Is Chevrolet Considering a Raptor Fighter?


Is Chevrolet considering taking on the new 2010 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor high-performance off-road pickup? It appears they're at least thinking about it.

In a GM video posted on YouTube (see the :06 second mark), asking viewers to vote for their favorite Camaro graphics package for SEMA, a rendering of a 'Chevrolet Silverado Baja Off-Road Version' can be seen behind Adam Barry, Lead Creative Designer, GM Accessory Studio. The pickup features a high stance and six-spoke wheels that take us back in time to the 1988-98 four-wheel drive Chevrolet C/K.

We're eager to learn if this truck will be as capable as a Raptor or more like the Mopar Underground's Big Red Dodge Ram 1500 wheeler. Our sources say the truck is headed to SEMA. We'll be there too.

More details to come. Stay tuned.

[H/T to Adam Barrera and Chris Doane for the tips]


F'ken COPY CATS...... GM "Let's follow the Leader".

We all know it will suck anyways. But, by all means give a shot and become second best, wait third. It will be behind the Power Wagon.


im not a ford nor a chevy guy...but i dont think gm has a chance never buy one of their trucks anyway...and good thing they didnt try anything like the pwr wagon they woulda ended up even dummer looking haha...raptor has the baja and the pw has anywhere has that pile of crap on my lawn lol

It looks a little like the GMC Terradyne concept of 2000.

LOL!@ aj

The last thing GM needs to be making right now is niche vehicles. Stick with the Vette for now as it is a proven seller and get the rest of the line up back to profitability before they worry about making expensive low production vehicles. IIRC they already scrapped a HiPo version of the Camaro for this reason.

Looks awesome! Far better than that goofing looking front grill the Raptor is sporting. A company that can build the ZR-1 and CTS-V is certainly more than capable of building a Raptor competitor. That said I'm guessing this is just a design study for the next gen full-size and I'm digging it!

Wouldnt they have to ask Obama before they build that truck? Hello mother, hello father, we are bankrupt, and in a squander, wanna raptor, bama wont let us, i think we should just pack it in a sell to toyota! Thank you everyone Thank you

Hey Floor MAT,

Yeah Rite!!!!!

Recipe for failure...

Isnt it funny....GM coped the Ranchero (1957) with their El Camino(1959) and now they want to create a Raptor copy?
Ford should feel flattered that GM feels there is enough of a threat created by Raptor.(GM truck sales are falling fast,so they need to do something).

we no gm have a better program to build engine ..Wye they need to make a truck like ford .this is a small market..just wait for the next fuel crisis be ford did learn by the pass..and the next wave be bad for have a good truck just need a little upgrade ..

Yes it will be called the Tweety Bird , Obama approved .

big time fail gm, just like your government motor company so will this. gm has always copied ford. any1 notice how the 2007 series silverado combined the separating lights to make it look like the most succesful series of pick ups ever, the 2004 series f150.?. gm would not be a succes without ford because then they would have no success to copy, at least dodge has the interesting idea of the ram box.

Ford=Foundation Of Real Domination

-Christ Bless

Won't happen. It's a small niche in a sick economy and even smaller with the Raptor is already established there. Without even getting into the the likelihood of Government Motors being allowed to use bailout money to build a fun car for flyover country.

Which is a shame, because the GMT900 would probably be a better base to build one on. The F150 is a solid truck and the price of that is being 500 pounds heavier than a Silverado. And it drives like it.

I hope they do build it.

Chevy needs a "Halo" vehicle for their trucks and this could fill the ticket.

I think it should be a step side though.

GM has an inferiority complex and rightly so. They still need to learn how to make quality vehicles that people want to buy and quit wasting time and money on such nonsense. Its idiotic news like this that ensures GM will vanish in the next few years.

Chevy has been the leader in trucks for decades and the ford raptor is really a piece of junk all plastic with a motor, well at least it won't rust out in 2 years like every other ford. The vette already smokes the mustang so why not smoke the raptor?

Wow, It would be great - it isn't nothing wrong here, but real market competition! Ford has the Raptor, Dodge a PowerWagon and Chevy nothing adequate - I'm waiting impatient to see this off-road truck in 1:1 scale on SEMA!

WOW, lot's of GM hating on here. I can't see the video right now, but it doesn't matter. I'll never be able to afford anything they bring out anyway, lol. I would like to see them do the Z-71 right, instead of just skidplates, shocks, and rear locker. If they would add a 3" lift and bigger tires, basically like they did for the S-10 with the ZR2 package, plus e-lockers front and rear, and it would be a hit. Not much more expensive, but highly capable in a wide variety of off-road environments. You could do this yourself, but you would void your warranty. The Raptor seems to be good for desert running only, haven't seen squat on backwoods wheeling or mudding as far as it's concerned.
And for all the GM haters out there, my 95 Z-71 is all original with 210,000 miles, no rebuilds, so I don't exactly call that crap. Plus, Ford fanboys like to forget that Silverado and Sierra sales combined always beat the F-series in sales. You can whine all you want it doesn't count, but they're the same truck with a few different body panels. I don't care for the badge engineering myself, but the argument still stands. Ford's got (or had??) the Lincoln variant, go ahead, add those in, see what you get, Lmfao.......done? oh wait, still doesn't beat GM does it?

Chevy has been the leader in trucks for decades and the ford raptor is really a piece of junk all plastic with a motor, well at least it won't rust out in 2 years like every other ford. The vette already smokes the mustang so why not smoke the raptor? tj your an idiot, chevy has never been the leader in truck, chevy copys ford for yet the 50th time, chevy even have money to build any more, man they need to stop copying.

@nick: chevy the leader in trucks for decades???????? where have you been the last 33 years? the fseries leaders in every segment, then comes dodge then comes shetvy. and now your comparing mustang vs vette?? come on no one is that stupid, its an exotic piece of crap vs a muscle legend

@rick - No, man! Please don't tell GM to do that. That's all they've been giving us in these concept trucks, ALL cosmetic, wheels flairs, 3" lift PLEASE, give us something really USEABLE, like REAL LONG TRAVEL SUSPENSION like the Raptor has. None of these junky little lifts. Remember the original cladded avalanche, it was a disaster of plastic cladding and fenders. Cut out all that crap, give us clean lines of sheet metal, and some real long travel suspension that will actually make the truck ride better over the rough stuff.

And this is coming from a lifetime GM-only owner....Who is seriously considering the Raptor as his next truck!

Give it time and we will soon see the Raptor driving on backwoods.

To whom ever compared the Mustang to a Corvette is cleary a f'ken idiot.

Also, refer to the "Bring it On" forum and you'll see a former GM/H2 owner praising the Raptor. He has a Raptor and will tell how it is the "real deal".


With CAFE right around the corner I doubt you will see anything like this from GM. I have owned GM trucks all my life. Never had one fail and leave me on the side of the road. I currently own a S10 ZR2.

Looking at the pickture I doubt you can say this is a raptor competitor. Baja is not for 20" rims.

Having said that, I have been following the Raptor since it was first reported and I am seriously considering a Ford purchase for the first time. It truly is a beast of a truck having seen a few of them on the road already. Just waiting to hear about the reliability and also waiting for the Boss engine to become available.

This time next year I might just have one in my drive way.

Chevy has been the leader in trucks for decades and the ford raptor is really a piece of junk all plastic with a motor, well at least it won't rust out in 2 years like every other ford. The vette already smokes the mustang so why not smoke the raptor? - TJ .
It looks like you haven't read any of the Raptor tests or seen the videos. There is a hardcore suspension under those big fenders. It is the only 2010 Ford F150 model that has looks that I like.
How can you compare a Mustang to a Corvette??? Try comparing the Corevette to the Ford GT ( mid engined sports car not Mustang trim level!!!)
I'd buy a GMC if it wasn't called "Government Motors". If GM/Chev are so great they wouldn't of gone crawling to the government. Correction they did not crawl - they showed up in their corporate jet.

gm always sold more truck and car..Wye ford people are the only one don't understand need to play smart,raptor is only good for a small the border and the one like to have fun ..sandy place.....Wye be crazy about something you never hear after all...short life for the raptor..

I do hope GM builds a Raptor competitor. Look at all the time and effort put into the Raptor. Since GM has a lot of tax dollars behind 'em, perhaps they can come up with something!

MOST special niche vehicles have short lives. That makes them special. The few people who want one, buy one. Then there's the people who will buy the vanilla trucks by the millions. Not everyone wants to pay the extra cheddar for more capability, it depends on their wants and desires. I LIKE it! My only desire is a telescoping steering column, that's all, period. The rest of the truck rocks. If GM can even come close, they may sell some. Right now, they got bupkis. The Raptor has no competition. Nothing goes as fast off road, period.

I haven't owned a Ford in almost 20 years. Recent events, and this hot truck swayed me. Looking at the sales figures, I'm not alone.

These arguments are just stupid.
1. Whichever company sells more, should tell me which one is better, and I should sign up and buy something just because more people are buying them? Pathetic! IF that was a motivator, I would be deliberately going for the underdog.

2. The bailout thing. Why would that persuade me one way or another? If the product is good, why not support the company that made it, and help them succeed again.

Well I would just buy whatever I think is best at the time. I feel sorry for anybody that only considers one brand of vehicle. I like the 2011 Fords at the moment, and then Dodge second. But if I honestly thought the GM was the best truck. I would consider getting that. I wouldn't be trying to tear it apart if it was really a good thing. I want GM to get back on its feet again and succeed.

I had a '95 Chev K1500 W/T - best truck I ever owned. 10 years with no major problems. Then I bought a 05' GMC; vehicles like this are the reason GM went broke. It was as unreliable as it was beautiful. It was hard to believe the same company and the same plant (Ft. Wayne) built both trucks. Plastic front bumper-junk. Instrument cluster-junk. Transmission & drivetrain-junk. Steering column-junk. Heater fan control-junk. "Normal" piston slap-junk. After 2 years and 30,000 miles the truck felt like it had spent 50 years off road. It had more rattles and clunks than a paintcan full of gravel.

GM needs to get their head outta their @$$ and forget flashy trucks that have dimestore engineering. Figure out how to make strong & reliable engines and drivetrains and components that aren't cut to the bone to save pennies. They'll have to make one hell of a lot of improvements and be around for a few years before they'll ever see another dollar from me.

Chevrolet outsells Ford in the 1/2 ton market! Ford's claim is that they have the top selling "F series" which includes the Heavy Duty market, which Ford pretty much owns. They don't separate the 1/2 tons from the Heavy Duty sales figures which is misleading when you're watching a commercial for an F-150! It's the old bait and switch gimmick that Ford uses to make you believe that their F-150 is the top selling truck when it hasn't always been like they claim. Stupid Ford homers!

It's true that if you put Chev and GM pickups together they would out sell Ford.
The people who buy them regard GMC and Chev P/U's as different vehicles.
There was a survey posted in this site asking who'd you go to if your truck brand was gone. The results show:
if Chev "died" 34 % would buy a GMC, 25% Ford, 19% Dodge, and 18 % Toyota.
It seems GMC truck owners are more loyal overall - If GMC folded 52 % would buy a Chev, 22% a Ford, 10% Toyota, and 7% Dodge.
You can argue that they are the same truck but people don't see it that way.
I read a test of all the 1/2 ton pickups and they where surprised at how the GMC and Chev p/u's differed in power, handling and ride.

your all idiots ford barely out sells ford, GM Sucks!

We all know FORD equals F*@d on recent deal.
Yeah yeah sales leader 33 years in a row b/c your junk doesn't last. 150 is goofy and Bill Ford won't produce light diesel so he won't kill SD sales.
Talk about mustang looks an awful lot like the real legend Camaro. Just ask the @$$ ugly 80-85 mustang.

Will Dawg is that your name or sexual preference. Toyota makes better trucks than Chevy. Ford is better too. Camaro was first made in response to Mustang success. The recent Camaro was also made in response to the new Mustang's success. If Government Motors makes a Raptor competitor(sic) it will again be trying to copt Ford's success.

Iam a die hard gm fan but i have to say this truck is bad ass i may just go ford on this one but iam going to wait it out to see if gm does come out with something like the ford raptor and question why are they useing a 6.2 ltr i thought that was a gm motor

I dont see what the big hype is about the raptor. Yes it 7 inches wider is stance than then base trucks. But its only 2 inchs higher and they looked for other sources for the suspension such as fox, dont get me worng shock is a great shock and I dont blame ford for going with them. Also it only has a 6000 pound tow load copasity as well as only 1000lbs bed capasity. doesnt impress me. I would just buy a standard chevy and put a long arm kit on it and be done with it.

But as far as this following the leader thing is crap. I just find it funny that camaro can retire for 8 years and come back and still has the upper hand on mustang.

Chevy rocks!!....
it would be awesome if they did do it....but they should stay away from the "baja" something different but equal and greater in performance........

the old C/K 88-98 was the best chevy body style

jajajaja!!...i just hate Found On Road Dead so much...they suck!!..

just have to wait to see what they will come up with...

in the other hand i havent heard anything from DODGE....




=1994 chevrolet Cheyenne K2500
=2006 Dodge Ram 1500 Big Horn edition

It wouldn't be entirely pointless for GM to build a "baja" truck, but it certainly is a tiny niche. Now, last time I checked, when sales are counted for the "F-Series", they include F150-F550", so of course they are going to outsell silverado and sierra when there are only 3 of each.

Now when it comes down to performance, Ford still has nothing on GM unless they bolt on a blower to GET horsepower. Example: You mustang guys have a joke of a car, especially when the V6 that is in the camaro can put up HP numbers close to the 4.6.

I've owned Ford trucks, I've owned GM trucks... I'll stick with GM.

i'm glade gm is making it i have a 02 Z71 and i love it i also have a 01 F350 dully with the 7.3 which is the best diesel ford ever made they were stupid to stop making it so i'm a chevy girl and a ford girl i like chevy on somethings and i like ford on somethings.

What a bunch of haters! Just because you like a particualr brand doesn't mean you can't enjoy what the others are doing and it's junk, your opinion is one, not many. That truck is PURE BADASS, for one, it has 550hp...the Raptor would get blown off the map along with the Power Wagon's fat ass. The Power Wagon has a good motor, a shitty transmission, decent set of tires (still small), a cheap winch, and some sway bar disconnects, as well as the ugliest damn graphics on earth that I would take a heat gun to first thing. Plus without a diesel a 2500 is junk no matter what. And guess what? I own a Ram 1500 on 37's, still think is a good truck and looks great, but no production vehicle Dodge makes could compete with this. Also, the Raptor might as well have been a 2wd, it's motor still isn't that impressive, and 550hp would embarass the ugliest truck of the bunch, the Raptor looks like a toy with some vinyl graphics on it. The wheels look like cheap and shitty as well as small, and just because it can jump two hills without tearing up doesn't impress me, it's still a Ford and will require steering work within 30,000 miles or the damn thing can't be held in the road. You lead a Ford, not drive it. Plus, every Ford I ever seen good looking on the interior or not, had the cheapest parts on earth on the inside that required replacement if you touched them more than twice a day (knobs, setero buttons, etc.). So before everybody yaps off who deosn't even own a truck as nice as this one should be quiet if they don't have any constructive criticism and go drool over the trucks they want because the aveo they were approved for just doesn't get it...."if you don't have anyone to hate on, feel free to hate on me...."

Ok Lets make one bigger faster better that uses more and use much more fuel so we can make the Arabs rich so they will give the people who hate us more money so they will come and take our country over. BUY BIG and FUND TERRORISM.

I would like to see gm make one that is Just as fun that uses much less fuel and still as fun as the ford. A 6.2 gas hog is not cutting it for me. How about a boost nob turbo 4 cyl. That is lighter and has power and economy on demand. Or a new technology diesel that is fun and fast with similar suspension.

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