Volkswagen Gears Up To Build Amarok Pickup In Argentina

Volkswagen Gears Up To Build Amarok Pickup In Argentina

Volkswagen says it will start production of its new Amarok midsize pickup truck at its factory in Argentina before the end of the year, according to Ronnie Frost, communications director for Volkswagen Argentina.

"This is the most important project in the history of Volkswagen in Argentina and one of the most important in the global automotive industry," Frost said. "[Volkswagen] has invested about $340 million for the development of this new pickup truck."

The Amarok is expected to make its world debut on December 15. In preparation, Volkswagen has created a special interactive microsite where web visitors can learn more information about the truck and return each week to see the pickup slowly revealed.

Among the technical details that VW has officially confirmed so far: both gasoline direct injection and turbodiesel engines will be offered, all-wheel drive with ABS and stability control will be available and hill hold assist and hill descent control will help the Amarok tackle grades of up to 45 degrees (100% incline). VW also expects the diesel version of the truck will have a range of 1,000 kilometers (621 miles).

The Amarok will be sold in South America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia. There are no plans to sell it in the U.S.


[Source: Volkswagen]


What is it with Volkswagen and weird names? Their whole lineup (except Jetta,Golf,Beetle) makes no sense whatsoever.
Amarock,its that anything like "I'm a Rock" (referring to Chevrolet's old "Like a Rock" ad campaign)?

Since Toyota dumbed down the Tacoma and porkified it so much perhaps Volkswagen should sell it here and run Toyota out of business .

Unless there's an Argentina customer base frequenting, who the heck cares?!

Time to change this web site name to

Not really missing out on anything. Some Americans will think so, but look how little we pay for pickups here, especially large ones with V8s. Other countries will pay more for these mid-size pickups with V6s and 4 cyl diesels, with less equipment - and the V6s will not use less fuel than our full size trucks. Also, full-size pickups are not available in many other countries. We have it good here.

please dont make this.

Volkswagon COULD make a small fortune out of this, if done right.
There is a big and expanding market for vehicles like this worldwide.

AGAIN?! Another good petite pickup not going to be available in the US. Stupid chicken crap tax! It looks better than that Tacoma from the concept picks even though it's going to be pure pickup.

It also looks better than the Colorado. All other countries make better petite pickups than the US. Sure I love the midsize US pickups, but they are no more fuel efficient than the larger ones...either they should set up a US plant or...that's the only choice. Again, stupid chicken crap tax!

@Paul: VW's model names came from different wind names:
*Scirocco - Hot North African desert wind that blows into Italy. Original name was rumored to be Blizzard.
*Golf - Gulf stream winds (a high altitude North-south 100 mmph wind)
*Jetta - Jet stream (East/West wind, affecting Pacific air travel)
*Passat - Trade winds
*Vento - Blowing/windy (E/I)
*Polo - ?
*Santana - Hot desert blast accross the Sea of Cortez.
*Corrado - Not a wind, it's derived from Spanish Correr which means to run. The original name for the car was Taifun (Typhoon) which means huricane except it was already a registered trade mark for a GM truck.

If the claims about the range on the diesel version are true and it is the size of a Ridgeline, it could sell like hotcakes here provided the price isn't out of line. That engine would put it near top of the class for power and at the top for mileage. VW and Audi have done some good work on their diesels.

people since toyota sucks at everything they make, they have given the rights to volkswagen, to use the 2005-present toyota hilux pickup platform and body design, look up the 2006 toyota hilux and compare it to this vw, anyway it looks 100 percent better as a vw than a POS toyota

I wish that VW would follow Mahindra's lead and make this available in the U.S. All of these companies (Chevy, Ford, Toyota) make mid size diesels that are capable and get great mileage, yet they do not bring them over here. I understand the emissions and tax issues, but this is the type of vehicle that would help greatly in our dependence on Foreign oil. Why would consumers not want to drive trucks that get 30mpg or better???

A compact pickup w/ a diesel & a stick?
Sign me up.
Don't make me buy a Mahindra....

Maybe a Mike Oldfield fan at VW? He had an album called 'Amarok'

please email me reviews on the amarok

I'm looking forward to its arrival in South Africa later this year. Seems to be holding up well as a support car in the Dakar Rally at the moment. Interesting the negative comments about Toyota, obviously from Americans. Here in SA the Toyota Hilux has been the most popular pickup (called bakkie here) for decades. Toyota's got a reputation for quality here, they used to build cars that lasted forever! Back to VW: because of problems with local assembled vehicles they have a poor record for quality, problems with rattling, expensive spares and service, unreliable. In the days of the original Beetle their quality was top.

Guys if you check this site ll see lots of nice pick ups

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