discussions. It rarely happens because men are so bloody emotional when it comes to cars and trucks. Studies show that men are worse than women emotionally when it comes to buying vehicles.I have had bad experiences with Dodge's in the past so I'd be very reluctant to buy one. I have also had bad experiences with the local dealership. I'm not about to drive an hour to the next town to get repairs done.
Your performance advantage over the Ford is no surprise since it has a more powerful motor and many magazine tests have stated the same.
Reliability statistics of the 2009 models showed Ford and Toyota rated above the industry average with Chev/GMC around average and Dodge below average.
Perhaps Dodge has improved but like I said the ones I've owned have been crap.
Most of the guys I've talked to would not buy a Dodge heavy duty if it wasn't for the Cummins diesel.
I know alot of guys who had Dodge pickups whom worked in heavy industry and if you hit a bad pot hole or had to aggressively hit a mud hole the automatic transmission would pop out of gear. The engines would also shut off if the rear wheel sensors got damaged and you were shifting gears.(standard transmissions). My brother had this happen to him while he was travelling down a dirt road at 40 miles per hour. He did several 360's down the road and luckily never ran off the road. I don't know if they fixed these problems because the same guys aren't driving Dodges anymore.
You like your truck and you've had good luck so far. That's all that matters. It's good to see someone actually backup their bravado.


Glad you like your older Ram. Excellent. But clearly your Ford buddy bought his with the wrong rear end. Independant testing (including Mikes test here @ PUTC) clearly indicate the 09+ F150 will "out tow" a new 09+ Ram. NEVER MIND your older model. Apples to apples comparos are typically more valid. Had your buddy bought a 09 F150 with the steeper rear end, he'd pass you going up the hill as your Ram 5 speed tryed to figure out what to do.
Even my Ram buddies admit the 02-08 Ram was not a ideal tow vehicle... Why? Tranny failures. They were upset when the tranny blew 600 miles from home. Kinda ruins the family summer vacation. Now they were good loyal Dodge boys so they bought a 2500 ram. Little overkill in my book for their small travel trailers, but whatever works.... In fairness if my F150 died a couple times with the rv, I'd upgrade to a Superduty.

He has the trailer max package, what ever ford calls it. It has the 3.73 rear end, the lowest you can get with the 6 speed i believe.

I, personally, have never seen a 3rd gen ram with a tranny failure. I have also read about much more tranny problems coming from the new f150 6 speed then the new ram with the same 5 speed I have.

Power Kid, you need to re-read that shoot-out article. The Ford didnt out perform the Ram on ANY of the pulling tests.

The Ford out perform Dodge and Chevy.It has more payload and more towing capacity,stronger frame and etc.Even with less HP then Dodge,for example,Ford has more payload and towing.And I'm talking about only 1/2 tonne truck.In HD both,Dodge and Chevy is behind too with their payload and towing capacity.And with this all new 2011 Ford Superduty all competitors is faraway behind...Ford do a really good job.I'm really like Dodge,like how they looks,but more what I like is Cummins.BUT,Ford is much,much better built truck,and overall its number one,and the best truck for long time.For me the best truck is Ford with Cummins.But this new Powerstroke 6.7 should be (I think) same reliable like Cummins.

I absolutely love to read P/U truck owners going at it about why "their" truck can do this and that over some other brand. What? Like you built it with your own hands? All you did was "choose" a make/model then "pay" for it. Does this make you more manly and smarter than the other guy? Also love the guys that insert their knowledge about a particular topic because "I know this guy that..." Look, I've owed a Chevy, Ford, and two Dodges. All 3/4 or 1 Ton models. They ALL have good and bad things about them. For the most part they are all very reliable. I have a 2500 Dodge 6.7 right now; however, I'm waiting on the new heavy duty models from both Dodge and Ford to make a decision on what I'll trade to. I know Chevys are good, but I think they are ugly- but that's just me. Not going to go out and bump chests with some other guy about what purchase he or I made. Wake up people and get a life! BTW, I have built a truck with my own hands- a 67 M715 5/4 ton.

if your so worried about towing then getta bigger went smart with coil springs in the rear i think..if i were to get a 1500 id use it for daily driving,light weight hauling or towing(maybe heavier at times) and "weekend warrior" still gets 10000 lbs of towing with coil springs which offer better ride and offroading and what not

and chris denver good the end..just if you dont like it dont buy it looks alot better on paper than real life...same with gm...just saying.

hudini ,its so funny what you said :)))))))),I think you see Ford only on paper.I was drive Ford and I know what I'm talking about.I agree about GM,its ugly.

and i drive dodge and know what im talking about..i also work in a diesel shop and guess what?...sooo many fords and chevys come in...weve have 1 dodge...questions?

hudini,so what!Its mean crap International and Isuzu but not Ford and Chevy.I think this new 6.7L diesel should be much better then International diesel,its Ford in house made.BUT,I like Cummins more,the best diesel,hands down.

vadim...dont blame izuzu and and chevy were the ones dum enuff to partner with em...i am impressed with fords new 6.7 but i dont think itll hold up..just another powerjoke

hudini,may be you right,Ford has so many problem last years,thats true,BUT I so like their trucks and hate engines.Ford really need something a years proven proven,I mean,of course - Cummins!!!

More American trucks have parts made in Mexico because of Japenese competion on our home turf. Japan does not allow American made vehicles to be sold there. Thats the problem. Untill Japan opens its markets to our goods and services, we have got to stop buying Jap stuff. Why buy vehicles made by pagens?

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