Ford Launches Comic Book Campaign For Overseas Ranger

Ford's Comic Book Ad Campaign For Overseas Ranger Draws Interest

Ford of Europe is kicking off a comic-book-inspired advertising campaign for the overseas version of the Ranger compact pickup. The print ads, created by Ogilvy Advertising, are in the breathless style of classic comic book covers from the 1940s and 1950s and were penned by artist Mark Thomas.

The three ads show the Ford Ranger salvaging a downed airplane from a stormy ocean, escaping a flooded jungle temple and capturing a giant ape that looks suspiciously like King Kong.

The recently updated Euro-Ranger shares only its name with the Ranger built for North America. It offers two diesel engines: The standard 2.5-liter TDCi engine is rated at 141 horsepower at 3,500 rpm and 243 pounds-feet of torque at 1,800 rpm, while the 3.0-liter is rated at 154 hp at 3,200 rpm and 280 pounds-feet of torque at 1,800 rpm.

Ford Ranger Pulling a Plane from the Ocean

Ford Ranger Escaping a Flooding Temple

Ford Ranger Capturing King Kong

[Source: Marketing Magazine]


wow theyre that bad that they have to use comics insteada the real thing? lol

I think these ADS are pretty entertaining..I Like it Ford.

I like the ads its a different approach. I like how each one seems to be pushing a different model/attribute of the vehicle the towing capacity of one of the diesel engines the off road capability in the middle one and what seems to be the wildtrack model in the bottom on

What a blast from the past! Great look. They look very authentic. Very cool.

Yeep, this model-year of the EU-Ranger has already reached some of the dealers in EU and it looks worse than the previous - I mean the look is eastern, so soft, that it doesn't even look tough, but If You like some Japanese trucks, You would probably like the new Ranger too. You can chose from three cabs configuration (single/extended/double) and two diesel-engines plus two transmissions but these are options ONLY in Limited+double cab versions - the rest is only with 2.5+manual gearbox. The price they're asking for it...Uh, better don't ask - You could get for the same money an optional geared full size truck in the USA! So if they're asking for it the same ridiculous price tag like here, I'd advice You rather to take the American Ranger - it's just a better truck for harder work.
The previous Ranger (kind'a European Explorer SportTrac)-factory versions looks:

I'm disappointed that they're just ads and not actual comic books. What if Ford could partner with a comic book publisher and sell (for cheap) comic books featuring their trucks? I think it would be a long-lasting campaign.

dakota much better...that aint no real mans truck lol

i agree yun dun mun..(? haha)...the dakota is much better in my opinion. better looking,better warranty(can you beat lifetime), and 7000lbs of towing wow(thats almost full size territory)...but i think they could do so much more with it..they should try downsizing the engine to increase fuel economy but while keepin same towing and itd be cool to see a small diesel in it..cummins makes engines for small tractors right? (bobcat) why not just put one of those in the dakota..itd be awesome

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