5 Pickup Truck Things to be Thankful for this Thanksgiving

5 Pickup Truck Things to be Thankful for

It’s time to reflect on all the things we should be thankful for, because we live in the best country on the planet and we drive pickup trucks. Here are five things truck owners can be thankful for on Turkey Day. Gobble, gobble.

No. 5: Fuel Prices are Relatively Inexpensive

Just two years ago, it looked like we’d be paying $7 a gallon for fuel by now. Thinking back, it seemed like we wouldn’t be able to afford stuffing and cranberries! Thankfully, regular unleaded is only $2.63 and diesel is only $2.83. Who knows what will happen next year, but for now it doesn’t hurt too much to keep your truck’s fuel gauge (and your stomach) on F.

No. 4: You Can Buy A 2010 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor

Where else on Earth could you expect to buy a truck as radical as Ford’s F-150 SVT Raptor desert runner straight off the showroom floor? Nowhere, except here. OK, maybe Canada too, but there you’d have jump ice floes instead of speeding down sandy washes. And as a Thanksgiving Day bonus, there’s nowhere that turkeys can hide from a Raptor.

No. 3: Loads of Space in Back for Black Friday Shopping

If you’re going shopping the day after Thanksgiving, get in line early and bring your pickup. You’re going to need all the space in your cargo box for the low-price deals on a 60-inch flat screen TV, 8-foot tall reusable plastic Christmas tree and 12-pack of Snuggies. Good luck getting all of those things home in your Prius in a single trip!

No. 2: 2010 Diesel Emissions Standards Are Still a Month Away

You still have about 30 days to go out and buy a new heavy-duty pickup from Ford or GM that doesn’t require urea selective catalytic reduction exhaust aftertreatment. Next year’s emissions hardware could add $2,000 or more to the price tag and will require periodic refills. The only thing we want to think about refilling this Thanksgiving is our plates.

No. 1: You Can Relax and Not Move Anyone with Your Truck

It’s Thanksgiving! Time to relax, spend time with the family and get ready for some awesome football games. If anyone comes asking you to help them move on Thanksgiving, tell them you’re taking the holiday off for some well-deserved R&R.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your families from PickupTrucks.com!


No.5:Fuel prices are not inexpensive,last couple years of manupilation on gas prices made us think $2.63 a gallon is inexpensive.This is not europe if you dont have a car in this country or if you cant afford to buy gas,YOU ARE SCREWED.
No.4:Yes you can...if u are rich.
No.3:See No.4 unemployment is 10%.
No.2:Good info I didnt know that.
No.1:If anyone comes asking you to help them move on thanksgiving day,ask them if they are from this planet.


#5. Diesels still to expensive for what it should be, although it does go up slightly in the winter due to increase demand for it as heating oil/fuel and the winterazation of northern fuel. Also there is still no national standard for diesel fuel like gasoline has. This is just stupid!! You never know the quality of fuel your getting and independent testing shows drastic difference in fuel quality from place to place-station to station, etc.
#4. The Raptors a fine machine and if you have the money for it more power to you! The only truck for me is a 3/4-1ton or more with a diesel engine.
#3. How many of use have the engergy or coherance to go shopping after thanksgiving. I hate malls with a passion man!
#2. Ahh!! Dont remind me about this bull!!! The next truck I buy will be the new DODGE Ram with the 6.7L Cummins (no urea needed to pass emissions). Cummins is that good man! Plus any emissions equipment (aka uneccesary stuff to put it nicely) on my truck some how always magically disappears ;) Who knows...maybe Gremlins, lol.
#1. If anyone not in my immediate family asks me to do anything, I tell them my trucks in the shops for a few weeks getting major work done....or something like that.

Happy Thanksgiving everybody

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Thank you.

With the ongoing injector issues, a failed ECM, and rear main seal leak at 45k....this will be my LAST Dodge. Especially since they blame the injector issues that have been ongoing since 10k miles on bad fuel alone. I blame it on a LOUSY filtering design. Cummins/Bosch call for 3-5 micron filtration and Dodge runs a single 7 micron filter.

I am in the process of getting this covered under warranty, going on a week now. I am getting closer, it just really bothers me that I pay 40k for a truck, take it to the dealer and follow their maintenance log book religiously while under warranty, then my ongoing injector issue they do not want to cover fully.

Most likely going to give up diesel altogether and go back to gas...a lot less problems...and NEVER thought I would ever say that! The diesels are just getting more and more expensive to own/maintain, to purchase upfront, and then to have to worry about unregulated dirty fuel....yeah, like I said, I think I will go back to gas.

AND...I have owned solely Dodge since I was of age to drive...and this will be my LAST after how I have been treated thus far under my ONLY warranty claim in 15yrs with them!!!!!

@Ernie That sucks good luck with a Ford or Chevy diesel! LOL
3 Cummins in my fam all with 150.000-400.000 miles no problems. Would not have it any other way!!!

Ernie, do you have the new 6.7Cummins ? If so im not suprised you are having problems, A farmer i know is having the same problems with his 09 2500 Cummins that you are...the 5.9 was bullet proof, but the 6.7 is a totally different story....

There is absolutly nothing wron with the 6.7 itself its all the goverment issued emmission B/S that is causing the issues. The secret is you need to work these engines hard to activat regeneration mode to make them run right IE: PULL HEAVY LOADS. They do not work well as daily drivers to and from town!

Wow what a bunch of complainers, this must be a glimpse into a redneck thanksgiving. Just a bunch of complaining, you guys really live your life by these 5 things it seems like. Well anyway Happy Thanksgiving!

@ Toyotaguy- only an uneducated A-hole would say something like that.

-Buy a real truck, then talk with the big boys. My girlfriends Volvo station wagon can haul more than most Toyotas, not to mention the ridiculous amount of recalls Toyotas have. Best made vehicle my ass!


Toyota owners are real upset this Thanksgiving..They have to see their families and try..try..somehow to say it is really just the floor mats .. and they dont rust.. Really !! (LOL)They are the ones that are really complaining this Thanksgiving,they cant believe their precious Toyota is faulty...They cant feel good,after mocking domestics for no good reason...They believed in their own arrogance that Toyota is the best,now they are dumbfounded ,lost ,depressed They have to cancel Thanksgiving and head to the nearest Cycatrist a.s.a.p.

Yes ,I am thankfull Toyota is getting its due justice,after years of building faulty vehicles..I am thankfull Toyota owners will not have that wierd smirk on their faces this holiday..THANKFULL !!!

For those that replied to my post, my truck is an 07 with one of the last 5.9L engines. Yes I have one friend who purchased a 6.7L Cummins and it is in the shop constantly. His blew out $4k in parts/labor after 9k miles and to this day throws and EGR light every other oil change. Ridiculous.

I was able to FINALLY talk to regional rep and technician and they are covering the injectors under warranty and applying TSB for the vent caps in the fuel tank. Had to go through a lot of hassle, but in the end Chrysler came through this time.

Hoping this cures the injector issues.

Yeah, I bought this 5.9 Cummins because it was supposed to be the most reliable...so far that has not been the case, hoping my luck changes after this fix next week. Love the truck otherwise and have had zero issues with any of my past Dodge trucks. This one just decided to be the first.

tough break Ernie, usually the 5.9's are pretty straight, I hope all your problems get fixed. but like i said before, those 6.7's are nothing special, and its too bad your buddy had to find that out the hard way.

wow i think i hit some nerves with the redneck thanksgiving comment, jeez lots of rednecks out there. Oh well i know my trucks the best and your are junk and that is what im thankful for!

@ floor - it , what's a "Cycatrist". Is that some sort of anti- thanksgiving religious cult? We all have many things to be thankful for. In your case, the ability to spell, and the ability tp present a good arguement are things that you won't be able to thank anyone for. I am thankful for all the good laughs you've provided.

i think he meant psychiatrist. im thankful that there is a wonderfully entertaining place such as this with fun things to read and laugh about because idiots like to argue about stuff that does not pertain to them!

@zach - "argue about stuff that does not pertain to them!" I'm not sure as to what you mean by that? You mean that we are not rednecks, or needing psychiatric care, or have a Dodge diesel with problems or what? Are you like a guy in another post that was pissed of because some non-Chev guys were reading Chevy news? I get it, your a Dodge guy who's pissed off about other guys reading Dodge posts???? This is pickuptruck.com not Ram.com

I'm thankful for great articles by Mike Levine... Hope you had a great Thanksgiving Mike!

Im thankful for my family and on a lighter not my 09 dodge hemi trx4 crew it been AWESOME!!!!!

time for a new article to read lol

Coming shortly!

haha, i was just messin around. hope you had a good thanksgiving

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