Spied! 2011 GMC Sierra Heavy Duty Pickup Truck

Spied! 2011 GMC Sierra Heavy Duty
Picture by Chris Doane for Brenda Priddy & Company

Our spies have caught a lightly-disguised 2011 GMC Sierra Heavy Duty pickup out and about, showing off its new three-bar perforated grille that shares styling with the 2010 GMC Terrain midsize crossover. The rest of the sheetmetal is expected to remain close in appearance to the current Sierra three-quarter-ton and one-ton haulers.

The Sierra HD, along with its GM corporate twin, the Chevrolet Silverado Heavy Duty, will also feature an all-new chassis and a next-generation 6.6-liter 'LML' Duramax V-8 clean diesel engine, plus new wheels.

The 2011 GMC Sierra HD pickup is expected to start production in 2Q 2010.


I was expecting for more of an update than that. At least put the power mirrors on like Ford has. Thanks Mike. I am looking forward to reading the Heavy Duty shootout for all the new trucks.

Performance ? We can but wait.

Styling ? BORING ! What is this, a Monday morning/Friday afternoon job ?


Those are the goofiest looking mirrors I ever did see.

I wouldn't expect anything exciting in sheetmetal redesign with the Government running the show. Until GM can get their finances in alingment and send the Government packing, it will be conservative changes at best. Tooling costs (especially sheetmetal dies) are the last thing they want to deal with.

what happened to allthat talk about increase HP and torque? I guess FORD's got that lead and won on that aspect?

Those big mirrors are necessary for the HD truck. There are other mirror options available if you decide you don't like those.

As for design changes on the trucks. Look at GMs history. They don't change styling very often. I don't think it has anything to do with the Government. Besides, it won't be long before the IPO.

leftlanenews "sources"say this is supposed to have over 700lbs of torque...but oh well..even if it had a 1000 i wouldnt go near a gm truck


Uhh, the Buick Lacrosse want's it's tires back. Do you mind!!!!

Those tires are hideous.

I'm with houdini, I wont even touch it with a 200ft pole

Absolutely Hideous Looking !!!!!!


Big mirrors are needed but these are pretty weak.

I'm guessing the guys calling this ugly are the same guys who think the new Super-Duty looks good. Have you ever heard the saying "blind in one eye and can't see out of the other". Why do the Ford fan-boys always sound like 3rd graders?

Is it me, or is the bottom of that valanc taped on? Wonder what they're hiding...


What are you talking about. GM uses tape on their truck. I thought you knew that.

Floor Matt,

Awww yes, the irony.

I would take any truck except Dodge/GM. Thanks, run along TROLL. And arent you the floor matt on Autoblog dissing everything FORD makes. Hater!!!!

Gee I wonder if the Kodiak/TopKick are returning as a Silverado/Sierra cab. The one that GM discontinued was based on the Express/Savana van cab.

this is a real man truck..

That thing shows no styling expression at all.Its plain vanilla.What would you expect from "Generic Motors"...??

Nice looking truck (best looking HD truck) too bad it still has the Chevy LUV front suspension under it = FAIL , its made for the smoothest roads on Earth apparently , Ford will still spank it on road or off .

As soon as you boys grow up you'll learn 3 things. 1. Girls are more fun than nintendo and. 2. Real men drive General Motors Trucks. 3. Just how beautiful this truck is.

Frank, you clearly have me confused with someone else. Since you are calling me Floor Matt, can I call you Oscar Meyer?

Too funny. Seems that the Ford guys realize what a mess the 2011 Super Duty is, so they bash this GMC. I think the new Jimmy looks good, not over the top cartoonish like the Ford. Mirrors do look cheap though. As for the chassis, wait and see before you criticize.

Of the gm trucks I have always liked the gmc. It seems like gm is trying to kill off another brand with this stying. Its so ugly there is no possible way that this is the production spec truck. If it is well then look for more plant closures and layoffs and the end for the gmc brand.

Why do the Chevy boys feel that they need to criticize people who hate it. So you like it, just say you like it. I think it is underwhelming. Personally I like the Ford, deal with it. The only thing I don't like about the Ford is the ancient door skins. So given the choice, I would take the Ford. Not because I think the Ford is perfect, I just think it's better than the Chevy. What do I currently drive? A Chevy. Not brand biased.

I definitely prefer the Dodge and Ford designs to this. For some reason this truck just looks cheap to me. Like they went 90% and then just gave up.

Does it in American auto market mess-time have sense building a Silverado copy? My point is, that GM should long ago kill the GMC also boring Buick, but leave Pontiac alive - do people really need even more luxurious Chevy trucks? This new grille isn't the latest trend but looks a bit Ford like (I'm not a brand guy)...

If it wasn't for FORD, GM would not exist. They copy everything from FORD.

Matt, the only Oscar Meyer you should be referring to is the one stuck up in your ying yang.

Hey Frank, apparently that Oscar Meyer is up your "ying yang" seeing how you immediately attacked with grade school names. It must really piss you off that I don't say my prayers to the mighty Ford at night. Get over it!

Matt got owned.

owned? Is this a competition to you? If so you are giving yourself far too much credit.

Well...Being a fan of GM trucks for years...I think GM is waaayyy over due for a major body style change not just slap on new front clip and call it "new"...Lets face it...this body style is old and very boring..I have to say I like the looks of the new Ford F-250's much better..If your going to keep up with Ford and Dodge get rid of that ancient body style.

Tom, I think you have your trucks confused. The Silverado/Sierra body-style was all new in 07. The F-250 on the other hand has had the same basic body-style since 99. They are the masters of slapping on a different front clip and calling it new. That said I do think that GM could benefit from giving their trucks a little more exterior refinement.

what do you want,,looking good and be the last to pull.or looking so so but in the front whit your trailer,,,,ma by that Wye ford is not so good to pull..but is looking good..

GM copies Ford?! For what I remember, Ford copied GM. GM was the first to offer a third door on the extended cab, which Ford copied when they came out with the redesigned F150 for 1997. And Ford also went from an I-beam front suspension to an IFS on the 1997 F150 as well, which alot of diehard Ford truckers didn't care for.

how is this an anciet body style, this body style was introduced in 2007. i rather have this gmc or silverado hd than a ford or dodge, but thats just me. besides the 6.6L duramax makes more horsepower and torque than the competition. stats: 365 hp, and 660 ft.lbs.

Yes 10HP more than the current Ford. But that doesn't tell you anything about how much more low end turbo lag the Duramax has over the 6.4L Powerstroke. The 6.4 just bites in early, with no noticeable lag. The 6.6 needs a little bit of a windup then it kicks in. That's my observations anyway.

Yet another rolling junk pile from GM. Not going to lie to anyone, I prefer Ford trucks, but this effort at a redesign is lame..even for the boys at General Mediocrity. They need to strike out in a new direction, like they did in the late 80's. those trucks were cool. great looking and the exhaust sounded nice too.

Those headlights look too small with those macho bumpers. Ford on the other hand gave the Super Duty the "Chevy Colorado" treatment with those "SuperLarge" headlights. Since they're not offering manual tranny they should put a manual shift option on the auto. GM should have updated more than the chassis and engine...

what happend to those cool power retracting mirrors they use to put on there HD trucks?? I swear GM gets cheaper by the day...Such an extensive face lift....good thing they disguised it!

I have been a chevy/gmc owner all of my 46 years of living in this once great country, known as the USA. My parents and grand parents were also loyal to GM.

However, while the Federal Government has been slowly taking over our civil rights they are now trying to disolve our good taste with plain, simple, boring, UGLY trucks. With the Feds in charge of GM...MY NEXT TRUCK WILL BE A FORD!


WOW. They may as well go ahead and shove a blue oval in the center of that grill and call it a super duty because that's EXACTLY what this looks like. And not only is it a shameless horrible imitation of a super duty, it's a shameless horrible imitation of a NINETY NINE model with DODGE RAM TAILLIGHTS. GM is having a terrible identity crisis with their trucks and it's disgusting.

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