Video: 2011 Ford Super Duty Surprises At Diesel Truck Pull

Video: 2011 Ford Super Duty Surprises At Diesel Truck Pull

It was just last month that we covered the debut of the new 2011 Ford F-Series Super Duty at the State Fair of Texas. Ford is still mum about final power figures for its all-new 6.7-liter Power Stroke V-8 turbodiesel that's under its hood -- we expect them to be more than 390 horsepower and 720 lbs.-ft. of torque -- but that's not stopping the company from showing off how strong its new rig is. A bright red F-450 showed up for an exhibition pull at the Battle of the Bluegrass diesel truck series in LaGrange, Ky., just outside Louisville.

"The Ford pulled a sled that weighed about 30,000 pounds," said Wayne Kincaid, promoter for the Battle of the Bluegrass. "The distance was about 300 feet."

Events like Battle of the Bluegrass usually showcase high-performance custom diesel pickups upgraded with aftermarket components that often allow them to get 800-plus hp and over 1,000 lbs.-ft. of torque.

What's unique about the F-450 captured on video is that it's said to be an early production test truck from Ford's nearby Kentucky Truck Plant that pulled the super-heavy sled with a conventional hitch.


The max trailering rating for the F-450 is 24,500 pounds (we pulled 20,000 pounds up a 25% grade during our 2007 Heavy Duty Shootout) with a fifth-wheel hitch.

What's also notable is how little the truck appears to smoke pulling the load. Most trucks that compete in pulling contests like this belch black smoke out their tailpipes or exhaust stacks. It's visual evidence how clean the latest diesel engines are and, in Ford's case, how powerful they can be.

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ford rules lets see if dodge or chev is even around to do waranty unless the american tax payer wants to pay for that to

I just ompleted training on Ford's 6.7 diesel. Stock this is the most powerful, highest torque stock truck ever. Ford started working on this when they and International got into it regardng the 6.0. Reportedly $3m was spent on the 7.3 trying to make it emission compliant. Each of the last 3 new diesel engine releases coincided with the governments reduction in diesel emissions. There is PLENTY of tuning left for this beast as well so the past problems with carbon, etc should not be a factor. John, I understand your frustration but if you have individual vehicles down for months at a time, that's your dealer's fault, not Ford's. As a damn good diesel tech I expect to be paid as such but ALOT of dealers expect to pay the same as other techs while charging more, so it usually comes down to; pay crap, get crap.

BTW, several very lare companies were given this truck to test in the real world for the pst few years. As problems arose engineering made the corrections. I was also told that the guy that borrowed this truck from the plant got into a ton of trouble. This truck doesn't even have a muffler it's so good.

i notice theres a lot of u dodgeboys and chevy gals hating on this new ford. News flash my 06 has 200 plus miles on it and still kicking dont see a problem with the new truck getting the same or better

good job to ford on this impressive pull

Its the truck around the engine, ford has always had the highest payloads and towing capacity, even with less power. I will say the cummins is great diesel, but Ford is the best Heavy Duty truck, Chevy has to realize that diesels should be made in america not by Isuzu and have at least a solid front end, IFS does not belong on Heavy duty Trucks!

i just went to a dyno shoot out in albuquerque NM and all the dealers brought a new truck, Ford, Dodge, Chevy, all the trucks stock the for won hands down for Hp and rear wheel torque... the place was flash automotive so it can be verified....just telling you what the numbers read....also ford hit its horsepower numbers and torque at 1800 rpms...I am impressed because its the only company that builds it own engine and the new transmission is awesome...Diesel magazine stated its what an Alison should of been...this can all be looked up....sorry Dodge

Very impressive. For the people who is complaining because theres not much weight in th sled theres more than you think on that transfer, theres at least 15,000lbs. on it plus the weigh tof the sled itself. You odnt see bare bone stock trucks doin that everyday! And for an add-on you see how smooth that ting went down the track....what a beuty! Now for all you winers bout how ugly it is, it isnt bad styling, get to a Ford dealer an dsee it up close, its sharp, very sharp! Way better than the those GM boxes on wheels with box fender flares...

Wow first time I ever read a forum like this. Now I must comment. Fifty percent of you sound un-educated and 40% just rambling with your lips because your brand loyal to something other than a ford. Myself on the other hand if you want factual information have ford diesels from a 1989 7.3 non turbo diesel to a 2010 6.7 TD and all the others in between. Also had a few dodges and chevy diesels also. Obviously I have had the best luck with ford. For me it's about smart business. For my personal truck I have a 2008 F350 6.4 l TD, King Ranch Crew Cab. One thing you can't tell me is that there is a more comfortable Truck that will do the work this will with this high trim level from any other factory. I have 90K on mine always pulling something up to an 18,000 pound loaded trailer. Never had an issue. I have heard people talk about problems with the 6.4 but myself had 2 in fleet and have not experienced problems. I am down to one 6.0l in fleet I have been phasing them out do to injector problems even though all were covered under my 100,000 mile warranties. So I spent $400 on deductibles (pretty cheap fix if you ask me cause these other trucks never had warranties like that I know from my Duramax experience in 2008 at 79K miles I had $11,000 of repairs into engine and tranny fun). For the Dodge guys I have to ask who do you think owns Cummins???? Four question marks one for each letter F O R D! I have nothing against this engine and tranny combo it is the rest of the truck and trim & comfort level. So with my expertise and knowledge in this situation I am going to have to say 30,000 pound sled pull 300' in a stock truck, pretty impressive! I don't care who made it. By the way I did some research in a sponsored and judged event I cant find another stock pickup truck that can say this so the guy with the 99 Duramax keep on dreamin'!

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