What Others Say: Automobile Endorses Hummer Deal

What Others Say: Automobile Endorses Hummer Deal

Phil Floraday at Automobile Magazine has penned an excellent editorial on why GM's deal to sell the Hummer brand to China's Sichuan Tengzhong represents the best hope for the off-road marque to survive and thrive in a rapidly changing world. Phil's reasons include a promised inflow of cash for new product development and retaining hard-earned and knowledgeable engineering talent instead of losing them to unrelated vehicle development. Check it out!

[Source: Automobile Magazine]


There goes another HeartBreak America!!!

No heartbreak here. In my opinion, Americans should be proud that another country and culture has endorsed their products and services. Should the Chinese or any other country have heartbreaks when Starbucks, MacDonalds, Cocacola or any other American business open shop in those countries? Americans can also buy foreign companies and make them their own. It's all part of free trade. I bet Hummer will do really well overseas in the foreign markets and provide engineering, design, manufacturing jobs, here in the US. Americans are innovative and will build new brands and companies.

Who cars. The Hummer was a joke and piced out of range for most americans and all but the H1 was just a gm truck frame and running gear with a hummer influenced body design. The interiors were way too cheap for the priced paid for one. The Hummer brand is the latest to fall victim to GM's rebadge engineering.

I'd like that the Chinese build fast as possible my lovely Hummer - the H3T in single cab version, like the early H3T concept. It would be one of my favorite pickup truck! The HX-concept reanimation would be (if properly priced and build) a good idea for these, who are missing the Ford Bronco or Chevy Blazer, but don't want a Jeep Wrangler!

I guess its good Their not dead, However, they wont be missed.

some people have nothing smart to say...hummer is different from your yaris,,people by a hummer because they liked,,nobody force you to get a hummer,let the people live the way they want ,i don't thing a yaris is build strong to support where we live

I think that Americans should be proud that another country and culture has endorsed their products and services.

I think selling to a communist bully nation like China is too much. They proliferate nuclear weapons to Pakistan and North Korea. China, Pakistan and North Korea are the axis of evil. China should not ever have been allowed to become this bully. Americans dollars have created this massive 2 ton Gorilla. It is high time to America and the free world to wake up.

John Perkins - are you serious???? Our insatiable appetite for consumer goods made China the power that it is. Another reason China has gotten so wealthy and strong is by letting USA companies build plants in China without any regard for polution, safety, or human rights concerns. Our companies are there to exploit that fact and are driven by greed. That has benefited China at least financially. China is making even more money by loaning the US money to bail out Wall Street and the Detroit auto industry. The US won't stop trade with China. We want their products and need their money.

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