Ford F-150 Tops In Cash For Clunkers Swaps

Ford F-150 Tops In Cash For Clunkers Swaps
By Dave Thomas, Mike Levine

Trading an old Ford F-150 pickup truck for a new F-150 pickup was the most common swap under the Cash for Clunkers program, according to the Associated Press. 8,248 of these swaps took place under the program, which lead to fuel-economy gains of 1-2 mpgs. The news organization analyzed the just-released details of the Cash for Clunkers transactions.

The F-150 swaps lead to a roughly 15% improvement in fuel economy. Overall, the program’s gains averaged 9.2 mpg or a 58% improvement.

Cash for Clunkers also temporarily shifted the model mix of F-150 half-tons, according to Doug Scott, Ford’s truck and SUV marketing manager. Pre-Clunkers, F-150 SuperCrew sales were from as much as 65% of sales. During Clunkers, SuperCrew volume dropped to around 57% of sales – a roughly 8-point shift. Scott said that shift was split about evenly between an increase in regular and SuperCab (extended cab) sales. There was a similar shift in sales of 4WD and 2WD trucks, with 2WD sales rising to roughly 50% of F-150s from as low as 42%, and 4WD sales shrinking to 50% from around 57%.

Driving away in a new Chevrolet Silverado was the second most popular choice. 8,060 of these swaps occurred, although it's unclear if this figure counts Chevy half-ton pickups only or the entire Silverado model line of light- and heavy-duty trucks.

Overall, pickup trucks were seven of the top twenty C4C swap transactions.

Top 20 Cash for Clunkers Swaps

[Sources: The Associated Press via Kicking Tires]


Looks like one will be able to get a good deal on used Ford Explorer somewhere ;)

All the Clunkers were destroyed, you're not gonna see any of these on used car lots :(

hm looks like Chevy picked-up some previous ford customers, notice the 3rd vehicle on the list.

hey jake the only reason chevy picked up some customers is because they were giving away the chevs

ok rich how is that ? you mean by giving incentives and cash-back on their trucks ? Something that Ford and Dodge also do....

The Silverdo picked up some, but the F-150 sold more than the Silverado and Ram combined. Where's the Tundra? Not even on the top 20.

they change a clunker for another clunker,,,ford..

Hrm, maybe I missed something or mis-read, but I thought in order to qualify for the program the new vehicle had to get more than just 1-2mpg better on average? How is it these like-for-like trades were able to qualify if they get virtually the same MPG?

Ford should be more concerned about the mass exodus from full size SUV's than the 3,250 F150 trades on a Chev!
13 of the 20 trade-ins were Ford Explorers.

David L - most of the transactions were to a smaller, more fuel efficient vehicle. The Tundra is probably too hard on fuel to qualify. Toyota did pick up 7,376 customers from Ford.

Good. The new Explorer is coming next year.

Lou N,
You're wrong. The Tundra qualifies. If the F-150, Silverado and Ram can make the list, so could have the Tundra.

My problem is that you make up things without any facts at times. You write, "The Tundra is probably too hard on fuel to qualify." This is your brand loyalty talking again, not the facts. Research. Use facts. Not brand loyalty. Practice what you preach.

Cash4Clunkers was perhaps the most wasteful thing the Government has ever invented. How can they take our tax dollars to flood the already saturated market with overpriced retail cars? The auto market is already bursting at the seams with used and repossessed vehicles (see The byproduct of C4C is that used car values will continue to drop and repossessions will skyrocket.

David L - I said "probably" because most tests I recall indicated the Totota Tundra was hard on fuel. I wasnt making anything up. I didn't see you do any research and post any MPG numbers , but since you chose to go down that path = says the Tundra's MPG is 10 mpg city/13 mpg highway. That's pretty crappy. The same site Rated Ford 13/18, Dodge 13/18 and Chev 15/21.
Ford lost 16,547 customers to rival companies. I picked Totota because they just happened to be the competitor that at first glance had the largest "conquest" of Ford clientele. Toyota picked up 7,376 customers from Ford.
Ford managed to retain 23,373 clients.
This is only based on the top 20 table posted.
Overall I'd say Ford didn't do very well.

I'm surprised that the Toyota Tundra didn't come in first place in the "cash for clunkers" program since there has to be hundreds of thousands of rusty Toyota pickups out there that could of been traded in ;) LOL

AOL Auto's had this to say about cash for clunkers:
Total Dealer Transactions: 690,114
$ Value of Submitted Dealer Transactions: $2,877,900
Top Vehicle Purchased: Toyota Corolla
Top Trade-In Vehicle: Ford Explorer
Top New Manufacturer Purchased: Toyota
New-Vehicle Mileage: 24.9 MPG

Ford: Whereas two or three years ago nobody ever would have considered Ford to be in a leadership position amongst the Big 3, the Blue Oval found its stride in 2009. When Cash for Clunkers first opened up, Ford shot to the top of the sales charts. While it lost the number one slot to Toyota, its Escape was the only SUV in the entire top 10 -- a remarkable feat.

Good work Ford and Toyota. (I hope I can say that without sounding brand loyal )

It's funny seems every Explorer owners swap their SUV for something else. But swapping a Explorer for a Hyundai or Honda Civic I thought the program goal was to remove old piece of crap from the road.

its a shame that, many ford truck were destroyed, I bet they also for the ones who got a chevy, are idiots, and bet they dunno why they did, i seen a explorer on you tube 404,000 miles, and still started after it died, outta gas or something, man i seen a 88F-250 at the wreckers with a 300 inline 6, it had 454,373 kms looked mint the motor, people who think ford are clunkers get a big, and no ford truck should have been destroyed, my all original 1995 f-150 300 lets say mint, workhorse, i gotta go drive my 300 6 now, oh man its sick.

but really gets get real here go on you tube, you will see cars blowing up in peoples faces, like a 89 f-150 that exploded harmful.....fluids blowing air and reving rpms into the air, made noise doing it, could have been good parts, wasted time, in the first place, the program was not good. i seen a crown somebody could have got hurt, but really Built Ford Tough always.

Mike, I agree that C4C was extremely wasteful. It was really a stimulus for the car companies, not a fuel economy issue. They were taking in vehicles worth over $10k getting 15mpg and sending out new vehicles getting as bad as 18mpg. If you think of the energy used to produce a new vehicle rather than maintain a used vehicle (that is in perfectly good shape), its an even bigger waste. Why not trade in the $300 8mpg beaters on used $5k vehicles getting 22+? It would save way more fuel (per $ invested in the program), and would have helped people that needed the help much more.

Can just see the commercials from fords compeditors. Ford the top clunker. Not something to be happy about. Lots of ford owners didnt return to ford.

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