Update 2: Dodge Trucks To Be Separated From Cars Under Ram Brand

Dodge Trucks To Be Separated From Cars Under Ram Brand
Update #2 Oct-06-2009 06:37 PDT:

The official word from Chrysler is that there won't be any dealer changes as a result of creating the Dodge Ram and Dodge Car brand organizations.

"The whole point of [dealer consolidation] is to sell all brands under one roof, said Kathy Graham, a Chrysler spokeswoman. "Roughly 80 percent of our dealers now have all brands under one roof, moving to 100 percent."


Update #1 Oct-05-2009 20:44 PDT:
Car & Driver reports that "SUVs such as the Nitro and the next-generation Durango will fall under the purview of the Dodge Car brand."


It’s official. After weeks of rumors, Sergio Marchionne, managing director of Fiat and CEO of Chrysler, has officially announced that Dodge trucks will be separated from cars under the Dodge Ram brand.

“The brand-focused strategy has been refined further with the unbundling of the Dodge Brand which now consists of the Dodge Ram Brand and the Dodge Car Brand organizations,” Marchionne said. “This reorganization will allow us to protect and develop the unique nature of the product offerings within the Dodge Brand.”

The full vehicle split hasn’t been released yet, but the Ram nameplate is expected to be used for pickups, commercial vans and body-on-frame SUVs, while cars, minivans and crossovers will be sold under the Dodge cars badge.

Fred Diaz Jr. has been appointed President and CEO of the Dodge Ram brand. Diaz will also be the lead executive for the Ram sales organization in the U.S.; Diaz has been with the Chrysler since 1989.

For a company facing many tactical and strategic challenges, is splitting trucks from cars the right thing to do?


How does the Challenger or Charger get old fast?Just about everyone says the Challenger looks better than the Mustang...The Charger looks better than any Ford 4 door car...The Caliber SRT 280 hp 5.7 0-60 from a little car blows the doors off of just about every Ford ,I lost to one in 03 Mustang GT!!! As for quality they complain about the base models but upper models are very nicely built.I drove a new Challenger R/T way better quality than my Mustang..I know a owner of a trouble free 06 Hemi Charger 100k on it,heck my Stang had electrical gremlins since new,wipers,headlights flash..sorted out now but will be my last Ford...

The Dodge Ram trucks will still be a DODGE Ram!!!!!!!!


it was for business purposes retards...its actually pretty smart..bc now RAM just focuses on trucks and dodge focuses on just cars making it more productive

well put "half ton"

If that means they are going to take that ridiculous Ram's Head off of the front of that beautiful Dodge Challenger and put the lovely letters D O D G E in its place (just like the original back in the '70's) then all I can say is - HECK YEAH!!!

I like it.Fiat will hopefully improve the cars while the truck division is left to continue producing reliable trucks. And, if the Dodge car brand does not succeed, the truck division does not suffer the same fate.

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