Ford Ready to Start 6.7-liter Power Stroke V-8 Diesel Production

Ford Ready to Start 6.7-liter V-8 Diesel Production

Ford is ready to start production at the facility where the new 6.7-liter Power Stroke V-8 diesel engine for the 2011 F-Series Super Duty pickups will be manufactured. The ceremony was held at Ford’s Engine Plant II in Chihuahua, Mexico. Mexican president Felipe Calderon Hinojosa and Jim Farley, Ford’s group vice president of global marketing and Canada, Mexico and South America operations were on hand.

“We are proud and honored to add the production of Power Stroke diesel V-8 turbo-charged to our production line,” said Enrique Araiza, Manager of Engine Plant II in Chihuahua. “For a long time in the truck segment, we’ve been leaders in sales in markets like the U.S. and Mexico. This has given us the experience and knowledge of the needs of our customers. For these reasons, we can ensure that today we are launching the most advanced engine in the industry for these trucks.”

The 6.7-liter PSD V-8 is Ford’s first in-house designed and built diesel engine for its F-Series trucks. It uses a new architecture that reverses the air flow when compared to a conventional diesel engine, with the exhaust exiting directly into the engine’s turbo that sits in the engine's valley, mounted between V-style cylinder banks.

The 6.7-liter V-8 isn’t the only diesel engine that Ford will produce at Engine Plant II. A light-duty 4.4-liter V-8 diesel that was going to be available for the Ford F-150 but has since been shelved will be built there starting next summer for export to Europe for use in Land Rover’s SUVs.

Annual production capacity at Engine Plant II is expected to be about 200,000 engines.

[Source: Ford Motor Company, H/T to Willy for the Tip!]


That seems bueno. Please hurry - I'm patiently waiting for mine...

Why does it have to be made in Mexico? That is my only problem with this new powerplant. We need those jobs here in the U.S. !!! This coming from a die-hard Ford fan. And the owner of a 2008 Ford F250 with the 6.4, which I have really enjoyed.

Hope Ford wakes up with US 4.4L engine production. Guess they'll need to wait for the highly profitable 6.7L engine sales to drop off the cliff.

Ford needs to get that 4.4 into the US market.

Ford should export the F150 with the 4.4 V8 diesel as a global vehicle.

Looks like it is the new Diesel hopefully for the new Ford Territory coming out next year.

Reports indicate that the Ecoboost engines will have similar power characteristics to that of the 4.4 diesel. You factor in DEF (urea) with the diesel engine and the costs get prohibitive. Ford will have the 6.2L gas engine out as well. I can see why Ford won't release it.

As far as I know, the Territory will get the Land Rover 2.7 TDV6- the predecessor to the 3.0 which LR and Jag uses now.
The 4.4L was based off that engine somewhat, and I believe Ford used some of the engineers from there on the 4.4 and 6.7, so I would imagine there are similarities.

The 4.4 is a no brainer. Turbo charging is nothing new and though ecoboost in car apps seems logical not sure about pickups. I can just see it already all the fart can mufflers on f150s with the ecoboost and all riced up. As the saying goes "there no replacement for cubic inch displacement". I would not be surprised to see them change their minds on the 4.4 when ram rolls out with their ld diesel. Its crunch time for ford and their diesels. This will be their third attempt lets hope its not three strikes and your out. You have to wonder though if choosing to produce it in mexico was a wise decision? How much more would it have really cost to even make it up at their windsor plant? Heck they probably could have bought a shuttered gm plant and retofitted it to make this engine and would have plenty of laid offworkers right here skilled enough. Since benefits are a hot button issue I am sure they could have negotiated a common sense contract.

@Jeff - not sure which dodge LD diesel your talking about since several months back dodge announced the v8 cummins would not be a ram option. Maybe a less desirable fiat diesel?

I think I'd wait for the cummins v8. Cummins should be in the driver seat and will want to blanket as many sales as possible. That may rule out an exclusive nissan arrangement.

I'm guessing these manufacturers will be less able to roll out new models or new engines if/when this economy continues to skid. The knuckleheads are making their bed and will have to lay it.

K Gray - How 'bout that UAW?

Made in Mexico WOW

Why does it matter if it’s made in Mexico? All the engineering and testing are done in the US; it makes perfect sense to build it Mexico. As far as paying Mexicans for building the engine makes perfect sense to me, they make way less than the autoworkers here and that equals less money you have to pay for the truck at the time you buy it. As far as the jobs go America still keeps the best jobs the engineering marketing and testing and all of the other higher paying jobs.

@Ken, Yes i believe it is going to be a fiat diesel as was reported on here a while back.

"@Ken, Yes i believe it is going to be a fiat diesel as was reported on here a while back. "
FIAT(IVECO) had a lot to do with the design of the orginial Cummins 5.9 V8. They still make their version as the "Tector " for the IVECO Eurocargo.

I can't believe FORD is building this refried beaner engine in Mexico! Why not bring those jobs to the USA! the right thing!

@los- I'm busting up with the "refried beaner" comment. :)

@others- Sounds good with IVECO.

Nationality of a brand gets more and more confusing, and insignificant. I doubt the 6.7 would be more expensive for the consumer to buy if it was made in the US. The only difference would be Ford's profit margin. Mind you, if it was made in the Windsor plant that would be Canada. Funny thing is, if it was made in Canada, it would still count as "American" made under current goverment rules.

If you ask me the 4.4L diesel won't fly in the U.S. It would probably be a $10-12k option, too expensive for a 1/2 ton pickup.

I buy a new diesel truck every 2-3 years and am excited about the new 6.7L power stroke. Because of the Urea Fluid System that it will use and because it is a new unproven engine at a huge cost increase i will be buying the New Dodge Heavy duty with the Cummins (only diesel not required to run Urea fluid in 2010). Hope the new Ford engine proves to be great and maybe my next truck in 3 years. CAUTION: WATCH UREA PRICE RISE RAPIDLY!!!

This story is no big deal, they'll still need to get fixed at your local Ford dealer

It is made in Mexico for one save money !!!!!

Lower per hour wage rate ,equals more money for Ford..

Get used to it people,why do you think Toyota is pulling out of California and moving to lower wage Southern States,their next move will be to Mexico as well,then China!!!

The manufacturing/labour industry in the USA is gone..

You think its bad now wait until 2020 !!!! Its a Global market everyone wants they say !!! The USA will be a third world country soon,it looks that way in Michigan and alot of Southern States already !!! I went on a road trip this summer, and was shocked how poor those places are..makes me really appreciate the Pacific North West !!! Shocked..Shocked it looked like a third world country already !!! WOW !!!

Let's just Hope Ford doesn't screw up this engine like they did the 6.0. I didn't think it was possible to screw up something that was manufactured for you...but, this is Ford we're talking about.

@ floor-it "It is made in Mexico for one save money !!!!!" You are correct. It's the same reason why Dodge, and GMC make vehicles in Mexico, and the same reason why Toyota or other companies set up shop in "anti-union" states. The only thing these big companies care about is making a profit. Brand loyalty is just a one way street, straight to their bank accounts.

Well, between DPF's and SRC's, I have no desire whatsoever anymore to own a diesel pickup, no matter who built it. I think the 6.2L 'Boss', 6.4L Hemi, and that rumored 7L direct injection GM engine will be the HD pickup engines of choice. Sorry to hear you will still need to remove the cab to perform some service operations on the new Powerstroke.

My uncle's F350 with the 6.8L V10 has been flawless and he is nearing 150,000 of which 50% or more is towing a 5th wheel trailer.

Never spent a minute in the shop for anything other than routine maintanence.

It's a thirsty bastard, but reliable.

The domestics all suspended their light duty diesels when they realized that the new emissions equipment is killing the fuel economy advantage of diesel engines. I think they're afraid of having to publish government fuel economy ratings for these engines. Right now people still believe that they can get great mpg in a new diesel truck like you used to with the older diesels. A half-ton truck isn't considered a commercial grade vehicle, so they will have to publish the economy numbers. They make alot of money on diesel trucks. The cold light of truth might damage that golden goose, so voila - no light duty diesel option despite consumer demand for it.

Will diesel cars require DEF and DPF systems?
I hope all this stuff gets sorted out. I remember the 70's when emissions systems first came out, poor gas mileage, poor performance, and poor reliability.

I've seen several people who pull horse trailers on a regular basis remove EGR equipment and other emissions related stuff from Ford PSD's and have reliable and more powerful results.

Urea is nothing more than a waste Nitrogen compound in your Piss. Should remain cheap, if not you could always make your own solution:)

no you won't be able to make the proper urea solution with your piss. sensors are installed to determine if you have proper 67% water and 33 percent urea. if not exact truck goes to limp in mode and 5mph top speed . what a joke. Ford trucks have been a nightmare for so many people i know. Ford service is terrible and they don't stand behind their trucks

lol @ chem engineer! Fords have been a nightmare? Who hasnt? I could easily pull up consumer reports and find you models from every product line that fall below par. The powerstroke diesel has been the most highly saught after diesel motor in the U.S. for years. I have had a 6.7 cummins for 2 years. Great truck when its not in the shop. The first 3 months I owned the truck it was in the shop. Duramax cant contend...thats why you never hear about them. Sign me up for any of Fords new power plants!

@snowman - all of the diesel pickups are eventually going to have to go to DEF (urea).
@poopy - mentioned removing the emissions equipment, and I've seen kits marketed for every brand out there. My understanding is that installing these kits, and disabling emissions systems are illegal under federal law, and also void your warranty.

@Lou, you are wrong. Ram uses an absorber for NOX emissions and thus doesnt need to use urea. Ram met these (2010) requirements back in 07 when the 6.7 cummins was introduced.

@jeff - exerpt from this web site - Commodity prices are one reason that the 2011 Dodge Ram 3500, 4500 and 5500 Cab Chassis trucks will use DEF systems instead of Adsorber catalysts. However, the Ram Heavy Duty pickups remain urea-free for 2010 and, likely, beyond. looks like we are both partially right! See the following link.
There is a down side to the Dodge Adsorber catalysts - they are extremely expensive to replace and have been a target of theft for scrap metal due to the expensive rare metals inside.

The main reason why they won't produce them in the US is because of the high price they would need to pay the UAW workers.

UAW needs to maintain workers pay quality, its Ford thats being greedy plain and simple. for lack of a better word...greed is good! oh well piss and moan folks, bu ford can and obviously will do what ever the Truck they want! dont like it, dont buy it. problem solved! blaah yada etc boo hoo your fellow american, of beaner decent ;)

Where is all the evidence that new, clean diesels are far less economical? The new VW Jetta TDI loses only about 5% fuel economy to the previous, dirty 1.9-liter. It gained 40 hp and 59 foot lbs of peak torque and has gone from 45 to 41 miles per gallon in the real world.

Likewise, the MB E320 BlueTec (3.0 V-6) garners about the same as the old 3.2 I-6 without the DPF or SCR. Performance is about the same.

Only in the pickups have we seen this mpg loss, but remember, the Big Three continue to increase curb weight; raise the stance, increase tire/wheel size, and raise performance to handle all this massiveness.

There is more to this mpg thing than powertrain efficiency; its this horsepower war demanded by a horsepower-crazed culture that is causing the loss in diesel fuel economy.

TO Jeff: The Cummins 5.9L engine is an inline 6 not a V8! The IVECO Tector version is an inline 6 also.....

FORDS SUCK!! They have been tryin to keep up with the Duramax since day one.

FORD BAD decision I will not buy any Ford vehicle not made in the USA. I will buy another make if forced to by FORD's greed for money.

The production of these motors (6.7, 4.4L) are completely global. Designed in USA and GB, cast in Brazil ( Tupy ), using a Swedish CGI process ( Sintercast ), assembled in Mexico ( Ford ), sold worldwide. Follow Ford and Sintercast's share prices, only going one direction.....

Kentucky Truck Plant on one-week shutdown
By Jere Downs • • February 8, 2010

Roughly 3,900 United Auto Workers are laid off this week with Kentucky Truck Plant production suspended so the plant can be prepared for assembly of 2011 F-Series Super Duty trucks, UAW Vice President Todd Dunn said.

The down week was planned, Ford spokesman Richard Truett said, to reprogram robots, stock parts, and align tooling for the new version of the truck that features a Ford-manufactured 6.7-liter diesel and redesigned six-speed transmission.

The changes “make sure the new model can go down the line smoothly,” Truett said.

Ford begins production of the redesigned Super Duty next week, Dunn said.

What is worng if this engine is built in Mexico?? For your knowldge, most of the engines used on small cars and even most of the best Ford cars are built outside the States!
Yes, because this countrys offers a lower cost, but also because during all these years they have shown a great quality.
The best Ford car now, the Fusion, its built at Mexico. The I4 engine for the Focus, Milan, Fusion, etc.. most of them are built in Mexico and Spain.
WHY? Lower cost and QUALITY
And not also Ford do this, search a lil bit for GM and Chrysler, they have plants all over the globe.
And even most of the things you consume and wear (like your Levis) are made in Mexico and China and South America, so dont be so patriotic!

And for your knowledge, most of the engineering for the 6.7 engine is from the UK. The 4.4 which you are not going to see it in America, is 100% UK.

So guys, we live in a global era. US is not anymore the #1. Grow up

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