Ford F-150 Named "Truck of Texas"

Ford F-150 Named
By Sue Mead

Ford was the big winner at this year’s Texas Truck Rodeo awards, with the F-150 half-ton pickup line winning top honors as the “Truck of Texas.” The 2010 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor off-road pickup took first place in the “Full-Size Truck of Texas” category and the 2010 Ford F-150 King Ranch SuperCrew was tapped as the “Luxury Pickup of Texas”, a stand-alone entrant in its category. The Blue Oval was also tapped for the "Top Feature," recognized for its Ford Works Solutions commercial productivity technology.

“We’re elated,” said Doug Scott, Ford truck group marketing manager, after receiving the news about Ford’s long list of top awards at this year’s TTR. “Texas is the biggest pickup market in the world and this event has some of the country’s most critical journalists. The awards resonate with consumers not only in Texas, but also across the country.” Scott is referring to the TAWA journalists; this year, 41 members attended the two-day event, driving a field of 17 trucks, vying for 7 truck class awards, with first, second and third place winners.

Ford also won the "Truck Line of Texas" award for its complete lineup of pickups, SUVs and crossovers.


How did Ford garner so many awards for its pickups and how does the Truck Rodeo award system work?

Think of it like the Grammy Awards, where different genres of music get their own award, like Best Country Album or Best Rock Album, but the top winner is awarded Album of the Year.

In the Texas Truck Rodeo, Full-Size Pickup Truck of Texas designates a specific class, as do Crossover of Texas and SUV of Texas, while Truck of Texas is considered the highest honor of all the vehicles TAWA tested.

“Truck of Texas is our highest honor,” said Harold Gunn, TAWA president. “It’s awarded by tallying each member’s choice of which model line is best. This year, it’s the F-150 line of pickups, which also won last year.”

Photo courtesy of Jeff Yip

Dodge also did well. Its pickups drove away with the first place “Heavy Duty Truck of Texas” award for its all-new 2010 Dodge Ram 3500, and the top Mid-Size Truck award for the 2010 Dodge Dakota Crew Cab TRX4. Dodge also won second place in the Top Feature category with its Ram Box innovation. Other truck makers, including GM, Toyota and Nissan took home awards, as well. The competition, that also includes all categories of SUVs and CUVs, pitted 17 trucks against each other.

"We're very proud our all-new Dodge Ram heavy duty pickup trucks were recognized by the Texas Auto Writers as the best heavy-duty trucks in the market in head-to-head competition and the Dodge Dakota as the best mid-size truck in its category," said Rick Deneau, director, product and brand communications. "Where better than Texas, the pickup truck capital of the U.S., for Dodge Ram trucks to receive this honor?"

“This year was the most ‘Texan’, of the Texas Truck Rodeos,” Gunn said. “It’s the best venue we’ve ever had,” he said, referring to the two-day driving event held at the 100-year-old Knibbe Ranch on the outskirts of San Antonio. “The narrow, two-lane Texas county roads, along with the ranch roads, comprised of dirt tracks, with gravel, mud and rocks are not fabricated. These roads and driving experiences duplicate the real day-to-day use of the vehicles we evaluate,” said the native Texan, who owns a ranch as well.

“It means a tremendous amount to the industry and we bend over backwards to make sure the playing field is level and the competition is fair,” Gunn said after the award announcements.

Want to see the full list of Texas Truck Rodeo entrants in each category? We've got them all.


glad to see dodge take home the hd award

No doubt Ford and Dodge are on top of the game right now. I assume the 2011 Ford Super Duty was ineligible this year?

it seems like the new trucks win this..example..last year the dodge 1500 won i the new fords win and the new dodge hd wins...anyways im also glad to see dodge win hd..wish they wuda won 1500 too..and the dakota is awesome hope they keep it..but maybe give it a direct injection v6..itd prbly help sales and fuel economy

@Alex: I believe the truck has to be on sale right now to enter the Texas Truck Rodeo. 2011 Super Duty won't be sold until Q1 or Q2 2010.

And were the hell was the Ram PowerWagon? In this case the Raptor hadn't any kind of serious competition! And if you people get stared to blame me because of the Raptor I'll just say, that I like this truck (it looks hell of a better than others F150, but Ford still builds the most awfully designed fronts-ends in full size trucks), it's cool and tough!

Jayson, F-150 also won last year...

“Truck of Texas is our highest honor,” said Harold Gunn, TAWA president. “It’s awarded by tallying each member’s choice of which model line is best. This year, it’s the F-150 line of pickups, which ALSO won last year.”


Also note, the Tundra didn't win squat.

This is like the 7th year in a row that the F-150 has won . F-150 won last year the year before and so on...nothing about it being new (actually it is the 2nd year of a refresh). It wins because the writers know best and how core truck buyers use their trucks.

Unlike Motor Trend who awards TOTY awards to any manufacturer based on how new their trucks are, not based on what that truck is capable of doing compared to other trucks in that segment, Truck of Texas is awared to the most capable, hardest working trucks every year, so thats why you see Ford running away with this every year there, NOT to please the readers with something suprising so they can sale more magazines. I can't stand Motor Trend and other major car and truck magazines because they simply can't publish good, honest writing and reviews anymore. When is the last time you saw back to back TOTY awarded to the same manufacturer in MT? F-150 should be getting it every year.

yeah i musta missed that part the 1st time..i just remember the ram 1500 winning some sorta award from texas last year...anyone know?...yeah i wish the pw woulda been there..but i wudnt compare it to the raptor..theyre different class and everything...funny how everyone says ford is so tough...weve owned one good ford all the others had alotta problems...maybe its just the ones we got lol who knows

wonder how much FORD paid them?

Wanna know why Ford won? Go down to the dealer, it's self evident.

i have been to the dealer and am not much impressed..ive also been to the mechanic shops and was impressed...with the number of fords in there lol

Wow! congrats Fort for winning the award "Truck Line of Texas" ! you really deserve it.. what else to say.. it's really superb!!!

wow this funny every time you test a ford whit other truck
are last ..try to understands ...take a ford gm and your test pull,go in the wood,don't be afraid test the pickup and you see ford is not in the front..


You're still a Moron.

Glad to see Ford did well and GM didnt.Heartbeat of America my as*.....
Congrats to Dodge as well,they need some good news and good press.

Nice to see Dodge getting some recognition. It'd be nice if their sales pick up in 2010. They really do make a good truck, but people refuse to see past the issues of yesterday. Funny, Ford and Chevy mistakes always end up long forgotten, but many insist on sucking lemons when it comes to a Chrysler product. Just my opinion.

@ Paul

I don't think Chevy can be the Heartbeat of anything anymore. Pacemakers don't count!!

frank your back i miss you so still puch your ford..

"the Dodge Dakota as the best mid-size truck in its category,"

Says who? I did not see a Toyota Tacoma lined up against the Dakota!!!

I see now how Dodge tries to sneak a victory when the Tacoma is not there...

The Tacoma is the premiere truck in its class! way tocoma is best in the class...even tho there wasnt much competition the dakota is definatly best in its shoulda stayed with its lil pick ups that accutually lasted

Atleast a American truck won it would be embarrasing for the whole state of Texas if Toyota and thier joke of a truck would have won or even worse Nissian. GO FORD, GO DODGE, GO GM

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