5 Reasons Why It’s Wrong To Divorce Ram From Dodge

5 Reasons Why It’s Wrong To Divorce Ram From Dodge

It’s the toughest recession in decades. Many companies find themselves consolidating or shrinking to save money, but Chrysler is trying to grow by splitting Dodge cars from trucks to create the new Ram brand just for pickups and commercial vans. Here are five reasons why it’s wrong to divorce Ram trucks from the Dodge brand:

1.) Dodge Ram pickup truck owners say they drive a “Dodge Ram.”

Most of the owners we talk to automatically say they drive a Dodge Ram when we ask them what they drive. Isn’t the customer always right? How long is it going to take Dodge Ram owners to drop the Dodge from their vocabulary, especially if they’ve owned two or more Dodge Ram pickups? And what about the Dodge Dakota? It’s scheduled to end production by 2011. Will it be called the Ram Dakota for the rest of its short life? Ten years from now, will Ram trucks be able to connect with new customers by recalling their historic Dodge ancestors from the 20th century? Dropping the Dodge name leaves a huge void in front of Ram trucks.

2.) A high-mileage, unibody Dakota replacement could weaken the new Ram brand

Fred Diaz, the new Ram brand president and CEO, says that Chrysler is exploring building a unibody pickup, possibly based on a Fiat platform. If the Ram brand is going to emphasize tough trucks for tough truckers, how will a unibody pickup that’s focused on high MPG instead of hauling high lbs. fit within the Ram brand’s hard-working image? The Honda Ridgeline has already proven – painfully -- that traditional truck buyers are highly unlikely to purchase a less-capable pickup. The “image” small-pickup buyers from the 1990s and early 2000s seem to be gone for good.

3.) Ram pickups are the best-selling Chrysler vehicle

Ram pickups are the best-selling vehicles in Chrysler’s portfolio and pickup trucks and commercial vans make up just under 40 percent of 2009 year-to-date Dodge car and truck sales. Why force the best-performing vehicle to undergo such a dramatic change to its identity? Diaz says it’s to get the cars out from underneath the Dodge Ram’s shadow, so they can start to grow. Wouldn’t it be smarter to do this the other way around?

4.) Dodge cars and Ram trucks will still be sold under one roof

After all of the effort to create a distinct new identity for Ram trucks, you’ll still need to go to a consolidated Dodge-Ram-Jeep-Chrysler dealer to buy a Ram truck. If you’re going to the same place to buy, then don’t change the name. Good luck to those Ram dealers who are going to have to start marketing 1500, 2500 and 3500 pickups. Boy, those names stir the soul, don’t they?

5.) Dodge truck owners are more passionate than Dodge car owners

Dodge Ram truck owners are passionate about their pickups. They’ll defend their pickup to other truck owners. Aside from the few Challenger and Viper owners, would a Caravan or Caliber owner do the same? It’s unlikely. If Ram owners are passionate sales people for the truck, why let the less loyal Dodge owners drive away with the brand?

Bottom line: We like the new Ram trucks -- particularly the 2010 Heavy Duty pickups -- and having just heard Chrysler’s 2010-14 business plan presentation, we know Chrysler’s executives still love these hard working rigs too. But divorcing Ram from Dodge could end up angering many of Chrysler’s most loyal customers. What’s the benefit in that?


who knows RAM may go the way of gmHUMMER and split off of chrysler all together and become its own stand alone entity like hummer who was bought by scihuan thengzong who is merely the money behind the operation with the americans at hummer running the show. RAM would be very successful i believe if they were their own stand alone company who cut ties with the failing chrysler. thats just my personal opinion. one thing i can say is next year i will be buying a RAM 3500 mega cab!

Fiat should quit messing with the Ram name.

It should be like this....

Chrysler- Cars
Dodge- Muscle cars, trucks
Jeep- Suv's offroading kinda stuff

Fiat dosen't know what they're doing. Ram Ram 1500?!?!?

They're used to handling a 1.8l, fiat 500 with a towing

capacity of 20 pounds, not a

6.7l cummins turbo diesel 3500 that can easily tow 20,000


Will Dodge ever even be American again.???

Freakin foreigners.

Where they come from they don't even have roads wide

enough for a 5500.!!




I have been a loyal Chrysler owner for 38 years. I now own a 2000 Dodge Ram 1500 with a 5.2 Engine with 197,000 miles on it which i purchased new. It has the original engine , transmission and rear end in it. It also has the original starter and alternator in it. The only thing that has been replaced under the hood is the waterpump and radiator when it hit about 160,000 miles. I also own a 2004 Dodge Ram 1500 with a hemi that has 93,000 miles on it. I hope with Fiat they can keep up the same standards on their trucks and not screw them up.

I love my 2009 Dodge Ram 1500 Truck. Long live Dodge.

I love my 2005 Dodge Ram 2500 Power Wagon! Fiat, please do not screw up Chrysler.

Go dodge boys got to remember where you've been to undertstand where you're going it needs dodge on th tail gate and the star on the steering wheel horn button

I wondered how long before Fix It Again Tony (FIAT) would mess things up. I drive a DODGE RAM. I agree with some of the responses let chysler sell cars and vans. Let dodge sell trucks and SUV's.

It wouldn't surprise me to see the Dodge brand replaced by Fiat for Chrysler's small and midsize line-up. It would be a way for Fiat to extend its brand to North America without investing much additional cash for a dealer network. The Dodge brand really hasn't had a hit car in quite a while (since the Voyager in the 80's maybe?). Dodge cars probably have negative reputation similar to Fiat's at this time, but there is still Dodge/Ram truck loyalty.

It's like any thing manufactured, build a quality product, take no short cuts, make it work and your companies will always be in business. On my Dodge my grill is all buckled, and always has been, stuff like this people remember, where was the quality, engineering, and anyone who could have cared? Other than the wrinkled chrome on the Grill I don't think it would stop me from buying another Dodge/Ram. It's a 99 model has 360000 miles and is still as quite as the day I bought it new. It uses a little oil, but no leaks and the engine never smokes, could it be the Mobile 1 oil? I tuned it at 160000 and it's still running strong, I'd love to see the others with these kind of miles how they run.

Speaking of IMPERIAL, the Truth is that the IMPERIAL should have NEVER been a "Chrysler" from the very beginning . A Chrysler exec said it best: "You CAN'T sell a HIGH-PRICED car with a MEDIUM-PRICED nameplate. Chrysler as a make, always competed in the marketplace against BUICK and MERCURY. The IMPERIAL had always competed against CADILLAC and LINCOLN. Putting the IMPERIAL under the "Chrysler" name and umbrella had always cheapened IMPERIAL and gave it a medium-priced stigma. I know that Walter P. Chrysler probably wanted his finest car to bear his name , but , in THIS case that was a MISTAKE. IMPERIAL should have been a SEPARATE MAKE from the VERY BEGINNING. Then, there wouldn't have even BEEN all of this confusion.

In the truck market, where BRAND RECOGNITION is EVERYTHING, it was a STUPID DECISION to remove the "DODGE" name off of their trucks .And WHY was it done ? For FIAT to sneak their Italian trucks and vans over to this country and market them under the "Ram" name ?
Didn't they think they'd SELL under their OWN name?
They're probably RIGHT about that !!!
Their reputation for LACK of reliability was what pretty much got them kicked out of this country over 40 years ago....and NOTHING'S REALLY CHANGED !!!!
Their vehicles STILL rank at the very BOTTOM of all customer and reliability surveys TODAY .
So, why make DODGE and it's customer body suffer , just because THEIR VEHICLES SUCK ???
What's NEXT ?? The name "FIAT RAM" ??
A word to FIAT: The name and logo "RAM" has been synonymous with DODGE for a hundred years.
The FACT that YOU don't understand that....
shows just how LITTLE you understand the American truck market .

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