Ford F-150 Voted Best Texas Edition Pickup By PUTC Readers

We have a winner!

More than 26,000 votes were tallied during the 2009 State Fair of Texas to determine the Best Texas Edition Pickup and y'all chose the Ford F-150 Texas Edition.

The F-150 received 14,400 votes, followed by the Chevy Silverado 1500 Texas Edition, Dodge Ram 1500 Texas Lone Star Edition and the Nissan Texas Titan. Only manufacturers who market a special edition truck for the Texas truck market were included in the online poll. Texas is the biggest truck market in the country.

Click through to see the full results of the voting.

Thanks to everyone who participated. We'll see y'all again next year at the 2010 State Fair of Texas.


And to think,GMC had a stepside "Amarillo" package back in the late 70s.

What,no Toyota Texas Tundra TRD?

@Paul: Toyota no longer makes a Texas edition Tundra.

Yes but when do we find out about the best Southeastern Delaware edition truck? On pins and needles.

You won't find a Texas edition in any other state unless a Texan is driving it. Ego's in Texas are 1000x's greater than IQ's. in Texas.

They have Oklahoma Editions too.

Are you saying are egos are 168000? What scale is that based off of?

what is the difference between a ford f-150 and f-150 texas edition

Its not about egos. It states, TX is the biggest truck market. So why wouldn't the manufacturer market to "Texas"?

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