Ford and Ram Trucks Gain Market Share in 2009

Ford and Dodge Trucks Gain Market Share In 2009

Ford F-Series trucks and the pickups formerly known as Dodge Rams have both gained market share in 2009 at the expense of their competitors, according to 2009 year-to-date U.S. new-vehicle registration data (through September) from RL Polk & Co.

Polk’s data is unique because it reports the number of trucks registered in each state, city and town and organizes the registrations by class. The data is collected from every vehicle dealer in the country. In comparison, monthly sales figures released by truck manufacturers aggregate light- and heavy-duty truck sales into a single number, without revealing class breakdowns.

Polk registrations typically lag the sales data that manufacturers report by a couple months because of the time needed to register each vehicle and to count the actual registrations in each state.

Both Ford and GM separately provided Polk registration data to for this story. While the numbers from both companies were consistent, Polk declined to confirm the numbers.

2009 YTD Polk Retail Registrations for Light-Duty Pickups

Although the Chevrolet Silverado 1500 was the best-selling half-ton pickup truck through July of this year, as of September, the Ford F-150 has gained a substantial 7.5 points -- to 30.6% -- of market share (up 35% from 2008) to take the lead, based on Polk’s retail registrations. Silverado had 27.5% market share, a drop of 2.4 share points. The Ram 1500 pickup also grew its market share, gaining 2.1 points to reach 16.7% of the segment.

Detroit’s Japanese competitors have been hurt the most. Toyota Tundra registrations have dropped a hefty 3.5 points to 10.1% market share and the Nissan Titan lost 1.2 points, falling 32%, to 2.3% from its 2008 position.

Chevy Avalanche sales are also on the rocks. The unconventional pickup’s share of the market has fallen 40%, from 3.5% to 2.1%.

What are some of the trends that likely led to the F-150’s and Ram 1500’s market share gains? Both trucks were refreshed for the 2009 model year while the Chevy Avalanche, Chevy Silverado 1500 and GMC Sierra 1500 pickups, based on the GMT 900 platform, haven’t been updated since they debuted in 2007. The 2010 Toyota Tundra received a marginal makeover in April and got a new V-8. The Titan was last tweaked in 2007. Rebates and the government’s Cash for Clunkers program also helped. The F-150 saw the biggest lift in sales from C4C as old F-150 owners traded in for new F-150 pickups.

2009 YTD Polk Retail Registrations for All HD Pickups

In the heavy-duty segment, where only Chevrolet, Dodge, Ford and GMC compete, market share varies greatly depending on how the registration is sliced and diced. Only Ford and Dodge sell 4500 and 5500 Class trucks and Ford’s Polk data includes these extra sales. Ford and Dodge also include their 4500 and 5500 trucks when they report monthly sales figures.

Looking at HD registrations, Ford and Dodge both picked up market share, with Ford Super Duty increasing from 34.5% to 40.2% and Dodge Ram HD increasing from 23.2% to 23.8%. Chevrolet gave up 4.4 points of share, falling from 30.1% to 25.7% of the segment. GMC slipped from 12.2% to 10.2%. Clearly, the new Ram Brand has benefited from its 4500 and 5500 cab chassis trucks that were added to the lineup in 2008.

When we pull the 4500 and 5500 trucks out of total registrations, the landscape changes dramatically. The F-Series Super Duty still leads (80,658 registrations) by a wide margin; next comes Chevy’s Silverado 2500 and 3500 (57,954 registrations) and then the Dodge Ram 2500 and 3500 pickups (38,790 registrations).

2009 YTD Polk Fleet & Retail Registrations for 2500/3500 HD Pickups

In January, we’ll have a full, in-depth summary of 2009 truck sales.


fords are work horses.

Not surprising, both had new models which almost always brings a rise in sales.

Ford has opened up a can of whoop @$$ across both auto and pickup truck lines. Nice job Ford!

Way to go Ford. Good news to see this cant wait for the 2011s.

The Chevy Silverado is the best selling half ton, it has been for a while. I know Ford has a slight lead right now but the Silverado WILL be back on top soon. Its the better truck I don't care what anybody says.
I see that Ford did really well in the C4C program and I'm glad, I like to see the American autos doing well but in another post a while back someone said look how many Fords were traded in in the C4C program. He said look how popular the Ford brand is, but I see it differently I see a lot of people wanting to get out of their Fords. Yes I know that the old F150 to a new F150 was the most popular trade but 9 of the top twenty trades in the C4C program involved people trading in their old Fords on a different brand. The most of any auto brand. That about sizes up that can of whoop a## Ford is opening up.

The best thing is that domestic products rule, if you go away from GM, Dodge , or Ford to buy a Tundra you are buying a much lesser vehicle.

Ford dominating fleet sales, thats no surprise there... the F-250 is the fleet queen of trucks.

AOL Auto's had this to say about cash for clunkers:
Total Dealer Transactions: 690,114
$ Value of Submitted Dealer Transactions: $2,877,900
Top Vehicle Purchased: Toyota Corolla
Top Trade-In Vehicle: Ford Explorer
Top New Manufacturer Purchased: Toyota
New-Vehicle Mileage: 24.9 MPG

Ford: Whereas two or three years ago nobody ever would have considered Ford to be in a leadership position amongst the Big 3, the Blue Oval found its stride in 2009. When Cash for Clunkers first opened up, Ford shot to the top of the sales charts. While it lost the number one slot to Toyota, its Escape was the only SUV in the entire top 10 -- a remarkable feat.

Most of the trades were to smaller vehicles. If you look at the top 20 list most of Ford's losses were to the Japanese and Korean car companies. I think this was more a reflection of people wanting to get rid of their gas guzzling Explorers. People who were buying the big SUV's weren't truck people to begin with.
Ford and Toyota benefited the most from the program.

@John I dont think you really need to say anything, you wish chevy was a batter pickup for pulling and carrying payload. so its a batter pickup. ford offeres more reliable motors to, like the 5.4L, the new chevys are doing nothing but watching the newer fords, carry all the heavy loads, I got a 1995 F-150 300/C6 proborly the best tranny ever made. best shifting. its got 173,000 miles or 275,000 kms runs like new. pure work horse.

tj said "The best thing is that domestic products rule, if you go away from GM, Dodge , or Ford to buy a Tundra you are buying a much lesser vehicle." The Tundra has more domestic content than either the Ram or the Silverado.

So what, if you buy a Toyota you still buy a much lesser vehicle and also you have a truck with crappy quality. Ford and esp Dodge have kicked Toyotas ass with there new trucks and will continue to do so. Toyota is now playing catch up and will do so for a long time. Its about time that Ram and Ford are the most reliable trucks out there

Wow, I just laughed at John first post.

Thanks for the laugh John.

So General Motors sold 248,100 half ton trucks total. Ford sold 202,422 trucks, Dodge sold 103,561, and toyo sold 56,381. It's clear GM OWNS the half ton truck market. Ford is king of the HD market. Toyo is king of rice. What was toyo doing in the early 1940's? Oh thats right, they were supplying the emperor with materials to kill Americans and non-Japanese people. Same for Datson, now Nissan.

It always amazes me how many "red-blooded Americans" (a.k.a. rednecks) insult Toyota's excellent truck because it's not "American," yet they drive trucks made in Canada and Mexico. After enduring many of these types of comments, one other pattern is also amazing. These folks usually can't spell. @AmeicanBuyer keep driving your "Made In Mexico" GM.

Nick what is a "batter" truck???

No problem Frank! I'm glad you find facts to be so funny.


Don't give yourself to much credit. I was being sarcastic. You are an idiot.

Frank here again, facts are facts. No amount of name calling will change them.

Tundra Headquarters...Hmm How can you actually stand up for Toyota ? Have you not heard about the Tundra's camshafts blowing up,cracking tailgates,rusting frames ?

How about the new Toyota LIE about floor mats causing random excelleration ,when its actually not the floor mats...How one can stand up for Toyota is shocking !! Reliability is not Toyota's strong point...I am a certified mechanic/repair shop owner/operator and believe me you redneck Toyota owners are in denial !!!!! Stop sniffing your Toyota's exhaust !!! Ever notice how many new Toyota's have burnt out lights..knocking sounds from engine ? hmm I sure do !!! Its laughable you Tundra guys can only bring up how much American content is in a Toyota,with all of Toyotas lies its most likely much less than they are claiming..Dodge Ram 1500's are still made in the USA !! Furthermore Mexico is still America ..ever look at a map ? Its pretty sad when tundra guys can only come up with that lame excuse about American content,we dont care !!! Obviously you dont you drive an truck...and probably wearing clothing made in China or India,so Wise Up !!!

I had mentioned the whole Pearl Harbor thing as one explanation as to why some people hate the Japanese trucks, and some people thought I was nuts making that comment. Some people actually believe that crap. Scary isn't it!
If you want to buy a vehicle that benefits the US economy buy one made in the US by a US company. Just because it comes from the Detroit 2.5 (formerly 3) doesn't mean it helps the US economy.
Here is a very over simplified explanation (for you AmeicanBuyer's out there):
You have 2 vehicles (vehicle A and vehicle B) with a 40,000 MSRP.
They both cost 30,000 dollars to manufacture.
$4,000 goes to the selling dealer,
1,000 goes to taxes and miscellaneous fees,
and the remaining 5,000 dollars go to the corporate head office in profit.
Vehicle A is made in Canada by an American based company.That means 30,000 dollars leaves the US economy and goes to Canada to pay for the assembly plant, the running of the plant, the parts, and the wages of the workers. That means only 10,000 dollars stays in the US.
Vehicle B is made in the US by a Japanese company. 30,000 dollars stays in the US to pay for the assembly plant, the costs of running the plant, parts, and wages of US workers. The local dealer has 4,000 dollars to spend in his home town, 1,000 dollars go out to government agencies.That means only 5,000 dollars leaves the US to the head office in Japan as profits.
Which one benefits the US economy more?????
Ford, GM, Dodge, Toyota, Nissan etc. all import vehicles into the US and they all make vehicles in the US. If you are going to wave the flag you had better be sure you are buying the right vehicle.
If benefiting the US economy is your priority for purchasing your brand, than this is how it breaks down:
1. American made/American owned: Ford light and HD, GM light and HD, Ram light duty(until Fiat gets controling interest)
2. Foreign owned/US made: Toyota, Nissan, Hummer H2 & H3. Ram light duty will eventually fall into this spot.
3. US owned/foreign made: Ford Transit van, Ram HD
4. Foreign owned/foreign made - eventually Ram HD, Mahindra until they open a plant in the US.

Ford sold 202,000 light duties, GMC sold 61,000, and Chevrolet sold 174,000.

You can't say GM+Chevy sold X many because they are separate companies. Separate brands. Separate trucks. Ford used to own Land Rover but couldn't include those sales either.

Furthermore, the people who buy them regard GMC and Chevy trucks as different vehicles which they are as shown by them testing differently on

There was a survey posted in this site asking who would you go to if your truck brand went out of business. The results show: if Chev "died" 34 % would buy a GMC, 25% Ford, 19% Dodge, and 18 % Toyota.

It seems GMC truck owners are more loyal overall. If GMC folded, 52 % would buy a Chev, 22% a Ford, 10% Toyota, and 7% Dodge.

You can argue that they are the same truck but people don't see it that way plus they tested differently here. I read a test of all the 1/2 ton pickups and they where surprised at how the GMC and Chev p/u's differed in "feel", power, handling and ride but I am not really surprised because they are different trucks even though they use the same platform.

Number 1 sales numbers means just that - Who sold the most trucks period... It doesn't mean add up all of your different company brands and see who sold the most.

In Ford's case they've worked aggressively to improve their quality and reliability across their whole product line. This helps their sales, the financial bail-outs have helped their sales, Dodge brand confusion has also helped their sales, people say buy American but Dodge is part Italian owned, part made in US, and all of the HD's are made in Mexico and now they are getting rid of the Dodge name to cause more confusion.

GM, Dodge and Chevy have all gotten help from the bailouts. If not for the bailouts they would probably not be selling trucks right now plus GM is losing money on each truck while Ford is turning a profit. It is not just how many trucks you sell, it is the bottom line. Losing money on each truck is not owning anything.

Number 1 sales numbers means just that - Which one sold the most trucks period... It doesn't mean add up all of your different company brands and see who sold the most.

If GM folded, and you just went with the Chevy name, this is how it would look according to survey data provided by

light duty sales:
Ford 216,012
Chevy 206,331

heavy duty sales:
Ford 84,808
Chevy 67,764

@ Larry N - I feel so special because you copied almost my entire post from a previous blog.
Come up with your own stuff to post.... I wonder if plagiarism laws cover blogs?

"I read a test of all the 1/2 ton pickups and they where surprised at how the GMC and Chev p/u's differed in "feel", power, handling and ride but I am not really surprised because they are different trucks even though they use the same platform" This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever read. Have you ever driven both a GMC and a Chevy? They are exactly the same truck. The only differentiation is the front end. Period.

Read the test on the posted link...
1st :F150
2nd :Chev Silverado
3rd: Toyota Tundra
4th: Ram
5th: GMC Sierra
6th: Nissan Titan
This was a test on this site.

Pupper, Are you calling's shoout ridiculous? Research before you post. I'm a Chevy guy.

Lou i remember that test, the F-150 won with the worst towing times loaded and had the worst breaks out of any truck on the list, this doesn;t sound like something you want in a work truck, the ford won because of stupid sh*t like a ladder in the bed and trailer sway control.... so important

@Ram Headquarters - why don't you read the following link - it's part of the NHSTA report on the Lexus accident in California and decide for yourself if it was a "floor mat" problem.
It still is under investigation.

Here is another link as well:

Pupper, Are you calling's shoout ridiculous? Research before you post. I'm a Chevy guy.

Posted by: Larry N | Nov 19, 2009 11:37:53 PM

Hey Larry N - do your own research and use your own words.

@ the main man jim -
I actually don't care which vehicle won the test. It obviously upsets you. Why?
Since when is trailer sway control stupid sh+t?

I posted the test link because "pupper" did not believe that a Chev and GM pickup would be so different.

Chevy AND GMC are built on the same assembly line by the same people. They use the same engine, trans, springs,shocks,brakes,paint,steel,plastic,power seat motors,window motors,a/c,radio, and 98% of the rest of the stuff. Grill,emblems, and trim are the only difference. No matter what the testers say. Land Rover isn't a pickup. Tundra headquarters, American buyer didn't mention pearl harbor. I think he implied the massacre of thousands of chinese men and women and children,Pacific islanders,i.e. philippinos,etc. I do know Ford and GM and Chrysler shut down auto production during WW2 to supprt America. I also know Toyota did the opposite. My Chevy truck was built in Indiana. thanks for supporting America.

@Lizardhead - read the test! The 2 trucks rated differently! If you don't care about what the truck test showed, then why are you bothering to access this site and read anything posted? Your the type of person whom only agree's with a test if it supports your own pre-established ideas or prejudices!
You're right in as much that "AmeicanBuyer" did not mention Pearl Harbor but it's part of the whole "them versus us" mentality. It's okay for US industry to support it's war effort but it's wrong if another country's industry does the same?? Patriotism is patriotism regardless of which flag you chose to salute! This was over 60 years ago.
What does past wars, attrocities, etc. have to do with pickups anyway????

Lou N you know just like the rest of us that no two trucks perform the same even if they are the exact same truck. If you take 5 F-150s and test them side by side one of them is going to be a little faster than the rest or brake a little better, point is they are not going to test exactly the same. The Chevy and GMC trucks are exactly the same aside from the sheet metal.

John, that is true but in the test I mentioned, there was a huge difference between the two trucks. (silverado 2nd, sierra 5th) They should of beeen tied in second or at least 2nd and 3rd. That is odd considering the only difference should be sheet metal and badging. I'm just stating the test results. All I can say is read the test for yourself and come to your own conclusions.

Hello John,
The Silverado and Sierra are related but are not exactly the same. Read the link and comments section here with an open mind:

The open-minded see the truth in different things: the narrow-minded see only the differences.

who the hell cares if they are a little different or not, a sale for GM is a sale for GM, therefore they sell the most trucks of any company in the world, they have the top market share, ford and dodge are chasing them...

It's not GM who is selling them all. There is GM. There is Chevy. Two different brands. Two different companies. Two different trucks. Two different dealers. Two different market shares.

If you want to say they are the same, it would be like Ford selling the Fusion and then added up all of the Fusions, Volvo's, Mercurys and and Lincolns to their total and then saying they sell the most Fusions.

It doesn't work that way.

I own a contracting business in Az. I have owned a lot of trucks, Fords, Chevy, and Dodge. I work the trucks hard, but maintain them well. MY best all around truck by far is a 07 Tundra with the 5.7 motor. Performance, handling, breaking, and towing. The quality and precision is far superior. The Tundra is built in The USA not Mexico.

Just because the GMC Sierra and the Silverado are pretty much similar vehicles doesn't mean anything. GM created what in their mind is two different trucks, one is "professional grade" after all. They are marketed as separate trucks, they are tested as separate trucks, and they are sold at separate dealers. You can't walk into a GMC dealer and say, "Oh I'd like a GMC Silverado since it's the same as a Sierra." You need to go to Chevy to get the Silverado.

Ford gets the title for best selling TRUCK, see that, truck is singular. The title isn't for best selling trucks but they also get the title for best selling trucks! 35.7% market share beats 29%. It also beat's GM's 9.6%. If you want to say the Sierra/Silverado and GM and Chevy are the best selling FAMILY of trucks, then go ahead, but I'm tired of hearing people say GM the best selling truck(s) when it's not.

If you'd like to discuss this further, please comment. Thank you.

All you guys that bash the Toyota just because it is a Japanese truck are showing your ignorance, I used to work for GM, I got laid off, I am now thankfuly employed by Toyota, my cheques dont go to Japan, I spend them here helping my economy.

Just for the record I want to point out that Mexico, Canada and the US are in America. So ALL 3 Countries that are mentioned in these Posts ARE IN AMERICA. So technically if you are saying if its made in Canada or Mexico and its not American made then that is a false statement. The Rams, Tundras, Fords, Chevys, and GMCs are all American made.

For reference on my first post about what countries are in America its on a map. I do not mean to be an ass but facts are facts. Domestic built would be in US though.

@Truckman - you are refering to North America,but a vehicle made in Mexico or Canada contributes little to the US economy.
When some one talks about "America" , they are refering to "the United States of America". They are not talking about North America, Central, or South America.
You said "Domestic built would be in US though. "
Ford, GMC,Dodge, Toyota, and Honda make vehicles in the US. So, by your definition - they would all be domestic.
Ford, GMC, Dodge, Toyota, and Honda also inport vehicles. So by your definition they all would be "imports". Truckman - when you use the word "domestic" are you meaning "made in the USA". Again- all the companies I mentioned make "domestic" vehicles and import vehicles. If by domestic, do you mean " Detroit auto industry". That definition no longer fits well either.

@Lou N

Sorry I am more of a literal person I consider a vehicle if its made in North America Central or South America an American Vehicle.

A domestic vehicle for my definition would be one thats is assembled here in the US like the Tundra or the F150 or some of the Ram trucks if they are still built up in Michigan like my Coworkers 2009 Ram 1500.

An Import truck for me would be one that has to be delivered by across seas. But that is my definition of it anyway and I know other people will probably think differently.

Even if the company is based out of Japan and the vehicle is built here in the US in a US plant I will consider it domestic.

Hopefully that helps understand my last posts. :)

Back to work for me breaks over.

@truckman - thanks for clarifying your opinion. Often the whole "made in the USA" or "domestic" argument gets confused with "head office in Detroit".

Uh, when I add up the numbers for Silverado and Sierra I get numbers far in excess of Ford and Dodge, only in the Sept 09 CYTD did Ford's Super Duty sell more than GM's HD line. Yes, once again split branding between Chevrolet and GM is used as a subterfuge to mislead about Ford's superior sales. We all know the Silverado and Sierra are the same truck with a few styling differences. Having managed a government pickup fleet, I would not purchase anything from Ford or Dodge as there are just too many breakdowns.

@ Brent Shaft - Look at the posts above mentioning the fact that the Sierra and Silverado are still considered two different trucks. Even mentioned that they drove differently too in a report made by this very website. GM made them slightly different, and markets them differently for this very purpose. As far as this report and other road tests go the are different trucks so there is no subterfuge whatsoever.

Any 'subterfuge' is being produced by GM themselves, the idea that they are the same truck is a weak arguement at best. GM doesn't think so, that much is obvious.

The only difference between the Sierra and Silverado are the emblems. What the performance tests from the shoot out tell us is how much variance there can be between identical trucks and how close all the half tons really are in performance.

Then it becomes about "feel" which dodge and ford rated higher on.

Features where dodge and ford blew them away...

And Fuel Economy where ford and toyota were at the top and chevy/gmc were dead last.

There were also any number of problems with the way they did the performance tests but I'd rather not get into that. I'm not saying they were unfair, but they didn't really tell me what I'd like to know.

OK, so the F-150 with their all new design is now out selling the 4 year old design of the Silverado. Add the GMC Sierra to the Silverado and once again GM is the best selling half ton period! Go look at the EPA ratings for 2010 models and you will see the Silverado/Sierra get better gas milage then the Ford also. The Silverado also offers more horsepower and Torque than the Ford F-150 with better gas milage!

Although the Chevrolet Silverado 1500 was the best-selling half-ton pickup truck through July of this year, as of September, the Ford F-150 has gained a substantial 7.5 points -- to 30.6% -- of market share (up 35% from 2008) to take the lead, based on Polk’s retail registrations. Silverado had 27.5% market share, a drop of 2.4 share points. The Ram 1500 pickup also grew its market share, gaining 2.1 points to reach 16.7% of the segment.

Ford F150 #1 selling TRUCK in America.

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