Video: 2011 Ford Super Duty Surprises At Diesel Truck Pull

Video: 2011 Ford Super Duty Surprises At Diesel Truck Pull

It was just last month that we covered the debut of the new 2011 Ford F-Series Super Duty at the State Fair of Texas. Ford is still mum about final power figures for its all-new 6.7-liter Power Stroke V-8 turbodiesel that's under its hood -- we expect them to be more than 390 horsepower and 720 lbs.-ft. of torque -- but that's not stopping the company from showing off how strong its new rig is. A bright red F-450 showed up for an exhibition pull at the Battle of the Bluegrass diesel truck series in LaGrange, Ky., just outside Louisville.

"The Ford pulled a sled that weighed about 30,000 pounds," said Wayne Kincaid, promoter for the Battle of the Bluegrass. "The distance was about 300 feet."

Events like Battle of the Bluegrass usually showcase high-performance custom diesel pickups upgraded with aftermarket components that often allow them to get 800-plus hp and over 1,000 lbs.-ft. of torque.

What's unique about the F-450 captured on video is that it's said to be an early production test truck from Ford's nearby Kentucky Truck Plant that pulled the super-heavy sled with a conventional hitch.


The max trailering rating for the F-450 is 24,500 pounds (we pulled 20,000 pounds up a 25% grade during our 2007 Heavy Duty Shootout) with a fifth-wheel hitch.

What's also notable is how little the truck appears to smoke pulling the load. Most trucks that compete in pulling contests like this belch black smoke out their tailpipes or exhaust stacks. It's visual evidence how clean the latest diesel engines are and, in Ford's case, how powerful they can be.

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I'm NOT impressed. By bothers 98 2500 Ram Cummins pulled that trailer 317ft. in a pull off.

I do give ford some credit though. The truck probably hasnt been fully tested, and pulling something like that is hard on trucks.

the truck shouldn't be smoking at all if it has the DPF filters and EGR valve installed. A clean diesel would have less pollutants than a gas engine

It looks like white smoke. Appears to be more moisture rather than soot. Tough to say from the quality and angle of the video.

Is that '98 Cummins stock?

I've seen a stock Duramax pull further than that..... talk about a gutless wonder Ford has created. Hmmm..... lol

talk about the worlds ugliest front end ever!!!

Come on guys...bone stock new Super Duty dragging it down the track like that...impressive! This coming from a 5.9 Cummins owner. I think Ford has finally made up for their sins of the past with this new Super Duty. I for one am glad to see Ford putting out a truck like this. Been a rocky road quality wise on the Super Duties since 2003, hopefully this truck erases all that.

This is ground proven. For those who made a remark about Duramax and Cummins pull further where is the proof??? LOL That Ford front end looks way better than the Silverado... GMC and Dodge Ram Look good too.

no way... its so freaking ugly wow!

I think this Truck look sharp and way better lookin than the Silverado. The new Dodge Ram looks great too.. But have wait and see how this new Diesel for Ford is goin to hold up. Well done Ford!!!

I do not need a truck that can pull 300 feet. I need a truck that can pull 200,000 miles. We will see how good it is a year, or five years from now. Hopefully,it is as good as promised, time will tell.

relax. it only goes 300 ft because it is just a demonstration. The 450 won the heavy hauler award in the shootout and this 2011 is even better.

I hope Ford has really done a good job designing the new Powerstroke, that truck looks awesome.

The only issue I have is the fact that they dropped the 19.5 wheels. Those were awesome!!

thats pretty impressive (im not a ford guy btw)...impact i love cummins but doubt ur bros was never get ford but im impressed..i just wonder how the new engine would hold up powerstrokes in the past havnt so much...and i wonder if it was the production engine or if it was souped up by ford

Who knows if this is the same tuned engine that you or I could buy when it comes out. Looked like a lot of exhaust coming out to be a stock version. These guys will do anything to look good at this point. I won't buy one until they are proven and time tested. They (ford) screwed me enough over the past six years....

To those saying the duramax stock can pull further, the farthest I've seen a stock dmax pull was about 212.65. Now, the article does quote the event promoter saying almost 300ft, at 30,000lbs. That, from a stock truck, is quite amazing.

there are the results...not a whole lot of trucks over 300ft. (unless pro stock 4wd)

Is that a 4x4? I think I see the bottom of the front diff. just below the front bumper.

the way you folks are giving Obama control over your lives you'll all be driving what he SAYS you can next year so dont worry about it.

This truck is just plain BADA$$!!! I don't think a stock GM or Dodge truck could even come close to this type of pulling power, at least without Government Funding.

And I don't see Tundra's mentioned? I wonder why?

I have owned many new Dodge Cummins Turbo Diesels and they are very nice trucks, but the new Ford is a couple of notchs above the others.

Meet the New Benchmark!

My God....who "designed" this truck? This truck is not only uglier than that hideous, silly Raptor thing, but it is the ugliest vehicle to come out of Detroit in the past 30 years.

Ford has really lost the ball when it comes to truck styling. Each one of their trucks to come out looks FAR worse than the last one.

And this Super Doodie still has the dime-store interior of the last Super Doodie. I really think Ford has lost the ability to design and build anything based on their current portfolio of appliances.

Let's just hope that Ford didn't screw up this diesel like they did the one Navistar built fro them.

don't be full the weight is light ,and the track is muddy ,and if you look the weight is not at the top and the truck go slow,,this is only for advertising,you do the same whit any truck...pickup truck don't tell me you thing they did something special..

Pay attention to the weight on the sled. The farther down the track the truck pulls the sled the farther toward the front of the sled the weight moves so that when you reach the end of the track (300 ft) the weight is all the way forward making it more difficult to pull the farther you go. Also, most trucks built for pulling have much more aggressive tires than this truck has. That was a "full pull". In other words, he pulled it all the way to the end of the track and the flagman waved him off. Otherwise he probably could have gone much farther than 300 feet. Very impressive for what appears to be a stock truck.

The ugliest thing to come out of Detroit in 30 years? I have two words for you: Pontiac Aztec.

I like the agressive front end, although the lights remind me something fierce of a Chevrolet Colorado. Heck I'd trade the Colorado for this. I just wish the rest of the truck was new. Hmmm, maybe next cycle.

"I have two words for you: Pontiac Aztec."

This truck makes the Aztec look like a Pebble Beach Concourse winner.


If they were women, this truck makes the Aztec look like a Playmate.

If they were hamburgers, this truck makes the Aztec look like a hamburger made by Gordon Ramsay.

Hmmm, sounds like the troll of trolls...mattie...aka P71....aka crybaby has found a new haunt...too bad his blind hatred of anything Ford keeps him from enjoying snack time down in mom's

"Hmmm, sounds like the troll of trolls...mattie...aka P71....aka crybaby has found a new haunt...too bad his blind hatred of anything Ford keeps him from enjoying snack time down in mom's"

LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great post......

I just love how you follow me around. A YEAR after my ban and I STILL can stir the pot with you BONers.

You guys have really given me WAYYYYYY too much power.


for people compareing cummins and duramax step back and look at the leader, stock trucks are pulling more weight, safer and effeicently,while you are turning up your chips and replaceing turbos, ford is the best.

thr track also was wet, and it still full pull. Ford Rules!

No "P"/Matt/P71 we give you absolutely no power.

We just enjoy pointing out what a total loser you are.

Maith...the word is "know" not "no". Take an english class.

No the ugliest thing to come out of Detroit the last 30 years is a GM hd truck with no front suspension travel riding on the bump stops the day its built , and GM telling everyone with a straight face that riding on the front bump stops is good for the ride quality . GM hd trucks=Fail no more GM for me Ford all the way .

Awww...poor he has a paranoid complex thinking we are following him around...don't give yourself that kind of credit crybaby.....your posts are as easy to spot as your police cruiser is while trying to show off down at the local junior high run along crybaby and maybe mommy will give you some gas money for your car.....

too much smoke for it to be steve said ford would do anything too look good

Look at the front wheels during the pull.when pulling the front tires seem to "slip" alittle. Towards the end of the pull you can tell the driver lifted before the finish line. Front wheels stop slipping. momentum pulled 30k lbs. across the line.WOW!!!

Amazing machine. looks like he made it to the end of the 300ft and thats all that needed to be done. Great job Ford.

This is truly the best Truck to come off the assembly line since they started putting diesel motors in trucks. Do your research and keep tuning your duramax and Cummins engines and guess who will still be on top with a factory tuned engine .. Wake up people! And stop being so effing retarded!!!

I own an 08 F450 and have had very little trouble with it.

Pulling an 18,000 pound fifthwneel around the county,you wouldnt know it even back there.

All i have to say is opinion are like assholes every has one

Way to go Ford you did it again. Everybody talking about gm (government motors) and dodge need to stop, smell the roses and look at the true king of trucks. I know people with duramax trucks and let me just say one thing.......trash. Cummins are great diesels but you just can't beat that blue oval.

To anyone saying another truck pulled it a couple feet farther take a closer look......the driver actually hits the brakes to stop it after the full pull on a nasty track with what loook to be stock tires.

I am surprised !! There are no flames shooting out of the exhaust !

There seems to be some people making up some stories so full of it we all know it is not true. 1998 250 cummins pulled it 317 feet. Less that 200 HP and less that 500 lb of touque. I think not. Not stock it wasn't. Stock duramax pull more distance. Any thoughts as to the condition of the track. Come on people, my daddy can beat up your daddy. Play nice. Truck still being tested and fine tuned pulls as well as that is pretty good.

I have two words for you: Pontiac Aztec."

This truck makes the Aztec look like a Pebble Beach Concourse winner.


If they were women, this truck makes the Aztec look like a Playmate.

If they were hamburgers, this truck makes the Aztec look like a hamburger made by Gordon Ramsay.

wow you are really sounding stupid... Give your head a shake. Your all alone with your thought little boy. Go home to your mommy and let the men talk.

The New 2011 Ford Diesel Truck looks like a good puller... wait till you take it home and put 10K miles on it... it will spend months at the dealer at a time since ford barely has a diesel mechanic that can change oil on truck, never mind repair a dud worthless diesel engine. (I am not insulting any diesel tech that is capable of doing his job, its just the ones that have their certifications and really are clueless as how to repair these engines, they make the few good ones look bad and I’m sure you capable technicians are ticked off that these idiots are able to touch these trucks that eventually end up going to you to repair) Hopefully this new one is better than the 6.4's I have for my Fleet because I have lost 10's of thousands of dollars and ford is insulting my intelligence by offering me $1500 in compensation for down time. I was told that the Jeep Patriot I received as a loaner should have been able to cover the work load of my F350 and I was told that my F250 with Factory Plow Prep shouldn’t have a plow on it to run properly! Not to mention both have less than 18K miles on them! My other F350 shouldn’t tow a 7,000lb chipper either, that’s why it overheated and needed to spend 2 months in the shop. I should let my secretary and administrative staffs use them to get their nails and hair done. Maybe that’s what these diesels are meant for? Actually that wont work, because at an average of 10MPG, it would cost less to buy prosthetic hands than to make a trip to the nail salon. I will admit that My 6.0 liter hasn’t been acting up the past month but that can be because I'm changing the trans and oil pans on them again because they rotted out! AGAIN! Twice in 5 years and 44K miles! My trucks are washed once a week and I live in NY.... 90 ins from NYC so we are not near the lake effect snow area where we would have 7 months of salt. I'll let you guys tell me all about the new ford because I ll get my guys to run donkeys to my Job Sites before I buy another Ford Again!
Thanks Ford! As Promised... I'm telling the world my story until you refund me my $27,600 I lost from being down nearly 5 months of peak building season in this recession.
John Makovic, Makovic Homes. Sullivan County NY.

That ford truck looks like a north end of a horse
going south

looks good!

ford relied on another company and that company let them down in more ways than one. theyre trying a new product on stuff thats proven by ford for years. the only hiccup is they need to be emissions compliant which people dont understand when compared to 7.3. hopefully everything works out and thats all i have to say about that. i never seen a stock truck of any manufacturer pull that to compare but it is impressive

Looks Like new ford will continue to dominate those korean(GM) truck wanna B's

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