GM's New Battery Saver Feature Can Save Tailgaters

GM's New Battery Saver Feature Can Save Tailgaters

If you’ve ever used your truck for tailgating, you know you can kill the battery by running a 12-volt TV, cooler or stereo. It’s easy to forget to turn off these items while you’re barbecuing and enjoying the celebration in the parking lot outside the big game.

For 2010, GM has quietly introduced a solution that will help ensure you’ll be able to start your truck after the party has ended. It’s called Battery Saver: Instead of automatically shutting off the headlights or interior lights after 10 minutes, if you forget to turn them off, Battery Saver monitors your battery voltage. When the voltage drops too low, the truck flashes “Battery Saver: Restart Truck” on the driver information display in the gauge cluster and shuts power to 12-volt accessories, leaving just enough juice to turn the engine over, so your battery can recharge.

Of course, if you’re looking for a longer-lasting tailgate vehicle that you don’t have to worry about pausing the party, you may want to consider the Two-Mode Chevrolet Silverado or GMC Sierra Hybrids. On a full tank of fuel, they can power the party for a full 2.5 days before needing a refill. The engine starts up and shuts off automatically, as needed, to keep the batteries fully charged.


Good job GM , its sounds like a nice feature .

Ford F-150 has had the battery saver feature for a few years. Welcome to the party GM.

My 2006 silverado and my 2003 had something similar. I bumped a map light and it cut the power.

Mark G, so has GM.

Like Brian said above, my uncles 2004 GMC Sierra has something Similar as well.

My 2004 Silverado has the run down protection too .

Whoppie Ding Dong, must be a slow news day

How about a "tailgate" mode where even the gas engine will start and stop automatically when the battery gets low?

With the autostart feature available on the gas trucks, there is no reason why an auto start/stop is limited to the hybrid rigs.

I could save alot of money and have more electric power functionality by buying a power generator.

Whoopie ding dong indeed. :)

LOL !!!! Chevy guys laugh at other trucks when they have features like this and other features,(complain its not a real truck)but when they get them its the cats a** !!! Chevy sucks..

gm always do better...

Not so fast. Read more carefully. The older battery rundown protection systems worked by shutting off the dome lights or headlights, not by shutting off the 12v accessories or monitoring battery voltage. I know because I've had 3 Chevy's and a Ford that all were capable of losing a charge due to accessories, even though they had the battery run down protection. It isn't a huge difference, but it is enough to be noteworthy.

chevy sucks by a ford

I have a 2009 crew cab. What a piece of crap for $43,000!!! The voltage system is junk. I have nothing but Chevy trucks my entire life but my next one won't be a Chevy!!! Because of the voltage system in their new trucks. I can't even hook up anything that draws 10 to 20 amps to the battery because the voltage on the battery does vary from 10 to 15.5 volts. Most electronics these days has 16 volt components and this truck likes to under voltage or over voltage them big time!!!!!!!!! I will never own another Chevy product for two reasons, the battery system and their service people like to shrug you off and say, "well that is what you bought and that is the way it's built"!!! Even my wife's Santa Fe you can hook up electronics in it that draws 20 amps and NO Problem with it. But not my very expensive Chevy truck, it's junk!

The Chevy Volt has this feature as well for the lead acid accessory battery.

My battery saver mode does not activate and my battery dies after 10 minutes while on accessory mode. What can it be?

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