SEMA Preview: Superlift Suspension Systems Hot Wheels Ford F-150

SEMA Preview: Superlift Suspension Systems Hot Wheels Ford F-150

Some of us first fell in love with pickup trucks as kids, playing with Hot Wheels versions of our favorite rigs, while others got the bug customizing real trucks for work and recreation. What if you could combine those loves? That’s what the lucky crew at Superlift Suspension Systems has been doing this year.

Superlift Suspension Systems is one of the largest off-road suspension companies in the industry that produces aftermarket and OEM spring and shock packages, leveling and lift kits and other custom accessories.

What started as a special Superlift variant 1:64 scale Hot Wheels Ford F-150 toy that went on sale this summer has also turned into a 1:1 replica that will debut next month at SEMA, with looks that are sure to turn heads -- of all ages -- in its direction.

As we’d expect, the suspension changes include Superlift’s Dual Superide SS front and rear shock absorbers, a 6-inch suspension lift and front steering stabilizer kit. Wheels and tires are American Outlaw 20x9-inch Colt rims with BF Goodrich 35x12.50R20 Mud Terrain KMII rolling stock.

Mattel Hot Wheels Superlift Ford F-150
Computer renderings of the 1:64 scale toy to compare to the preview rendering (top) of the truck headed to SEMA.

The exterior features custom “Hot Wheels” graphics that mirror the design used for the toy truck, plus Bushwacker body gear and fender flares, a Roll-N-Lock bed cover and AMP Research power side steps.

Inside, there’s a custom stereo system by Kicker Audio/Stillwater Designs with 6.5-inch component speakers, 10-inch CVT subwoofers and ZX amplifiers. The seats are skinned with tan-and-blue leather by Road Wire.

Finally, the powertrain has been updated with a MagnaFlow cat-back exhaust and AirAid Cold Air Intake and air filter.

We’ll have live pictures and more info about the Superlift Hot Wheels F-150 next month when we see it at SEMA.

Mattel Hot Wheels Superlift Ford F-150


wow pickup truck you have no more good subject to talk about..

sweet i have that truck

Fords Rule! kids love the fords, hauling all the dirty loads.

@miath Did this story not involve a truck and correct me if I am wrong but the name of the website is So seems to me that they are doing their job!!

Mike Levine,
When is the F-150 getting a remodel?

Back in March you wrote, "The 2012 F-150 will have all-new sheetmetal, and we're expecting major changes to the frame for weight savings and manufacturing flexibility (more on this item another time). "

Does this still stand and does 2012 mean model year or calendar year?

@Mark: Last year, Peter Horbury, Ford's design director at the time, said all models would receive major redesigns every 3 years. Yes, I still expect a big update for the 2012 F-150.

I would say: Big toys for big boys! A propos redesign - can't wait for a new F150 with not so awful front-end...

Aron the Ford and Dodge front end looks way better than the Chevy and Toyota... LOL

fords still gay so is toyota and chevy

@Ryan: Design is a matter of personal taste (Did I say dodge looks bad?)! I don't like only the actual Ford's front-end - Chevy & Dodge are cool! Toyota and other Japs don't interest me (I prefer US cars) and don't like their soft design too.

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