Update 2: Dodge Trucks To Be Separated From Cars Under Ram Brand

Dodge Trucks To Be Separated From Cars Under Ram Brand
Update #2 Oct-06-2009 06:37 PDT:

The official word from Chrysler is that there won't be any dealer changes as a result of creating the Dodge Ram and Dodge Car brand organizations.

"The whole point of [dealer consolidation] is to sell all brands under one roof, said Kathy Graham, a Chrysler spokeswoman. "Roughly 80 percent of our dealers now have all brands under one roof, moving to 100 percent."


Update #1 Oct-05-2009 20:44 PDT:
Car & Driver reports that "SUVs such as the Nitro and the next-generation Durango will fall under the purview of the Dodge Car brand."


It’s official. After weeks of rumors, Sergio Marchionne, managing director of Fiat and CEO of Chrysler, has officially announced that Dodge trucks will be separated from cars under the Dodge Ram brand.

“The brand-focused strategy has been refined further with the unbundling of the Dodge Brand which now consists of the Dodge Ram Brand and the Dodge Car Brand organizations,” Marchionne said. “This reorganization will allow us to protect and develop the unique nature of the product offerings within the Dodge Brand.”

The full vehicle split hasn’t been released yet, but the Ram nameplate is expected to be used for pickups, commercial vans and body-on-frame SUVs, while cars, minivans and crossovers will be sold under the Dodge cars badge.

Fred Diaz Jr. has been appointed President and CEO of the Dodge Ram brand. Diaz will also be the lead executive for the Ram sales organization in the U.S.; Diaz has been with the Chrysler since 1989.

For a company facing many tactical and strategic challenges, is splitting trucks from cars the right thing to do?


As long as Dodge Ram retains the Cummins diesel engine, it will continue to sell well. I'm on my 2nd one, both have been flawless and powerful.

Thinking about it, the Ram name would work for some vehicles but sound weird on others.
Ram 1500
Ram 2500
Ram 3500
Ram Dakota
Ram Durango
Ram Nitro

or will the naming scheme be different?

This move serves no useful purpose and will only confuse the general public, while irritating the Mopar faithful even more than they already were.

What will this questionable strategy help? "Ram Dakota" or maybe "Ram Durango" - that sounds a bit stupid, doesen't it? I'm getting to dislike the Italian Fiat even more... What stupid next - Fiat Wrangler or Jeep Panda?

I am buying a Ford or Toyota next, no consideration for a Dodge these days... Unless it has a 500 hp Hemi in it with a 6-speed.

So is there really going to be a difference? NOPE

I think the only reason they are going this is becasue trucks is Chryslers big money maker right now, and if things keep going further south for the industry it will be eaiser to sell it off. Which also makes no sense, sell of your big money maker. HMMM

At least FIAT has the wheels of Chrysler turning again, the last two owners havent done chit with it.

Mercades just took all of Chryslers cash reserves and huge profit makeing companies.

Cerburs just for got to develop anything other then the RAM. Wow my dog could have lead Chrysler better then that.

Ram Ram 1500?
Ram Ram 2500?
Ram Ram 3500?
Can you imagine what a registration is going to look like (or a title)? Manufacturer-RAM Model-RAM
Sorta sounds like the Flintstones (BAMM BAMM).

And vans too? No more Dodge Grand Caravan?
IT will be RAM Grand Caravan...

Can you get 3 letter words to rhyme more....??

This is a stupid move and one to sure seal Chrysler's fate.
Sounds like the Dodge brand is going bye bye period.
I'd be watching ole Sergio real careful....

Wonder what Iacocca is thinking of all this?
The Dodge Bros are rolling in their graves too..

I guess Iacocca is partly to blame afterall,it was under his watch for the 81 model year that their pickups were renamed "DODGE RAM",and their 84 cargo minivan was called DODGE MINI RAM.And the full sizers called RAM VAN.
So,other than the trivial DODGE nameplate,nothing else is new.

It looks like we are in for Italian Trash!

I thought Chrysler had too many brands.

Remember Plymouth & Eagle. Now they want to add another one?

I think its stupid, the car and truck line share the same Hemi Motors and a common face with the cross haired grill on most cars and all trucks. I agree thier doing it so they can sell off the truck line and change the car line over to fiates.

I guess this is going to be the website:


They are talking about the brand, the emblem, not the actual name. The trucks,vans and suv's will have the Ram head emblem, and according to the company, will be under 'Dodge Ram.'

The rest will have a new emblem and will be under 'Dodge Cars.'

Simple really.

Nothing will change for us.

Its to have different development teams working on different aspects off the company.

I think its a dumb move, why seperate the two when they have so much in common. The both have the Hemi engine and a common face. I agree thier doing it so they can sell off the truck line and replace the car line with fiats.

Sounds stupid. I like saying its a DODGE RAM. Not Hey, I bought a Ram, a Dodge Ram or a Ram Ram? uh....

I'd buy a Ram emblem(s) from a MoPar catalog and stick it to the new truck and it would be again Dodge - my simple answer for their highly philosophic-strategy!

Do you folks actually read these articles? Separating the trucks from the cars is a great idea. It ensures that even if the cars end of things tanks, the trucks do not go with them. Dodge would still exist. As it is now, if the cars flop, you will have no Dodge or Chrysler at all. Everything will go down the drain. This isn't like Plymouth or Mercury or the GM clones. They aren't rebadging the same product and slapping a different badge on it. The trucks will be the trucks, the cars will be the cars. They will not be selling against each other. Period. They will all be Chrysler. This would equate to GM quitting making Chevy trucks and having their entire line up marketed and badge under the GMC nameplate. Same vehicle, same company, less redundacncy, saves their truck busines sin case the cars flop and vice versa. I am sure the naming thing will be an evolving thing and will not be set ins stone for awhile.

Most of these comments are so poorly thought out that I'd be embarassed to put them to print. Splitting Dodge trucks from Dodge cars shouldn't make any difference to the consumer. They will still retain the same Dodge name.
Wild/Wheels doesn't even know how to spell Mercedes. Mercedes Benz did not rob Dodge/Chrysler of it's profits or profit makeing companies. Dodge was already a financial mess. Mercedes sold Dodge because they realized that it was a big mess and a nightmare to fix.
I won't buy a Dodge or Chrysler product again because of poor quality and reliability.
I also won't buy a vehicle from any company that was bailed out by the government. My tax dollars are propping up these companies and now Fiat will probably profit from my tax dollars. So much for "Buy American".
Check out The Cars.com and their American made index.
Ford F150 is #1. Toyota Tundra #5. Chev Silverado #8. Not one Dodge product made the top 10. It's sad when a Japanese pickup has higher American content than a Chev or a Dodge.
Ford and Toyota have comparable quality ratings as well. These are the two brands I'll buy.

Heres what i think...its kinda like buick for cars and crossovers and gmc for trucks...dodge cars and ram trucks lol...interesting given that every single dodge car or truck (except the viper) has the ram head...theyd have to change the cars logo

on second thought they should bring up the sterling bullet (a dodge ram chassis cab by another name) and make some trucks by sterling and keep all dodges as is. thats my opinion.

While this move serves no immediate purpose (answer to the question that nobody asked), wait until we see the Ram being killed and those wimpy "made in Italy" commercial vehicles being introduced.

Less than a year ago a bundled-up Italian expedition tried to cross the Russian North in those souped up Fiats... Turned around after a couple of days - the things couldn't move in the medium-frosty weather. Crazy Russians ran circles around them in those funky UAZ jeeps and URAL trucks laughing all the way.

Here is how it all started: http://www.roadtransport.com/blogs/big-lorry-blog/2008/12/oltre-beyond-the-edge-2008-exp.html

This almost sounds a little too much like Ron Zarrellas’s “Brand Management” approach at GM that was less than successful in the mid to late 90’s. In fact, Zarrella’s approach turned out to be entirely counterproductive. While I am happy to see people like Ralph Gilles (awesome designer) moving up within the company I wonder how well a design guy will do as a President and CEO of a brand?? None the less, as a GM guy….I am rooting for the new Chrysler! I think they have the best chance of making it!

okay, for you guys saying stuff like Ram Ram. i'd like to clarify it. it'll probably be named Ram Truck 1500, Ram Truck 2500 ETC.

@Sierra_WT: those smaller expedition SUV's called the Iveco are re-badged and restyled Land Rovers Defender LWB...
If Ralph Gilles is a good stylist (for example: done the Chrysler 300C), why they're moving him for a CEO etc.? Are thy going to introduce the ALL-NEW Dodge model line = restyled Fiat/Alfa Romeo cars? That would be real bitter & bad!

Yeah people saying Ram Ram are just out of whack. If anything it would be Ram (1500), Ram (2500).... etc. Just like it is a Dodge (Charger), Dodge (Viper). catch my drift?

Are the trucks going to be called Dodge Ram still as it says they are creating a Dodge Ram brand,not just a Ram brand..so the trucks will still be a Dodge ram..
They did this before Dodge cars and Dodge truck division..now its Dodge cars and Dodge Ram Brands...

I have read other articles and came to the conclusion the Dodge name will be on the trucks as it says they created a Dodge Ram brand...not a Ram brand but a Dodge Ram brand..

Its quite simple the are just making a division to focus on trucks because right now that is what is selling (vans and trucks). To be honest its been a while since dodge has made a car worth a s$%t . Therefore the cars will likely be based on fiat models with a bit of dodge cosmetic changes.

I think it's the right move, because it's more efficient a brand focusing in a only vehicles line.

Lou, are you that oblivious that you can't see what Mercedies did the Chrysler. Sure he couldnt spell Mercedes but he was dead on. Chrysler when it was bought out was one of the most profit making companies in the auto industries. Mercedes was slipping quickly into oblivion because they had no cash to spend, poor performing cars, and slipping quality. They bought Chrysler, used Chryslers huge cash reserves to turn there company around, then stipped Chrysler of any profitable companies, I.E. Freightliner Sterling, and then sold them to the heighest bidder.

The years under the Mercedes theft, the only thing they gave to Chrysler was the LX platform and BluTech diesel parts. They did nothing other then the above mentioned, to improve Chrysler, this caused it to become profitless.

Examples of them not doing anything include: 1) the HEMI, it was already mostly developed, 2) Chryslers biggest money maker the 3rd Gen. Ram was already being developed (BTW much of the 4th gen Ram is the old Chrysler design: frame, motor, trans, axels). 3)When Cerberus bought Chrysler they ordered much of the Mercedes designed 4th Gen Ram to be redesigned, this showed it was going to be a piss poor attemt on Mercedes part.

Fact is Cerberus bought a company which had NO cash reserves, which a few year before had plenty. Mercedes didnt offer Cerberus the profitable parts of Chrysler during the sale, except Chrysler Financal, which is the only part they wanted anyways. All this during an economic period when auto sales were slumping. This caused Cerberus to give it to anybody asking, so they didnt have to dump tons of cash into something that needed years of catching up to do.

I think FIAT is making the right moves to get Chrysler moving again. The whole Dodge Ram brand thing may be a dumb idea, but in my opinion, if the future if the economy doesnt refire, it will be a way to free up tons of cash so Chrysler can survive. Even if it is the selling of the best truck on the market.

Here's my viewpoint;
-Chrysler had $12 BILLION in cash reserves in '98 before the "merger" (they were profitable). Daimler spent ALL of it (and not on Chrysler). (Source: allpar.com) I could go on all day about those ***** at Daimler, but I won't.
-Fiat isn't renaming anything. Some of you folks need to read more carefully. They're just seperating the brands because cars and minivans don't carry the same image as a truck/suv. In other words, no more Ram head on Dodge cars or minivans, which to me isn't really a bad thing.
-If you look at history, this is how it was before. Back in the '70s and earlier, how many Dodge cars had Ram heads on them? None.
-There won't be a "Ram Ram" or a "Ram Dakota". They're just going to share the Ram badging, which essentially, is a branding tool. IMO, I think it's a good idea. Just like the old days!!

If the drop the Rams head emblem, I wonder if they are going to go back to the 5 point emblem like they had in the 80's or come up with a new logo for Dodge. IIRC at one time that 5 point emblem was used on Dodge, Chrysler and Plymouth models. Only the trucks and vans had the Ram head. Sounds like this is where they are headed again. I still say good move FIAT. Protect your current money making line and try to remake the image of the car line up right down to the logo. They certainly have their work cut out for them as Chrysler is way behind in the car market. They are stuck with long in the tooth models or just flat out poor selling models. Even the Challenger is made up of relatively recycled pieces parts from their current line up.

@ARON: Good observation. While the body is actually Santana (yes, the old-old-old LR), the engine and the mechanicals underneath the body are all Italian and Spanish. The trucks in the expedition were 100% Italian-made Ivecos. Case closed ;-)

Why are people saying they are going to call the new Dodge Ram a Ram Ram?

They split the Dodge cars and Dodge truck into seperate brands..aka..Dodge Ram truck brand and Dodge car brand..so if they are going to call it a Ram Ram then a Car Challenger would then be right after it.

Chrysler,Jeep,Dodge Ram Truck,Dodge car brand..it says..

So now Dodge will have 2 failing "Dodge" brands.

Dodge cars and Dodge Ram trucks...hmmm...Paralleling Dodge Ram to GMC. Its a good idea to keep the Ram brand strictly truck - body on frame. I think GMC went soft in the truck world when it created the midsize Acadia and the compact Terrain crossovers. Last time I heard, crossovers are giant passenger cars. No wonder the GMC Truck logo doesnt exist on the new trucks, just GMC. It was pondering making "cars" all along. Conversly the Journey should stay on the cars side.

Billy, you are correct. IMHO the Acadia and Terrain are two vehicles that do not need to be built and are not going to be in the line up as long or sell as well as their Chevy and Buick counterparts. You can only relable the same vehicle so many times. At least Saturn is now dead cutting back some of the excess. I keep waiting for Ford to wipe out Mercury as that is long overdue. Mercury really serves no purpose. You have Ford as the very day person car and they can be geared up with almost every option a Mercury has. The you have Lincoln as the high line competitor to compete with Cadillac, Lexus, Acura and Infinity. Toyota has Scion, but that line does not have copy cat models. Less is more when it comes do brands unless their is more than sheet metal and doodad differences.

My opologies. Corporate "raiding" is a common practice. Governments should of scrutinized the selling off of Dodge by Daimler/Benz instead of pouring billions into it after the fact. But I have done my research when it comes to quality, reliability etc. and I disagree with your statement "Even if it is the selling of the best truck on the market." Consumer Report gives a purchase "Recommmendation" to Ford, GMC/Chev, and Toyota but not to the Dodge Ram. Look up repairs per 100 vehicles and the Ram is bellow average. Ford and Toyota are above average. GMC/Chev average. I think the Dodge Ram 1500 is the best looking truck on the market but like the bleached blonde with the fake boobs you might see on the street corner - it's not something I'd want to enter into a long term relation ship with!!!

I like the move. Dodge trucks are the only saving grace for Dodge. The cars have been bad for so long, only recently with the release of the Challenger have I even been excited about a Dodge car.

Fiat will hopefully improve the cars while the truck division is left to continue producing reliable trucks. And, if the Dodge car brand does not succeed, the truck division does not suffer the same fate.

Good move

How long before the Dodge Ram is bought out by Mahindra?

Lou, I wouldn't use CR to wipe my butt. That is the same rag that gave the 2007 Tundra a recommended rating without even testing it. I am having a hard time believing the 2009 Ram is not recommended as I have heard very few owners say a bad word about it or seen any issues with them on other forums I visit.

CR has stopped rating vehicles based on past performance. This is something that has affected their credibility. That is one reason why I like to look at multiple sources for information. Most brand specific forums are populated by brand loyal like minded individuals so I'd be surprised if there were much if any complaining going on. I've had poor reliability out of any Dodge I've owned and every guy I know that's had one as a company truck used in heavy industry would not own one as well. You must also look at the quality of service you get. If you live in a huge city with multiple dealerships then that is not a problem. In my neck of the woods there is only one dealership per brand. The owner of the local dealership in my town drives a Lambourgini and his wife drives a Land Rover. That kind of says something about the product when the boss won't drive one......

lol thats weird, lol thats weird.

Well I am youngish, and every vehicle I have owned has been a Chrysler product. Nothing major, not of my doing, has ever broke. Hell my 98 Grand Cherokee had more electronic options then my brothers 04 GMC and my friends 04 Chevy combined. Guess how many times I had to fix anything on that ZERO. How many times did my brother alone had to fix major stuff on his truck in the 1st month he owned it 2 and 4 times for my friend. Both of them have stated that they will never buy another GM product.

I can tell you Lou there isnt one non biased place out there when it comes to "testing relyabilty."

Lou, what the owner of a dealership drives is irrelevant and more an idicator of wealth than the product they sell. FWIW go take a peek at the quality and reliability ratings of a Lamborghini and Range Rover. They aren't driving them because they are a superior product. Trust me.

Lou has a point. If I was the owner of a Dodge dealership I cannot think of any Dodge car I would really want to drive. If I was a Ford dealership owner I could think of several Ford vehicles I would want to drive.


Wow!! I would rather drive aa new Dodge car than a new Ford car...A Dodge Viper,Dodge Challenger,Dodge Charger even a Caliber SRT-4 would be a little blast!!!! And hey I own a 2003 Ford Mustang G.T and would drive a new Challenger before any new Ford car..

I think the trucks will still be Dodge Ram,this is the official Chrysler release,they do not mention a seperate Ram brand,but a Dodge Ram brand and Dodge car brand.


I think they need to focus on the vehicles, not the name badges they stick on them. Simple enough.

Charger and Challenger get old really fast. LOL at a Caliber. The Viper is ok for a sports car, but not for a daily driver. There is a reason why Dodge cars don't sell well and get low quality ratings.

I wonder if they aren't paving the way for a complete brand/manufacturing distancing from the truck and car line.

Dodge "Ram" is known for trucks and "blah, blah, blah" is the car line........effectively cleaving the previous Chrysler line apart, reducing the car line to foreign sourced and non-descript, while preserving the classic Dodge line as a pure truck brand. Basically, kill Dodge cars as you weld them into other car lines and make Dodge a truck maker only.

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