Update 1: Cosma To Build Frames For GM's Next Generation Half-Ton Pickups

Current GMT900 Frame

Cosma International, part of global automotive component supplier Magna International, announced today that it will supply the frame assembly for General Motors' next generation of full-size light-duty pickups and sport utility vehicles. It's the third generation of frames that Cosma has been awarded on this platform by GM. The current GMT900 frame is pictured at the top of this post.

According to Magna spokesperson Scott Worden, both the pickup trucks and SUVs will continue to be body-on-frame. Last year, there were rumors that suggested GM's full-size SUVs could shift to unibody construction, like that used for GM's midsize crossovers.

"Receiving this third-generation frame business from GM is a real testament to our ability to deliver on key areas including cost and quality," said Horst Prelog, President, Cosma International. "GM is a long-term valued customer of ours and we look forward to continuing our partnership with them."

Cosma will produce the new frames at two factories, located in St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada and Saltillo, Mexico.

[Source: Cosma]


Update 1: 11-23-2009 - Added statement from Magna spokesperson Scott Worden


Makes perfect sense. Three generations of solid frames. Why switch suppliers now. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

Wait, I thought I read somewhere (not this site) that GM cancelled the development of the next generation of full-size body on frame SUVs (Suburban and Tahoe, along with their close mechanical relatives from Cadillac and GMC) That the pickups would continue as normal, but the SUVs "would be shown the door" so to speak?

Oh, never mind you explained it later in the paragraph. I should have finished reading.
As soon as I saw "it will supply the frame assembly for General Motors' next generation of full-size light-duty pickups and sport utility vehicles" I had a relapse of sorts.

I don’t know if I should be happy, or cringe that the Escalade will continue for another generation.

The bigger question is,will they have anti corrosion coatings applied?

They still probably won't be as tough as Ford's frames.

@Paul - Cosma has a plant in Canada, and one in Mexico. I would suspect that Canadians know a thing or two about surviving harsh winters..... Maybe they'll have a problem with the Mexican ones :)

For those Ford fans, Toyo Fans, and whatever-else fans, please, don't read this thread if you do not like GM. You are not welcome here. If your Ford, Toyo, or whatever is so great, go read their threads.

I don't care how great Ford, Toyo, and whatever-else is. I do not go to Ford Federation or Toyota Nation to talk sh$it like some people here. If your brand is so great, stick to your taste and kind. Obviously, you are not as loyal as you think.

RE: "For those Ford fans, Toyo Fans, and whatever-else fans, please, don't read this thread if you do not like GM. You are not welcome here. If your Ford, Toyo, or whatever is so great, go read their threads. and I don't care how great Ford, Toyo, and whatever-else is. I do not go to Ford Federation or Toyota Nation to talk sh$it like some people here. If your brand is so great, stick to your taste and kind. Obviously, you are not as loyal as you think", posted by "Classified", who is the one talking sh$it? It appears to be yourself. Yes, this is not a Ford or Toyota thread, it's an article about GM frames, but everyone does have the right to state their opinion, no matter what you think. I'm just stating the facts. Also, a little historical note: I heard a man say many years ago (when many cars also had frames) that body shops two different machines to straighten frames, one for cars and one for trucks. They had to use the "truck" one to straighten Ford frames, but could straighten Chevy truck frames on the "car" machine because the Chevys were weaker (and I'm sure they still are). You can also refer back to the Ford truck ads that compared the Ford truck frame against GM and Dodge, which showed the Ford frame as larger and tougher. If you want to talk sh$it about vehicles, I've driven both Fords and Chevys and I much prefer Fords. They are not as soft as GM and Dodge trucks.

Lighten up, buddy. It's "pickuptrucks.com" not some chevy forum. I don't like the 'Chevy good, Ford bad' or vice versa any more than you do, but good grief. Personally, I drive a Ford, but I'd drive a Chevy. Maybe a Dodge. Not a Toyota. So what? I hope GM's outsourcing doesn't negatively affect their quality. That said I won't buy another GM product for as long as the federal government still owns them.

classified needs a nap!

A little sensitive about the Ford frame remark, or the corrosion joke?
The Ford frame remark may be brand bashing but then again it may very well be true.
I've heard many guys say that if they could build their own truck, it would have a Cummins engine, an Allison transmission, a Ford frame/chassis, and their favorite body on top. Some have even said the'd have a "King Ranch" interior.
This is a site where truck guys can speak their mind. That is freedom of speech at it's finest. Perhaps we should add that to the things we need to be thankful for on Thanksgiving Day.

Eric, tay, and Lou N - I was trying to make a point to "classified" who seemed to "take possession" of this article. I actually like all the brands, but Ford is my favorite. I agree about the Ford frame, Cummins engine, and Allison transmission. That would be a helluva combination. My grandfather bought a 1951 Chevy pickup just before I was born in early 1952 and sold it 19 years later with only 78,000 miles on it. I loved that truck and was heartbroken that he didn't keep it another year or so until I could buy it from him.

Wayne, my apologies. My post wasn't aimed at you. It was directed at "classified". I should of been more specific!

Wasnt too long ago that ford had the hair brained idea to drill holes in the frme all in the name of fuel economy and weight savings.

@jeff - that would be 1980. That was 29 years ago. I barely remember those trucks, do you? It seems that Ford has learned from their mistakes. They currently are the industry leader when it comes to frames. Toyota should hire some Ford engineers to give them advice on how to make frames.

@Lou Keep the smart ass comments to yourself and it wasnt just the 1980 trucks my 92 had them. Your immaturity really shows with comments like that. My age is none of your damn business as I am probably older than you but really does that matter, who cares? Just pointing out facts. If you have nothing intelligent to say dont type. As the saying goes, "engage brain before typing". If the ford frame is so good why did the f150 get dropped from iihs list? All the manufacturers have the same technology in their frames so there is no clear winner here in 09. How many fords have you owned? I can say I have owned 7, but I am able to keep a clear mind and dont view ford as the end all and be all of trucks. I am a little smarter than that. Just because the spotlight isnt on ford right now doesnt mean that they havent made som dum ass decisions over the years.

You can always tell a die hard Ford man because they always want to come with the "I know someone who said the Ford has the best________." No matter what the topic may be. I have a 1987 F-150 and its a good truck, with that being said, I bought a new Chevy last year because thet are the best truck on the road period. Most Ford people know this and thats why they get all upset over any Chevy post. I only bought the Ford because I knew the man that owned it since new and got a great deal on it 7 years ago.

@John Chevy is not the best truck on the road, your just the guy who thinks that,

The great frame debate. Comparing Ford Sooper Dooty and GM HD's, the Ford chassis is made of thicker steel. HOWEVER, the GM chassis is over an inch deeper in section and many high stress areas are doubled. Which one is stronger? Don't know, never had a problem with either. As for light duty (1/2 tons) I will say that it appears to me the 1997-2003 Ford F-150 had about the weakest, softest chassis ever used in a full size truck. I have seen many in fairly minor accidents bent like a pretzel.

My,my what an irritable bunch of (GM)people ;)
@ jeff: 1992 - well, that was 17 years ago. Ford was infamous for the 1980 frame. Look it up for yourself if you don't believe me.
@ John - you should get together with Jeff, and classified.
I find it extremely funny that I am now being called a "die hard Ford man". I remember it,,,,, well....just like it was...... well..... a week ago, and someone called me "a die hard Toyota guy".
Funny , verrrryyyy fffunnnnyyyy..... LOL
GMC makes decent trucks. I am impressed with the fact that they plan on repaying government "bailout" loans 5 years earlier than required.

Lou N I would just like to know, what brand of truck do you drive?

I currently drive a GMC van. I'm in the market for a new 1/2 ton crew cab 4x4 pickup. I'm not sure what brand I like enough to purchase. That's why I got interested in this site. I have absolutely NO brand loyalty. GMC was my number 1 choice until they went to the government for bailout money. GMC is also hit and miss when it comes to quality control. GM is showing signs of heading in the right direction financially. I'm leaning towards a Ford as they have improved their entire product line, they are doing very well with quality control, and seem to be heading in the right direction financially without government help. I was interested in Toyota but I've changed my mind since they have been having quality control issues and I fear they may be in a downward spiral. Dodge has many problems and they haven't really shown any signs of getting their act together. Nissan doesn't even register on my radar. Honda makes good vehicles but they don't make a legitimate pickup.

Lou N, thanks, just was wondering. I'm just a Chevy fan I guess but I've really enjoyed owning my old F-150. Its been a pretty solid old truck. If something were to happen to GM and I couldn't get either a Chevy or GMC I would without doubt by a Ford. Like you I was in the market for a new half ton last year and got my new Chevy but I did look at the new Fords. When all is said and done I'm just a GM guy.


At the local Ford dealership as soon as you enter the door there is a display with the cut away section of frames from all the pickup makers... Unless its an old display or Chevy has made some recent changes the frame they showed was smaller then the Fords. Ford was bigger and thicker than everyone else on the Frame front. Now let me point out that doesn't mean that they make a tougher truck or what not just telling you guys what I saw. I have been going around looking at new trucks and when I went to the Toyota dealership the salesmen, after I told him what I was looking for and what I wanted to do with the truck sent me next door to the Ford dealer across the road with the warning don't buy the a Toyota. Before I left I asked him why and he told me that for pulling the camper I pull, and the fact that I like going off road the Ford was better hands down! I'm not making this up. I have to many friends who have owned Dodges who had nothing but trouble, esp with the rears and the tranny. All the trouble Toyota has had with their trucks I wouldn't even think about it. I know a couple of people who own Nissan Titans and love them. Most of my friends own Chevy's and Fords. I have drove both and like them both very much. I will put it this way, if i was buying a truck to go out on the town or for play I would own a Chevy. If I wanted a truck that pulled everything that you put behind it and could take a pounding I would buy a Ford. It's that simple. I will add since GM is now Government Motors I would never buy anything from them until they get their act together and with the new pickups from Ford with the new motors due next year I would say Ford is the way to go for right now. Just my 2 cents... and no I'm not a die hard Ford fan either!

couldn't agree more Big Bob well said.... you want to see something funny ? look up 2003 F-150 crash test on youtube, that F-150 folds like a pretzel..

@Jake... yea anything before the 2004 model (new body style) on a Ford sucked big time. There was no front crash support built into the frame. After 2004 there was a front support system built into the frame to help the truck hold up in a crash. Take it from me personally I know from experience. I bought a 2004 F150 and had a little old woman pull out in front of me in a early 90's Taurus. It was a head on driver side corner crash... I pushed her car back 7 feet as she tried to turn in front of me while I was moving at 45mph. She never saw me coming. Needless to say her car was totaled. After I pulled the front bumper away from the driver side front wheel I drove my truck home. The truck held up really nice. I know a guy who had a 2001 F150 in a head on crash and his truck was totaled and his was at a lower speed then mine was but his was a dead center head on. It messed him up real bad, my accident I never got a scratch. There was a big improvement after 2004 in the frame Ford used in the F150.

Thanks for the info Shawn, Sure glad Ford did something about that....

Funny I've pulled many a stuck Fords and Dodges and never had any frame problem, come to think of it I've never of anybody having frame problems with any brand of truck, so if you are having frame trouble maybe it's not the truck but the tool behind the wheel.

@Tracy... I don't know of anyone who had ever had any major frame problems either... I think everyone was just talking who has the tougher frame and who's frames hold up in a accident better.

@Jake... yea for my sake it sure was a good thing they did something about that! That was one of the selling points when I bought that truck cause at the time Chevy and Dodge did not have any extra support built into their frames yet. This truck had extra support built around the cab and around the radiator to help in a front end crash. I think Chevy changed theirs in 2006 or 2007 I believe, not sure about Dodge or Ram or what ever Fiat wants to call'em now.

Sounds like GM is fed up with Dana frames, they make frames for Toyota and Ford to. Another American auto co. sending jobs to another country.

Budd Automotive was #1 for Truck FRAME !!!!

had ford and dodge both were just a pile of junk hard on gas and couuldnt pull with out reving 3300 rpms and the fords just fell apart . an ford the worenty sucks after the 20,000 pereiod the warenty does not cover nothing like moldings and intereor parts or whells that peal or bubble . they are jusr junk had 6 new fords and two doges never will i own them again.

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