SEMA Preview: Hellwig Ford F-150 Baja Moto Chase Truck

Hellwig Ford F-150 Baja Moto Chase Truck

Aftermarket suspension component company Hellwig is creating what it calls the ultimate off-road chase rig for Baja’s motorcycle racers for this year’s SEMA Show.

The Hellwig 2009 Ford F-150 Baja Moto Chase Truck will be a fully functional mobile garage, troop carrier and equipment hauler that’s built to deliver support and repairs in the toughest terrain.

According to Melanie White, Hellwig’s marketing spokeswoman, the emphasis for this concept vehicle will be on off-road handling performance, agility, rough terrain capability and race support.

“We will be able to sustain the support team/pit crew and racer with food and water,” White said, “while carrying all the necessary parts and supplies to fully pit and field repair race bikes.”

The base truck is a capable F-150 FX4 SuperCrew with a rear GKN electric locker. Hellwig’s product development team is developing new adjustable front and rear sway-bars that feature specially formulated polyurethane suspension isolators and high performance chassis link systems. In back, leaf spring stabilizers will be integrated in to the rear suspension to dampen axle wrap and improve traction. Rolling stock will feature 35-inch Dick Cepek tires and 20-inch Torque wheels from Performance Wheels along with R&D multi-piston stainless steel disc brakes. Hellwig will use Skyjacker shocks and a Gale Banks cat-back exhaust kit and ECU performance chip will be added to improve engine note and enhance engine performance.

Other equipment that will be added to transform the FX4 includes a Warn Winch, Lund motorcycle ramp, Husky floor mats, Bushwacker fender flares, Optima batteries, ACRO off-road and work/utility lights, All-Pro Fire and Safety fire extinguishers, a K&N cold air intake, Carr Products side steps, a Smitty Built portable air compressor system, a Baja roof rack and Hellwig fabricated front bumper and skid plate.

After SEMA, the Hellwig Baja Moto Chase Truck will head to Easter Jeep Safari in Moab, and then it’s off provide support during the District 37 Desert Series motorcycle races and the Baja 500.


I hate to poke fun here because you people get insulted so easily. However, the front of that Ford looks like the front of my '96 T-100.
I was snickering for hours after I saw that picture.

Coyote: you keep telling yourself that and maybe in your own little world the Totoyas can catch up to the Ford Trucks!

because in the real world it's just not going to happen!
(i.e. where did all the taunting Tundra TV commercials go? i am sure they put an end to the F series reign!)

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