How Would You Design the Next Titan's King Cab Doors?

How Would You Design the Next Titan's King Cab Doors?

The current Nissan Titan is only available in two cab configurations: King Cab (extended cab) and Crew Cab. Both feature four doors but the King Cab's are reverse-hinged (opening almost 180-degrees) while the Crew Cab's doors open conventionally.

Light-duty extended cab door designs vary by manufacturer. The Toyota Tundra and Dodge Ram 1500 both feature forward-opening rear doors while the Titan, Ford F-150, Chevrolet Silverado 1500 and GMC Sierra 1500 feature reverse-opening back doors.

If you were designing the next-generation Nissan Titan, would you change the King Cab's doors so that they open conventionally or would you carry over the so-called "suicide-door" design of the current Titan? Let us know where you stand in the comments section below.

Oh yeah. Gull wing doors are not an option.


Keep the doors the way they are it allows for easy loading and unloading of all my gear. and its alot easer to get inside of!!! lets worry less about the doors are more about keeping dodge out of the picture with the new titan!!!!

I'd go conventional. Suicide doors are difficult to use in crowded parking lots and, when I had them in an F150 a few years ago, they were somewhat confusing to my passengers.

Is "lambo style" an option?

What about a rear styled door that works like a door on an Airbus A320 (plug type)? This way the outward range of motion is limited (to avoid the parking lot issues) but the door is completely out of the way when open.


There would have to be limit stops to avoid hitting the fenders and engineering it might become pricey.

Front doors pivot on the axial line of the the front windshield angle and the rear small doors should not pivot at all (slide ?) re: parking lot jam up

@M.F. Smith: I like the idea of sliding rear doors - like the old Chevrolet Highlander concept:

Who really cares and whats the point? They will be outsourcing their next truck anyway. Chalk the titan up to a has been and never will be. I am going to say that within the next 5 years extended cabs will be gone and the cab choices will be either reg or crew. Lets not forget that 3 is the new 2 for kids and we need all the room we can get for the little ones and lets face it there just isnt enough room in an x cab.

I'd keep the extended cab with the suicide doors. If I need four conventional doors I'd buy a crew cab. Toyota Tundra already copied off Dodge Ram (or Ram Ram) buy offering a crew-style extended cab and offering a limousine-looking "true-crew" cab. Nissan and Chrysler made the right decision not to hook up, but it makes you wonder if Toyota wants to hook up with Chrysler.

They better have the Ext Cab around for years. Some of us still need room that reg dosent provide but with more bed space than a crew. keep the suicide doors, makes for easier loading. and who cares if it confuses the passangers

I agree w/ mike, have sliding doors like on a mini-van. I read a post earlier on another article and someone said the seatbelts for the front seat passengers are attached to those back doors. If that's true, then I would definitely say fix that so you can keep your seatbelt on AND not have to open the front door to be able to open the back door. you should be able to open the back door w/out affecting anything in the front, even on king cab!

I would have a door on the roof,no side doors ,as Nissan owners are a wierd way !

I have a KC Titan, and I will say the suicide doors is one thing I don't like about it, its a pain for the few times people ride in the back, the front seat passenger has to get up and out to let the person in back in or out, plus the seatbelt is on the door. I'd like to see the doors like the Tundra's front hinged but with a kind of hidden hadle that still makes it look like an extended cab, not like the Dodge whose extended cab looks like a four door with the handles on the outside.

I say go with sliding rear doors. It gives you the access you want without the headaches.

Sliding would be nice but probably too costly.

Otherwise I prefer suicide. I hated the tight normal opening of the Dodge Quad cab.

No Doors at all, wrapped in exotube.

I would no doubt have conventional doors rather than the reverse hinged. Even the ones that open 170 degrees because when ur sitting in the back and there open all the way its a pain in the a** for the person to close the door. i have a ford super crew and would not buy the extended cab because of those stupid doors but if they were like the tundra and ram id much rather buy that so i could have the bigger bed. no question conventional are better someone tell me different.

I think the way the doors open is the least of Nissan's issues with this truck.

I think trap door in the floor would be best that way no visible seams and pretty nifty looking as well.

Neither proposed style. Make both front and rear doors slide open some how. We've been driving the same styled cars and trucks for over 100 years. When can we start opening truck doors in a parking lot ( we all use parking lots right?) without banging the vehicle next to you? If you've ever tried to load groceries into your extended cab truck from a cart between two vehicles, you know what I mean. Hey, when I'm running around the rice fields of Northern California, no problem with any type of door, BUT I also occasionally get into the city. Give me sliding doors and a strong boxed frame and fuse the gap between the cab and bed too.

Keep it like this, they are very beautiful and all crew cab are not real trucks with their 4 real doors

Russ,obviously you did not read my first post..I said put the doors on the roof !! I heard Nissan owners and only Nissan owners complain about this before..Doors on roof problem solved !!! I know how to open my doors in a tight parking lot on my truck without being ignorant and banging someone elses vehicle,as I do not want a scratch on mine...Wow what did people do years ago with large 2 door cars in parking lots,they did not fling them open blindly and scratch/ding other people's vehicles..use some care/caution and dont be so ignorant in destroying/damaging other peoples property....also Russ sounds like you need a minivan,you can use the rear hatch if you cannot open doors in a parking lot...The Chev Avalanche,Caddy Escalade,Honda Ridgeline have the box fused to the cab as you say..go buy one of those if thats a big concern..Just trying to help you...

A sliding rear door seems to address the access-in-close-quarters problem the best.

Having said that, any cab-door arrangement without a center "B" pillar concerns me in that roof strength could be compromised.

Suicide doors would be fine *IF* they kept a B pillar in place and you didn't have to open the front door to do it. Otherwise, go conventional.

Keep the rear hinged doors. It eliminates the need for a central pillar and allow loading of large awkward objects behind the passenger seat. My friend has a Titan because it has the rear hinged doors. Once she is out of her wheelchair, it's easier for her to collapse it and stuff it behind her seat.

I say the Nissan Titan should and 3 more inches to its King Cab and add conventional doors to it. It would not be a full size four door yet but it would add 3 more inches for the passagers in the back. Also the front seats should be like the ones from the Toyota Tundra they cure inward in the back part so that it leaves more leg room for the passagers in the back. This way people that dont want to lose to much of its bed size would not have to they would only lose 3 inches to there bed. Also trucks that have central pillar are safer than trucks that dont have central pillars. This youtube video shows you why trucks with central pillar are safer than the ones that dont. The Nissan Titan should also make the gas pedal move backward and forward. This way the person driving could make the gas pedal go all the way to the back he or she would have to move the seat forward allowing the passagers in the back to have even more room. To distinguish the King Cab from the Crew Cab the bed sizes would clearly distinguish one from the other but some people would want something different anyway maybe the door handles could be different from one another. That would be a true Extended Cab or King Cab, Supercab, what ever you want to call it.

Give it a sliding doors like a mini van.
That would make it a first for a truck and make the TITAN look even more on of a kind!

After having 2 Titans, first a king cab and now a crew cab long bed. When the king cab had enough int space for what I needed, I loved the fact that the doors opened the way they did. I would change a thing about that. They should focus on more hp for the redesign and maybe a little more "plush" in the interior.

just need better gas mileage and need a diesel model.

This is an odd question to post at this time. Right now, I'm mostly wondering what the general design, focus, and builder of the new vehicle will be. Once we're past all that, then I can worry about details like door design and how many cup-holders it should have.
Big questions at this point are "outsourcing"... I have nothing against Dodge at all, but I think a Nissan, should be a Nissan, a Dodge a Dodge, etc. (A bad example I guess since a Dodge is no longer a Dodge, apparently).
"Engine Choices"... Diesel and V-6 options?
Should there be a regular cab? 4x4 options? Etc....
Right now my mind can't even think King Cab doors.

Suicide doors are awesome but you need to be careful to have that feature on your car because it can be dangerous. New design generation of car model should focus more on safety not just the design itself.

I really wish I knew about those doors before I purchased my dodge ram quad cab, as I am a crippled disabled vet, and having suicide doors makes it so much easier for those of us that are in wheelchairs, as we really need the extra room to get in and out transferring from a wheelchair...
I spent over 20k to modify my ram ,and I still have issues, so I am having to sell a new 2014 ram, and start over with either the ford or this truck, so I say leave it as is, because it gives vets and truck they can use...

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