2010 Hummer H3T Gets New Colors and Flex Fuel Engine

2010 Hummer H3T Gets New Colors and Flex Fuel Engine

Hummer has announced that the 2010 H3T Alpha pickup truck will come equipped for the new model year with an ethanol-capable eight cylinder engine and three new colors.

"In 2007, HUMMER committed to offer a biofuel powertrain in every vehicle by 2010 and follows through on that promise with the addition of a new 300-horsepower, E85 Flex-Fuel capable 5.3L V8," said James Taylor, Hummer CEO, in a press release.

Hummer is also introducing three new colors for 2010, which include Red Rock Metallic, Silver Stone Metallic, and Canyon Metallic.

H3T pricing will start at $30,915, a slight $165 increase from 2009. Hummer has lowered the 2010 H3T Alpha price $335, with a new MSRP of $35,680. All 2010 models also include destination charges of $780.

The 2010 Hummer H3T is scheduled to arrive in dealerships in December 2009.

General Motors and China's Sichuan Tengzhong Heavy Industrial Machinery are waiting for regulatory approval from the U.S. and Chinese governments to complete the sale of Hummer to Tengzhong.


Perhaps the Chinese will make a regular cab version like original concept , not everyone needs to haul around a crew or drive a school bus long off roader .

Shouldn't the price drop about 45% once Sichuan Tengzhong acquires Hummer?

I love the H3T and would prefer it over the Colorado (its platform cousin). It has FT AWD (Colorado PT 4WD), more interior room, rear disc brakes (colorado drums). If they want me to like the Colorado again they better make it larger and add some of these features that the H3T has...Oh and replace the 5 cylinder engine with the direct-injection v6. I want to haul @$$.

Plus you can get a stick shift with the 5 cylinder engine on the H3T, but not the Colorado/Canyon.

I agree with you Taylor, a regular cab would be cool, right now it's useless with a 3 foot bed.

Comments on the comments: I love Hong Kong Phooey's comment on the pricing. That's how I feel about ALL Chicom products. I feel so badly for the Hummer making folks. It'll feel exactly like the french felt with the Nazis walking through Paris when the first Chicom management team tours the Hummer facility. We've been conquered. This makes my guts hurt, and is why I dumped my Hummer.

But: The Hummer bed is not 3 ft long. The Alpha has an 8 cylinder (although, it is interesting to think they could put the V6DI engine in it with a six speed)

I always thought they should make a supercab long bed version of this thing.

I would love the H3T single cab - one of my favorite trucks - please build it!!!

It's not a Chinese product. The 2010 is made by GM.

HUMMER is, and for the foreseeable future will remain, an American vehicle (see hummerguy.net) headquartered in Michigan. At this point, the chinese are simply financiers. I have an 09 H3T Alpha, and I love it. Rocks on every terrain from street to sand, and serves well as a pick-up with a 5-ft bed and tow vehicle.

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