Mahindra Introduces the Gio - the Nano of Pickup Trucks

Mahindra Gio

India’s Mahindra & Mahindra is only a few months away from launching its TR20 and TR40 compact diesel pickups in the U.S. The trucks have captured our attention because they promise payload ratings of up to 2,765 pounds, as high as 30 mpg highway fuel economy and a starting price of around $22,000.

But maybe you’ve wondered what passes for a small pickup in India? Mahindra has an answer for that too – the new Mahindra Gio. It’s billed as India’s first compact truck. To our eyes, it looks like the Tata Nano of pickups.

The diminutive Gio carves out a niche that’s a notch above India’s prevalent three-wheeled runabouts but uses a conventional four-wheel layout.

Mahindra Introduces the Gio - the Tata Nano of Pickups

The Gio is powered by a two-cylinder, .44-liter diesel engine that’s rated at only 9.1 horsepower and 16 pounds-feet of torque. Yet, Mahindra says it’s capable of hauling up to a 1,000-pound load in its 5-foot cargo box and returning up to an astounding 67 mpg.

Mahindra’s engine supplier for the Gio is Kohler Engines, an American company that makes diesel and gas motors for lawn mowers, garden tractors, concrete construction equipment, pressure washers and other products. It’s four-speed transmission is built by Mahindra.

Perhaps even more astonishing than the Gio’s tiny footprint, high mpg and cargo carrying capability is its price tag, which starts at 1.65 lakh, or only $3,525 U.S. dollars.

Mahindra Gio


That thing looks so stupid. It actually made me laugh from its looks. To think this thing is powered by a scooter motor. :D Oh well, more power to them since they pulled it off, without a pull chain. hahaha

You should look at it as a street legal quad bike:) The Geo makes perfect sense for the grossly over-crowded urban centres of India.

Its cute as a button and not big as a house , good job Mahindra , I'll take one with 4x4 please .

I agree. I like the "distinctive macho look". How are the crash test ratings? Can't wait til they arrive in the US. ;)

I can't imagine being hit by a real truck in that thing.

keep this go-cart on the side walk and out of the way of real trucks

Is this a joke??? Good for India hugely populated cities. Even then I would be worried about an elephant stepping on me in this thing!! The elephant could haul about 30 times as much weight too!!

Cant imagine this thing could be road legal in th U.S.

A Prius could demolish this thing in a crash!!!

How much would it cost to add airbags and other safety equipment to sell in the U.S.? Might even double the cost..

interesting. not my type of truck and apearingly absolutly horrible, and something that can be out powered by a smart. still if they can maniage to actually get close to 70 mpg at a $3,000 price, these things could sell quiet easily as a cumuter vehicle, especially if people are trying to save money in this economy. you got to admit, as horrible as it seems there could be some good use to this. i wonder how the other automoble companies will take this?

This is definitely *NOT* a U.S. market truck. Its for India only.

I wish I lived in India. The young ladies love 'em!

Not much different from the low speed vehicles that are being used in our towns in New Jersey.

Low Speed Vehicles (LSVs) must be titled, registered and insured in New Jersey. However, they are not subject to regular vehicle inspection and are exempt from sales tax.

Even the police are using them.

This would be great to use instead of those atv's or Kawasaki trucks I see on campuses of large corporate centers. He'll, this would be great in the woods if it's as small as i think it is. It could sell well in the US as a support vehicle, not as a main street truck.

Yikes...that be oogly.

Look out John Deere Gator. LOL

This truck works very well for the Indian market. Guys, you have to remember that the market, road conditions, truck preference, people's size, traffic, road space, etc. are ENTIRELY DIFFERENT than the US. So, when Mahindra releases a truck specifically for the Indian market, it has no comparison at all for the US market. The GIO is for the Indian market. However, the TR20 and TR40 are not available in India and purely meant for the western market. They launched it in Australia as a test ground and have made tremendous improvements. They then targetted the TR20/40 in South America and have made inroads there. They've practiced their game and have made their trucks very well suited for the American market. The trucks were designed and produced many many months back, but they are taking their time to do it right, because they have only one chance. I believe they will succeed.

I think Gio is 1 of its kind,

After reading this review I assume that it’s going to do wonders for M&M.

Getting this kind of mileage and lots of other benefits at 1.65lakhs is something one doesn't get so easily.

I also checked out the official webpage for Mahindra gio.

This makes the TR series look like a Chevy Kodiak.

Glorified golf cart, just with diesel instead of batteries.

Now get out of my truck and please come again!

Tonka !!! Love those.

I think the TATA Ace has already been there and done that.
I prefer the TATA ACE. Much better looking and a real truck..

To echo previous statements, this is a perfect vehicle for India. It is efficient, lighweight, and will serve as a small delivery role very well.

Hey Detroit!!!!

Where is our 30mpg diesel pickup truck?
cricket chirp, cricket chirp.

I thought so, thats why i'll be buying a Mahindra in 2010 instead of a Ford, Chevy or Dodge. they just DONT GET IT!! And if they dont think there is demand for Diesels here in the US, they need to get out of their fat cat high rise office buildings and waddle on down to their local VW dealer and ask how long the wait list is for diesel products. No demand my "you know what!"

I read about the Gio launch in The Hindu Business Line a couple of weeks ago. I think it's pretty cool. Like a side by side ATV with an all weather cab and a US sourced engine. I'll take one with 4WD and long travel suspension please!

Ken, you may be interested in this article about why US brands aren't building diesel compact trucks:

this is perfect for an industrial setting. Never leave the property type. This is a Cushman with a roof.

sorta reminiscent of by barn utv. i wouldnt want to hit anything doin 67mph in that thing. i wouldnt dare even corner hard it just looks like a death trap.

my bad that said 67 mpg not mph. that thing probably doesnt hit more than 20.

that thang is not macho at all i wouldn't drive it anywhere on the road for fear of being hit by a real truck.It has the looks of golf kart and dosent look like a truck at all this cant be for road use in the U.S. However it would be a cool off road vehicle like a Razor or a Rino this is more of a toy than a truck.

I feel this will come out as a very profitable product for M&M.
Pricing is totally affordable at 1.65 lacs.
It has a great mileage of 27 kmpl
It is good for small companies and business men.
It can carry a good amount of products such as FMCG etc.

Found this article on the business standard news site
thought of sharing it.

Gio can also be called as the Nano of the pick up trucks for sure!!!

The article is an altogether well written one, and i realised that only such genuine articles can be writen only if the nano truck has something special in it.

Nice article Mohit,
Very knowledgeable.
Keep posting about the nano truck!!!!

Looking at this I don't stop asking myself WHEN we Americans would start thinking practically... This Indian machine reminds me an old model of Piaggio pick up I had the chance to see in Italy 15-20 years ago. I don't remember was it 3 or 4 wheels, yet I do remember that the seller claimed 750 Kg with under 1L diesel engine (was it 2 or 3 cylinders I don't remember) & price was a joke. Now..., ask yourself, how often do you carry 1500 pounds. Most of the guys I work with DO NOT need the trucks they drive, from any given stand point. & those who do..., rent. How much, wire or copper piping you haul? Guys honestly, wake up, that is how you prosper... do a lot with as little as possible. And if I were the US automaker I'd try rolling the EPA standard on diesel engines... it stops good technology from implementation.

Just for fun... Google up "Urea"

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I am a lady.I love it.A truck or car that is this good on gas is
a very smart thing.I think it would be great for England.

Yeah, big butt Americans need their big pickups to haul themselves. Will Rogers said America is the only country where you DRIVE to the poorhouse. Screw global warming right America? You only care about yourselves, even though we all live on the same planet. I see big pickups every day with one person in them and nothing in the back...but boy you look cool. It's arrogant to make fun of people that are trying to design cheaper ways of transportation. Keep guzzling the will be walking one of these days. Too bad the rest of the world gets the impression that we are all ignorant rednecks. Pride comes before a fall.

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