Power Ratings For Mahindra TR Series Pickups Released

Power Ratings For Mahindra TR Series Pickups Released

Global Vehicles U.S.A., the U.S. distributor for India's Mahindra & Mahindra, has released final power figures for the new 2010 TR20 regular cab and TR40 crew cab midsize diesel pickups. The TR Series' four-cylinder 2.2-liter mHawk turbodiesel engine will crank out 140 horsepower and 236 lbs.-ft. of torque.

The output numbers appeared in a downloadable brochure that also touts Mahindra's pickup as "The Biggest Little Truck In The World," with a payload rating of up to 2,765 pounds, up to 30 mpg highway fuel economy and a four-year/60,000-mile bumper-to-bumper warranty.

[Source: Mahindra NA via Mahindra Planet]


The numbers look good, but the same can't be said for its design, or lack there-of. "The Ugliest Little Truck In The World" is what their brochure should read.

Agreed. Ugly.

Sorry, but it is not that much ugly, and it is not a fashion statement car - it is just a truck - it does look like a truck.

Yes it looks like a truck.

As the Smart car looks like a car,its just a car.

And they are both real UGLY !!!!

Hey, I'm ugly so I can have an ugly truck. I like it.

(I was so ugly as a child my mom fed me with a slingshot)

Ugly? Who cares! Who are all these "Truck lovers" that care about looks so much? isn't the point if it can perform or exceed expectations of a compact pick up? 30 mpg...7.5' pan.. it should be able to haul a**. what more do u want from a compact truck?
Maybe we should take a caddy and chop it down so we can have a pretty pick up for all you tough critics out there.

This thing is screaming for some enterprising company to make restyling body parts for it.The Indians can sell it to us,the Taiwanese can restyle it.

If you don't care about looks, ok, how about quality, build quality, safety, handling, cost, etc. The truck is a joke.

go car based pickups (utes) more fun when u want it (on road, not offroading) as well as good looks.

here are the two vehicles GM needs to add to their SS market....


btw, u need to wait till 5 mins in to see the pickup,

trust me its worth it

HA!!! The power ratings make me laugh! The 4.3L V-6 in a 1991 chevy S-10 was 160 HP and 250 lb./ft. of torque! I'm all for diesels, but, the payload itself will kill that little truck! I've been waiting for this truck to come out to see what it's like, now, I'm just dissapointed. That's my rant.

Aussie, this is Pickuptrucks.com - not Aussieutes.com Commodore utes are useless for doing actual work, only good for doing burnouts.
The Mahindra is ugly, unsafe, gutless,... but I'm sure, more useful than a Commodore ute.

I agree with some of You guys - this truck won't win the beauty-contest, because it's only a redesigned Jeep Comanche, which was classic angular, edgy - simple designed for it's production time (1986-92). Now, when Mahindra is coming with something ALL-NEW, it isn't really new only refreshed, but that's a wrong combination of classic edges with new streamline front-end. The only advantage of this truck is its diesel engine nad performance - the final, crucial point about Mahindra's success question would be the price tag? Starting price about 22k Bucks is way to much for actually good diesel engine and vintage technology - this brand has no or poor image in other West-countries. So the decision is on Your side... I would take a classic youngtimer Jeep Comanche - at least it's now cheaper, proven and has a good image .

As ugly as this little rollerskate is, people will still buy it for the same reason as a Smart car purchase. It makes a statement. I don't know what their statement is, but that's why people will buy it.

Come on guys give India some credit...US-built pickups may be more advanced in design and features than India, but this truck design is relatively new to them...and foreign vehicles usually don't look as new as the ones you see in the US. However in my opinion all the better-looking compact/midsize pickups (ie Toyota Hi-lux) are not sold in the US. Maybe the next-generation Mahindra TR will be designed and built in the US.

Hey guys ...

- 30+ MPG while getting 140 horsepower and 236 lbs.-ft. of torque
- Mid-$20K price point
- Distinctive styling (the photo above is from a past model year)

If Chevy could do this ... GM wouldn't have gone bankrupt!

Mahindra has proven its durability with their tractors (#4 market share in the USA marketplace). They've benchmarked with folks like J. D. Powers in order to ensure quality and styling appropriate for the USA marketplace.

I'm eagerly awaiting seeing a USA-spec vehicle up close!

It's a truck with exceptional payload (for a small truck) very good fuel economy. As for the quality only time will tell. (quality will be better than japanese when they started to sell 40 years ago)

Anything on the market will sell some people buy weird cars or trucks (nissan cube, honda element, kia soul,pacer.aztech,etc..)

As for myself I stick with good old American iron. (I'm Canadian)

Mid $20,000 price range !!!!! Thats probably $30,000 + Canadian !!!!

Under $15,000 they might have a chance !!

Hell ,you can buy a Ford F-150 crew here for mid 20's !!!!or GM even a Dodge Quad cab HEMI ST under $30,000 who the hell would buy one of these for $25,000+taxes,fee's ect.CRAZY !!!!!Thats why the Dodge Dakota doesnt get many sales, its priced a few thousand less than a full size !!!

Ugly or not, given the size and features this truck has expect to see a lot of them on the off-rod trails.

I have seen this truck on I-95 rolling at 80+ MPH
A payload rating of up to 2,765 pounds is awsome! That load will flatten your S-10 and lift the front tires off the ground of your F-150. Towing capacity is 7,000 LBS. I viewed this unit up close. It comes with a 6 speed automatic, power everything. Clean burning diesel that is quite and smoke free. It looks strange, I'll give you that, but so did every Hyundai, KIA, and Scion. If you are looking for truck that has great mileage, city friendly and easy to park (un-like my GMC a.k.a. "The Bus")
and can be a 'truck' when needed, it is worth a look.

Mahindra started out building WWII type Jeeps under license, and their vehicles still look a lot like Jeeps. That's the way they like them to look. Jeep fans like the way they look too. Personally I'm hoping it's not too long until they start selling the hybrid-diesel Scorpio, which looks like what Jeep should have done with its Liberty CRD instead of dropping it.

Looks like a golf cart with a bed.

The 2.2L diesel engine hp/tq numbers are quite reasonable. And versus a 4.3L gas engine with crappy fuel economy and no load carrying ability? No comparison!! Unfortunately, the poorly designd s10 is all GM has to compare with.

I hope it does well on it's initial release.

Well, a guy reviewing one back awhile said when he looked under it he thought he was looking at a tractor. God I love that kind of talk.

I, would buy a used Ram or even a Dakota 1st!. At least they are proven to be reliable, and also have more room inside. I wish them well but in the pickup truck market its going to be tuff. Look at Toyota and the Tundra. Its has not taken off like they would of hoped. It wont be easy.

Reliable??? How many times has Chrysler/Dodge gone bankrupt in the last few decades. Two. How many times for Mahindra in the same period? None. Maybe the fact that Dodge can't make the cars people want to buy make Mahindr a smarter, more reliable company.

The idea that this vehicle should sell for less than 15k is just unreasonable.
I will agree that mid 20s is just as crazy but sub 15k is just stupid.

Am I the only one who understands this truck? I commute 60 miles a day. I am a truck guy at heart, but I commute in a Saturn because it gets nearly 40 miles per gallon on my commute. When I'm not in the Saturn I ride a Kawasaki KLR650 that gets over 50 miles per gallon. The Saturn has over 200k miles on it and will probably need replaced soon. I guess I could pick up a small truck from Ford, Dodge, or GM that gets 30mpg and has much better aesthetics than the Mahindra...oh...wait a minute...no one else sells a small truck in the US that gets 30mpg. When a vehicle has a few vital characteristics that nothing else has, what it looks like becomes less of an issue. Think Dodge/Freightline Sprinter Van and Ford TransitConnect.

You are the only one. First of all, it is not just aesthetics or MPG's but we will focus on that for this post.

Minhandra's 30 mpg on diesel is only marginally better than the antique Ranger with 27 mpg on regular gas which is due to be replaced by a significantly more efficient one shortly after the Mahindra hits the shores in the US.

Even if you assume that the Mahindra actually hits the shore stateside on the most recent "It's coming, trust us!!" date of Feb., they've got what? maybe a year before the Ranger hits offering (probably) comparable or better economy and an all around better package at a better price.

So, how is this going to work for Mahindra?

Looks more like a "Land Rover" pickup...Think LR2/Discovery.

30mpg and 2700+ payload!!! Yeah baby...that is what I am talking about.

I am not going to buy one, but it gives me some insight as to what FORD might do with its 4.4L diesel planned in the F150 base. Come on FORD...

Way to go Mahindra!!! Get the ball started...and FORD is sure to move forward with its 4.4L diesel.

Its about as good looking as a Tacoma but far more useful with a 7.5 foot bed .

Would someone just tell me when they are going to be here and available so that we can atleast look at them?

December 22, 2012

The trucks are scheduled to go on sale in February 2010 ...

I like the idea of pulling up next to an f250 and loading 2500lbs of brick in this little truck... people are hungry for a small fuel efficient truck that functions... turn this diesel into a hybrid diesel with a 110 and a 220 outlet that can run a small welder and it would be the ultimate work horse.

I like it, and can't wait to buy one to replace my bloated Tacoma.

This is a real work truck. it's not going to appeal to the poser truckers. But for anyone wanting to load up and run cheaply to job site, this little truck looks very interesting. Just wonder what they will really sell for.

Who cares if it's ugly. Not 1 US built pickup gets that kind of fuel mileage and haul that kind of payload for it's size. I want one due to fuel economy and it's payload. GM and Ford eat your hearts out.

2,765 pound payload capacity!? That blows the competition.

With that number in mind, who care about looks! And let’s not forget that fuel efficiency. Bring it on Mahindra – showing the Big Three the right way: building simple, compact and rugged pickups that deliver.

The S-10 is a turd 15 MPG city, 20 Hwy, that's like my Ridgeline but without the power, ride, room and utility. My previous truck a Dodge Cummins 2500 5.9 would get 23 MPG on the Hwy but needed 3000 pounds in the bed to ride like the Ridgeline, I wish my Honda had a Diesel, but will wait to see who produces the compact Diesel I will buy. i need more M'sPG

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